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Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
Name: RekSFV v1.0.3 (09-Feb-2007)
Grösse: 248 kByte
Homepage: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/
Screenshot: hier
Standalone? JA
checks sfv files rekursively. simply drop folders with sfv files to it, and it will check all sfv files found, and display the results. might be useful when scanning multiple folders.

Es können bequem beispielsweiße große MP3 Sammlungen, die über eine ganze Festplatten verstreut sind, gecheckt werden. RekSFV sucht im angegebenen Verzeichnis rekursiv nach *.sfv Dateien und arbeitet die Liste im Hintergrund druch. Dabei zeigt es den Fortschrittsstatus über ein Trayicon an.

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Registriert: 24.03.02, 14:56
Ähm... was sind denn sfv-Dateien ??? ?(

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SFV steht für Simple File Verification

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BeitragVerfasst: 09.04.07, 17:43 

Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
aktuell: v1.0.4 (24-Mar-2007)
dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/

changelog hat geschrieben:
v1.0.4: [ 24.03.2007 ]
  • rescan last dir not possible under any circumstances.
  • the default entry "show/hide" might not be seen under vista.

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BeitragVerfasst: 26.06.07, 13:15 

Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
aktuell: v1.0.5 (20-May-2007)
dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/

changelog.nfo hat geschrieben:
v1.0.5: [ 20.05.2007 ]
  • + "Delete Folder" available now.
  • ! autosizing progress bar panels now, too.

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BeitragVerfasst: 28.08.07, 20:27 

Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
aktuell: v1.0.6 (28-Aug-2007)
dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/

changelog.nfo hat geschrieben:
RekSFV v1.0.6 (28-Aug-2007)
  • bugfix: "if FileExists()" function failed in some cases of file date/time, which resulted in an "open file" dialog box and the file could not be loaded.

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BeitragVerfasst: 07.10.07, 22:35 

Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
aktuell: v1.0.7 (29-Aug-2007)
dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/

changelog.nfo hat geschrieben:
RekSFV v1.0.7 (29-Aug-2007)
  • bugfix: * update announce got corrupted somehow in yesterday's release.
  • add: "Remove GOOD Folder(s) From List" on "SFV Summary" tabsheet, so only bad/incomplete ones remain for a better overview. use the context menu entry for this new feature.
  • correct "search" icon when checking a folder on "SFV Summary" tab-sheet, this has been a "questionmark" before.

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BeitragVerfasst: 30.10.07, 15:22 

Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
aktuell: v1.1.0 (19-Oct-2007)
dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/

changelog.nfo hat geschrieben:
RekSFV v1.1.0 (19-Oct-2007)
  • added: shortcuts CTRL+ALT+O for "Open Folder", CTRL+SHIFT+R for "Remove GOOD Folder(s) From List" on "SFV Summary" tabsheet.
  • added: additionally showing "Files"count on the same tabsheet.
  • added: "Recheck All Failed" possible now, so all failed can be checked again. combined with the "Remove GOOD Folder(s) From List" this might be a useful feature.
  • added: "Recheck Selected" and "Recheck All Failed" don't reset the summary, all entries will stay there. rechecked items will be updated.
  • added: progress info on form's caption as well.
  • special: support for files to be checked which are > 2GB. progress/sizes were not correctly calculated before.
  • fixed: same shortcuts for "Recheck Selected" and "Rescan Last Directory" removed, now "Recheck Selected" has SHIFT+CTRL+R.
  • fixed: correct "Current Directory" string in statusbar when rechecking.
  • added: hottrack on "SFV Summary", as well as double clicking opens selected folder.
  • fixed: filesizes > 2147483647 bytes were not correctly determined.

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BeitragVerfasst: 03.01.08, 3:42 

Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
aktuell: v1.2.0 (01-Jan-2008)
dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/

