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DirSync Pro 1.52 / 1.53a1- kleines portable Synchronisierungs Programm Multi-Plattform

Verfasst: 04.11.10, 8:45
von mescaline
Name: DirSync Pro
Version: 1.31
Größe: 1,9 MB
Lizenz: Open Souce
portabel / abhängig von: ja benötigt Java
DirSync Pro (Directory Synchronize Pro) is a small, but powerful utility for file and folder synchronization. DirSync Pro can be used to synchronize the content of one or many folders recursively.

Using DirSync Pro you can make incremental backups. In this way you'll spare lots of time because you don't have to copy all the files each time you want to update your backup; only new/modified/larger files would be copied.

Use DirSync Pro to easily synchronize files from your desktop PC to your USB-stick (PDA, Notebook, ...). Use this USB-stick (PDA, Notebook, ...) to synchronize files to another desktop PC.

Unlike many other synchronization software, DirSync Pro is Open Source; it is 100% free of charge, 100% free of commercial text, 100% free of advertisements and 100% free of spyware. You can use it as long as you like, without any limitations in time or funcationality. You can freely distribute it according to GPL3.

DirSync Pro is programmed completely in platform independent Java™ so it can be run under nearly every modern operating system including Windows™, Linux™ and Macintosh™.

DirSync Pro has a user-friendly User Interface which helps you configure many options to your needs. You can use DirSync Pro also through the command line which makes it very flexible for running in batches.

Re: DirSync Pro 1.31 - kleines portable Synchronisierungs Programm Multi-Plattform

Verfasst: 21.01.11, 15:09
von chriss
update auf version 1.4

20-01-2011 - DirSync Pro 1.4 final is released!!!
And finally: DirSync Pro 1.4 final! For those of you who have not been with us since 1.31: DirSync Pro 1.4 contains tons of bug fixes and improvements and many new features among which:
DirSync Pro has got a powerful Schedule Engine which lets you schedule synchronization tasks on many different ways, minutely, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Advanced users may use many options available in DirSync Pro to suit the synchronization behavior in details. A synchronization queue is added which lets you monitor the schedule engine activities.
You can now access the recently open documents right from the menu.
DirSync Pro can now auto-load the last opened document if you wish to.
DirSync Pro generates now command line exit codes which may be parsed for post processing. (0= Finished with No Errors, 1=Finished with Warnings or Non-fatal Errors, 2=Stopped due to fatal errors).
DirSync Pro is now able to create three types of logfiles: 1) Job specific log file which contain the events of a job, 2) Jobset log file which contain the events of all the jobs within the jobset, 3) Program log file which contain the events of all jobsets.
You may let DirSync Pro now to automatically create a command line for your sync job to run in a batch and you may even save it to a batch file (MS Windows: .cmd, Linux-like: .sh).
New option to ignore daylight saving granularity which could be useful when synchronizing between FAT and other file systems around the daylight saving period.
New option to synchronize directory timestamps, relevant for MS Windows.
New option to keep the sync queue after the synchronization so that it can be run again. This might help in case some items are not synchronized because of file system errors.
DirSync Pro can now be minimized to the system tray.
For the guys who were following us along the beta's, here is the changelog since the last release candidate:
Fixed: The command line mode didn't initiate synchronization. Fixed! (thanks to Frank Dautzenberg for the report).
Fixed: The command line din't respect the log level. Fixed!
Fixed: Manual section 'Advanced' updated on dirsyncpro.home property (thanks to to John A. Sullivan III for the report).
Fixed: The Edit en Remove buttons in the filter menu were deactivated. Fixed! (thanks to Klaus Kahle for the report).
Fixed: Some typo's in de GUI (thanks to Frank Dautzenberg for the report).
Fixed: Open Recent menu is now disabled when the synchronization is running.
Improved: When saving a command line batch file, DirSync Pro shows a warning if the batch file is being overwritten.

UPDATE: DirSync Pro 1.44 - kleines portable Synchronisierungs Programm Multi-Plattform

Verfasst: 20.09.11, 4:30
von @thehop
24-07-2011 - DirSync Pro 1.44 is released!!!
Again another minor update with a bug fix for the total progress bar issue.
This version also introduces an interesting feature: option to change every individual sync pair.

Here is the changelog:
-Added: Right mouse click menu on in the sync queue contains now the
option 'Change to:' to change the sync behavior of a single sync item.
-Improved: Total synchronization time will now stay shown in the progress bar.
-Improved: Online update dialog contains now a hyper link to the update changelog.


PS: Namensvetter -> DirSync (EFB-Suche) | SyncPro (.NET 3.5)

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Verfasst: 08.06.13, 16:04
von Jean
aktuell ist v. 1.46
This is the stable version of DirSync Pro 1.46. Compared to 1.45, there are some new features:
-real-time synchronization lets you watch a directory continuously and synchronize as soon as a file is modified;
-new context pop-up menu options let you add filters easily right from the synchronization queue;
-when adding pattern filters, you can now input regular expressions too;
-new conflict resolution modes are added for the mono-directional synchonization preset modes;
-it is possible now to compare files based on their metadata or their contents besides the modification dates.

Re: DirSync Pro 1.46 - kleines portable Synchronisierungs Programm Multi-Plattform

Verfasst: 26.10.14, 16:50
von Gordon
viele Bugfixe weiter bei 1.50:

Re: DirSync Pro 1.50 - kleines portable Synchronisierungs Programm Multi-Plattform

Verfasst: 28.09.15, 23:56
von Jean
und schon wieder weiter - v. 1.51
fixes some bugs and improves the analysis performance

Re: DirSync Pro 1.51 - kleines portable Synchronisierungs Programm Multi-Plattform

Verfasst: 09.08.16, 1:06
von Jean
das Jahr ist um - schon geht's weiter - v. 1.52
Improved: Some code cleaning.

Re: DirSync Pro 1.52 - kleines portable Synchronisierungs Programm Multi-Plattform

Verfasst: 08.08.17, 19:23
von Gordon
07-08-2016 - DirSync Pro 1.53a1 is released!
This pre-release fixes some bugs and introduces some improvemoents. Change log:

Added: Support for UTF-8 encoding when writing the logs.
Improved: Some typo's are fixed!
Improved: Renamed "Include subfolders" to "Traverse subfolders" to make the behavior clearer.
Improved: Some minor performance improvements.
Improved: The Java wrapper for windows will prefer the 64-bit version of JRE if available.