changelog.nfo hat geschrieben:
RekSFV v1.2.0 (01-Jan-2008)
  • # empty folders are listed with a "x"-folder icon and 0-0-0-0 in sfv-summary as well, indicating that there might be an .sfv missing the context menu and TToolbar now offers "Remove Folder(s) Without SFV-File(s) From List" from sfv-summary additionally.
  • + added TToolbars to "progress & log output", "sfv summary" and "bad & missing filenames" tabsheet.
  • - removed "Edit" menu-entry, since we now have buttons and a context-menu on all tabsheets.
  • * an exception when trying to recheck failed folders in some cases.
  • * correct OnDrawItem routine now on failed folders in sfv-summary.
  • + a (maybe) needed vista addition: you can edit your RekSFV.ini file [RekSFV] IniLocation=%APPDATA% with this set, RekSFV will store settings in the following folder: "YOURDOCUMENTS\PROFILE\APPDATA\RekSFV". xp users can do this as well if needed (hint: "roaming user profile").
  • * correct startup form position, when using it on secondary monitors on multimonitor systems.
  • + ability to sort the sfv-summary.
  • + ability to save the sfv-summary, and load it again.
  • * correct termination of checking when recheck routine was triggered.
  • + ability to recheck all folders, not only failed or selected entries.
  • + counting sizes (in mb) for good/bad files in sfv-summary as well.
  • * "Rescan Last Directory" (a wrong cd.. was done before) after "Select Directory".
  • # "Copy Dir/Filename To Clipboard" on "SFV-Summary" and "Bad&Missing"-tabsheets. choose between 3 formats (see "Settings" tab).
  • + pausing timer when halted, so calculated times are correct now.
  • # no autoscrolling when manually moved the vertical scrollbars or used the mousewheels on "Progress & Log" and "SFV Summary" tabsheets.
  • # new option: application saves and restores the last active page on a restart. if you don't like this: you now are able to decide which of the tabsheets should be always visible on start.
  • + shortcuts.nfo, changed some of the shortcuts. CTLR+ALT+ now used for all functions on the "Bad & Missing Files" tabsheet, SHIFT+ALT+ now used for all functions on the "SFV Summary" tabsheet.
  • + both TStatusbars (details and progress) now show tooltips.

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BeitragVerfasst: 10.01.09, 13:50 

Registriert: 24.09.03, 16:33
aktuell: v1.4.1 (23-Dec-2008)
download: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/

changelog.nfo hat geschrieben:
RekSFV v1.4.1 (23-Dec-2008)
  • # RekSFV now able to automatically check for a new version.
  • * rechecking folders didn't correctly calculate total progress.
  • * recreating .sfv didn correctly update current entry's icon.
  • * small nsis setup changes for a better installation on vista for new users, creating the default .ini file, forwarding the storage of all settings in %APPDATA% instead of RekSFV's programfolder.
  • ! installer now using application's icon.
RekSFV v1.4.0 (23-Nov-2008)
  • # ability to create .sfv/.md5 files. choose an entry from the menu, drag 'n drop folders or send a folder to RekSFV via the explorer context menu. you can add these links to your explorer context menu if needed (go to "Settings > Copy&Context > Extra"). a skiplist can be used to avoid adding not needed/wanted files in your sfv's. the auto close feature will work here too, after creating your .sfv/.md5 file(s).
  • ! md5 algorithm is about 2x faster now.
  • * a wrong "md5" in caption when doing an sfv-check.
  • ! optimized update of statusbar/icon when checking md5s a bit, so it's faster now.
  • + unicode support (using the tntunicode controls/units). you now can open or create checksum files with unicode filenames and unicode content. if output should be unicode then check the checkbox "Save Checksum Files As Unicode". otherwise they'll be saved in ANSI (except files with unicode names have been found while adding them). additionally you'll get a warning message/icon.
  • ! the crc32 algorithm is faster, too: using the crc32.pas code from Andre "Carlos" Morales-Bahnik. as well as some code was optimized (refresh issues, which were slowing down the calculation a lot).
  • ! cancelling drag'n drop via ESC will not close RekSFV anymore.
  • ! removed TTreeView used for the list of bad and missing files (speed issues), using a TListView instead. RekSFV is now noticeable faster on large checksum files.
  • ! limiting progress output, avoiding an infinite memory usage.
  • ! including the xp manifest resource, so RekSFV should now better fit to your system's style.
  • + "Quit On Escape" is optional now, you can turn if off on "Settings"-tabsheet.
RekSFV v1.3.0 (23-Aug-2008)
  • # new option "Copy Foldername Only To Clipboard" when trying to copy the file-/folderinformation.
  • + now supporting MD5 files as well.
  • ! faster indexing of files, noticeable on large checksum files. thanks to freerider for the inspiration.
  • + "File Properties" available in context menu on "Checksum&Bad Files" tabsheets, too.

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BeitragVerfasst: 20.10.10, 10:45 

Registriert: 05.05.03, 10:04
aktuell v1.5.6

CL seit 1.41

v1.5.6: [ 23.09.2010 ]
# when warnings AND errors occur, the trayicon will toggle now instead
of announcing only the warning.
- requested by göran.
* a small memory problem, resulting in a ntdll.dll errormessage.

v1.5.5: [ 23.08.2010 ]
* cancelling "quit" on trayicon did not result in a resumed check.
* some buttons were not correctly enabled since we added the create-
ones at runtime the wrong way.
* more precise calculation of sfv/total, was wrong in some cases when
the file was accessed, resulting in a down/up of the bars.
* create buttons were not disabled when a check/creation was already
+ you can now (re)create all 3 kinds of currently supported checksum-
types: sfv/md5 and sha1.
* forgot to fix ComCtrls.pas when changing the OS, so the hiding/show-
ing of columns didn't work correctly in previous version.
* when moving directories the dialog isn't showing files anymore.
# compatible for checking checksum files generated by "sha1sum", which
seems to use " " instead of " *" for separating checksum from file-
- requested by abused.

v1.5.4: [ 23.05.2010 ]
* when rechecking failed files no announce of "previously checked ok"
in case users did edit the checksum files manually (missing files).
# extension .sha supported, too.
# possibility to strip comments from sfv file(s) on request, and to
strip them automatically on check.
- requested by Göran.
# new buttons in toolbar for creating checksum files,
- requested by abused.
* sorting of sha1/md5 files, not by checksum anymore.

v1.5.3: [ 23.01.2010 ]
# mew option to warn the user if filecount of the directory does not
match filecount given in the checksumfile.
# lines with a warning will now have a yellow line in the log.
- both issues requested by göran.
* the skiplist types control now is a tnt unicode control, too.
! better status of controls while a check is running and they are
! compatibility mode for hksfv md5 files which do not contain the
delimiting * char in front of the path-/filename.
! application not stealing focus after drag 'n drop and being in the
background, instead application will flash in tray after having
finished the current check - additionally beeping (optional, default
is OFF) if needed.
+ "Checksum Summary" and "Bad/Missing" tabsheets now have tooltips for
columns and their content but these tooltip can be turned off if not

v1.5.2: [ 23.11.2009 ]
* fixed md5 calculation for files > 500mb, since "MapViewOfFile" fails
here, using TStream instead now.
* previous versions did not add files in case they were located in a
single hidden (sub)directory or folders with a dot in front, so
explorer's filecount of the folder "C:\Windows\" was different from
RekSFV's filecount (e.g. the folder "Installer\$PatchCache$" was
- thanks to Robin for reporting both issues.
+ adding the errorreason to the log when creating checksum files.
+ adding the files that couldn't be accessed to the bad/missing files
tabsheet when creating checksum files now, too.
* cancelling the creation of checksum files didn't result in a correct

v1.5.1: [ 23.10.2009 ]
# new option to always prompt for a filename when creating a checksum
* automatically generated filename wasn't correct in case dots were
used in the path.
+ every checksum type now has it's own skiplist properties.
+ "Select Directory" will start with the latest used path, the "Create
Checksum File(s) dialog will do the same for each type.
# save the mad/missing filename tabsheet's content, and load it again.
# "copy all columns" will copy all selected rows and not only one into
the clipboard. if none is selected then all rows will be copied.
- both issues requested by genetix.

v1.5.0: [ 23.09.2009 ]
+ added one new column to "Checksum/Hash Summary": checksum filename.
+ added 2 new columns to "Bad/Missing Filenames": the expected and the
calculated CRC/Hash (eCRC vs. cCRC).
+ additional popupmenu entry to be able to copy each column's content.
! changed some properties of TListview due to some vista problems.
* comments were incorrectly added to sha1/md5 files.
+ new shortcuts to copy all columns content.
* correct warning sign in tray when no sfv's found or found sfv didn't
have a valid content.
# all the "Checksum/Hash Summary" and "Bad/Missing Filenames" columns
can now be hidden if not needed, the chosen size of the columns will
be saved and restored, as well as you now can swap all the columns.
# a paused application will have a different trayicon.
# "(Re)Create SFV File(s)" available for the public. dragndrop folders
to the second tabsheet, and hit this to let RekSFV create all check-
sum files for the dropped folders.
# "select folder" is now "select folder/file", so you can add single
files now, too. drag 'n drop supported as well.
- requested by Göran.
+ set task priority: idle, normal, high.
+ new languages: german, swedish.
! "Delete Selected Bad File" is now "Delete Selected Bad File(s)".
# "Allow Multiple Instances" is now optional, you can turn it off.
- requested by enigma.
+ accepting .crc files as sfv/crc32 files now, too.
* preventing "hide to tray" when dialogs are shown.

v1.4.6: [ 23.06.2009 ]
+ CTRL+A now selects all (depending on ActiveControl).
* recheck counter now working correctly.
* "recheck all failed" function failed sometimes (skipped checking).
* "copy filepath+filename" did copy the filename into clipboard twice.
* comments in sfvs now contain the path (in case subdirectories are
+ some minor cosmetics.

v1.4.5: [ 23.05.2009 ]
! optimized usage of the TToolbuttons in all 3 tabsheets.
+ more buttons for summary and bad/missing files tabsheets.
+ you can remove the files from the "Bad/Missing" tabsheet.
+ renaming of missing files additionally gives a result dialogbox now.
* comments for unicode filenames haven't been saved as unicode.
* unicode foldernames resulted in an errormsg when trying to add a
* minimizing when starting minimized did not correctly minimize to the
# added the "Always On Top" mode, toggle via CTRL+T.
# you can now colorize a summary line when a column contains or misses
a value (sfv summary tabsheet).
* correct drag n drop cursor when trying to add a file/folder when a
task is already in progress.
+ "Try To Find And Rename Missing File(s)" now supports "Yes To All",
which suppresses the messagedialog.
! "Recheck All Failed" will only recheck failed/missing files instead
of all files again.
+ you can add RekSFV to the registry (App Paths), to be able e.g. to
type "reksfv" on the "run ..." command.

v1.4.4: [ 23.04.2009 ]
+ you can now sort the Missing/Bad Files list, additionally the file's
extension now is listed.
+ "Open Folder" already available on "Bad/Missing File(s)" tabsheet
when a check is still running.
+ set RekSFV to open/edit sfv files with any app you want, not limited
to notepad.exe anymore. get bonuspoints when pointing to jane.exe :)
! already edit/fix .sfv files while the check is still running (on own
+ you now additionally can edit sfv files from the "Bad/Missing Files"
# added the ability to add comments to the (.sfv) files, with all the
size(s), date(s), time(s) and filename(s).
# divided "Autoclose After Creation/Check Reports OK" into two
actions, so you now can choose to close after check reports ok, but
not afterwards a creation.
# added the ability to remove explorer context menu entries.
* rechecking all folders might have closed RekSFV when the autoclose
option was set ON.
# added a "delete selected folder(s)" on sfv summary's tabsheet popup-
# added a "SpC" column, which holds the number of files/folders inside
current directory, so you might want to configure it to count *.jpg
files. foldernames are possible, too.
! to avoid too much memory comsumption the program will be paused
after reaching a total of 5000 entries, giving the possibility to
clean up the results as needed and continue checking afterwards.
+ "Try To Find And Rename Missing File(s)". this will look in current
directory for a (shortened) file, you can rename it with a single
click now.

v1.4.3: [ 23.03.2009 ]
# added the ability to move folders with corrpupt file(s) to a new
target of your choice.
+ faster startup on some systems.
* shortcuts from subtoolbars and popupmenus were not working again in
general, fixed now.
* comments on .md5/.sha1 files were not discarded when being parsed.
* "Recheck Failed Entries" did not correctly set all need internal
+ ability to "Select Good Folders", "Select Bad Folders", "Select All
Folders" and "Select Random Folders" at the sfv-summary page's
context menu.

v1.4.2: [ 23.02.2009 ]
+ "Skip 0 Byte Files" option, this will skip adding these to a check-
sum file.
+ now additionally supporting SHA1.
# Groupbox for setting the registered filetypes. when checked, double
clicking a .sfv/.md5/.sha1 file will start RekSFV.
- requested by enigma.
# trying to use single lined sha1 and md5 files, assuming the desired
filename is the sha/md5 file without it's own extension, like those
used by some opensource projects.
- requested by enigma, too.

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BeitragVerfasst: 07.01.12, 11:12 
regelmäßiger Besucher

Registriert: 04.01.12, 17:01
aktueller Stand ist bereits die v1.6.1

dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/#RekSFV

Changelog seit v1.5.6:
v1.6.1: [ 23.10.2011 ]
# "Delete All Bad Folder(s) (Into Recycle Bin)", this will select all
folders with bad/missing files and delete them into recycle bin.
- requested by HooPER.
+ you now can select items in the autodelete and skiplist listboxes
and hit the delete key.
* all editcontrols now accept the delete key.
# autodeleting files will give a warning line with an info icon, since
this is not a "real" warning but you can more easily see it as a
special info line.
* you can now add autodelete-items which don't have an extension, this
was disabled before.
+ "recheck a limited number of random folders". so drag n drop all the
directories of e.g. external drives to the checksum tab, and select
this function to random check some directories ...
* faster list handling when using the recheck routine.
* recheck failed items did add even correct files to the bmf-tabsheet.
* sfv summary buttons were not correctly initialized when using drag n
drop here.
! changed sfv/md5/sha1-create buttons from TButton to TToolbutton,
using icons instead of text due to repaint problems under windows7.
# when using dragn'drop to the sfv-summary tabsheet you can decide to
clear the list before adding new items and not to add duplicates.
- requested by Göran.
* .sfv/.md5/.sha1-addfiles dialog can be closed by pressing ESC now,
* sfvlist is disabled while checking selected items now, to avoid in-
* the position of the & operator in swe/ger language files.
* checksumfiles count issue when checking from summary tab.
# announcing checksumfiles that might be corrupt (no checksum in lines
without a commentchar).
- requested by HooPER.
* incomplete sfvs were not added to checksum summary tab correctly.
- detected by HooPER.
# you can move items on the summary tab with ctrl+up/down now.

v1.6.0: [ 23.07.2011 ]
* not all bad files were correctly added to the "Bad & Missing Files"-
tabsheet since the last version.
* rechecking all failed entries resulted in an errormsg in german
(gleitkommadivision durch 0), the silent update routine from the
previous version has been rewritten.
- reported by Göran.

v1.5.9: [ 23.06.2011 ]
# additional option for handling bad file(s): do nothing, rename them
into filename.bad or simply delete them right after checking.
- requested by Charles.
* fixed a bug when selecting more than a single folder on sfv summary
tab and trying to delete these folders to the recycle bin.
* setting the color for "colorize a line" didn't result in a colored
TPanel on Win7.
# no random string when saving logfile, using datetime instead.
# added the option "Don't Include Hidden Files/Folders While Checking"
- both requested by Göran.
* count of checked files wasn't corrent when rechecking failed ones.
! improved memory consumption.
* improved handling of long filenames, avoiding a crash when trying to
load the checksum file.
- both issues reported by HooPER.
* counting *.* for special column doesn't count . and .. anymore :)
- reported by Eric.

v1.5.8: [ 23.02.2011 ]
+ being not so conservative anymore when checking for comments, allow-
ing more than '#' (md5/sha1) and ';' (crc) since some other programs
seem to use ; for sha/md5, too.

v1.5.7: [ 23.01.2011 ]
! changed compiler from d6 to d7 (kinda oldschool, though :) - the app
got a little bit bigger this way, and some minor changes were
necessary. this was necessary for implementing the following:
+ added the win7 components of gumpi, so the progress is now visible
in the taskbar.
+ option for autodeleting specific files while checking the sfv, e.g.
to get rid of *.url's for example.
+ drag'n drop support for the edit/listbox fields in the settings tab,
so you can drop files to add extensions, autodelete files and paths.
! less flickering on listview controls.
* small fix for sha1 files with checksum separated by two spaces and
filenames with 2 spaces, too.
- this season's "weirdest bug" goes to abused, since he reported.

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BeitragVerfasst: 25.01.12, 18:47 
regelmäßiger Besucher

Registriert: 04.01.12, 17:01
aktueller Stand ist bereits die v1.6.2

dl: http://www.kifoth.de/jane/misc/#RekSFV

Changelog seit v1.6.1:
v1.6.2: [ 23.01.2012 ]
# when a check has warnings the corresponding entry in the sfv-summary
tabsheet will be colored in yellow.
# you can define your own additional extension for each type, to be
able to treat .txt files as .md5 checksum files if needed.
# ability to drag'n drop sfv files to the checksum tabsheet, to be
able to check all.
# you can move more than one item at once on the summary tab now.
# new feature to "(Re)Scan All Entries". will look for sfv's and read
them without checking the content, to be able to see if all files
are valid.
# new column to see if checksum file got stripped.
# when colorizing a column you can add several strings, divided by a ;
to be able to search for more than one.
- all requested by Göran.
* if an already checked folder is moved and you're running the check
again then the log will show a line as well as the entry will get
the correct icon.
* you could add an extension to the skiplist without the . as prefix.
* strip comments from file via context menu was not working anymore.
* recheck didn't work properly for the folder that progress was
cancelled on.
* after aborting a check the corresponding folder was locked, this has
been fixed for all supported types.
- all reported by Göran.
* a gdi problem when running for a long time with a toggling trayicon.
* default: user's settings stored in userprofile directory instead of
the programfolder (for new installations!).
# you can automatically create a file/folder in case a directory has
been successfully tested.
# Select "Good Folders Without Warnings" possible, in case you need to
make a difference here.
# duplicated lines in the checksum file are now ignored.
- all requested by HooPER.
* buttons for creating .sfv/.md5/.sha1 did only create sfvs, while the
menuitems were working correctly.
+ new column to see how many files have been (auto)deleted.
* "select folder/file" dialog didn't support unicode yet.
* a single instance and double clicking sfv issue (path problem) which
resulted in a "Counting Files: 0 Checksum/Hash File(s) Found."-error
- reported by enigma.

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BeitragVerfasst: 23.10.12, 9:24 

Registriert: 05.05.03, 10:04
aktuell v1.6.4

v1.6.4: [ 23.09.2012 ]
* empty directories were not added correctly to the summary list.
* non correct listviews with window's text size > 100%.
- reported by gratus.
# ability to prevent system's sleep mode if needed.
- requested by gratus.
* handling hksfv md5 files (without asterisk in front of filename) now
properly, as well as working properly for files with spaces in these
- reported by a33.

v1.6.3: [ 23.05.2012 ]
* dropping directories to summary tab didn't function properly when
a folder with checksum subfolders was dropped.
- reported by Göran.
# all "move folders" operations have a submenu with the last 10 target
folders listed, each operation show it's own last one as default, so
double clicking the parent menu will already do the trick, without
the need to select a folder each time,
- requested again by (you might have guessed it) göran.
# updatemessagebox isn't blocking main thread anymore,
- requested by enigma.
* tooltips over checksum/has summary's first column was not refreshed.
+ autodelete will only delete the files in case there were neither
failed nor missing files.
* due to the minimum size of reksfv's main window win7's right docking
feature positioned the form at the middle of the screen, leaving the
min/close buttons in the invisible area. not our fault, we're fixing
the desired position in this case, though.
* sfv-list's selection could be changed while running,
- reported by Göran.

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BeitragVerfasst: 24.03.13, 18:23 
regelmäßiger Besucher

Registriert: 04.01.12, 17:01
aktuell v1.6.5

v1.6.5: [ 23.03.2013 ]
* "warning in case filecount of folder is different from checksumfile"
will include missing files in output.
* good file count/size was not calculated correctly when doing a
recheck in any case.
- both reported by Göran.
* changing sha1/md5 checksum files destination when creating them did
result in wrong checksum lines.
- reported by Robert.

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BeitragVerfasst: 03.06.15, 20:30 
regelmäßiger Besucher

Registriert: 04.01.12, 17:01
aktuell v1.7.0

v1.7.0: [ 23.03.2015 ]
# "copy" function added, not just move.
- requested by Torsten.
! switched from Delphi7 to Delphi XE2.
# chinese language added.
# not using msi console but system font as default.
# installer now uses current RekSFV supported languages, too.
- all requested by Wander Max.

v1.6.6: [ 23.06.2014 ]
* fixed drag'n drop functionality when running windows 8.
- reported by Ayla (when using nG!, same issue here as well).
! quite slow routine for huge checksum files, since trying to remove
duplicates, significantly optimized now.
- reported by still-the-same-guy.

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BeitragVerfasst: 25.05.16, 17:56 

Registriert: 06.01.02, 18:46
v1.7.1: [ 23.05.2016 ]
# add RekSFV directly to explorer's context menu (create or check).
- requested by -L--.
! menuitems instead of speedbuttons for these registry functions.
# a RegEx box to enter a regular expression for every checksum file
for lines to be treated/deleted as a comment.
- requested by Göran.
* size of visible columns checklistbox was wrong due to anchors.
* supporting ultra long filenames now.
- reported by Juan.
* problem with checksum files which had CRs within.
- reported by Göran.
* problems with unicode chars within checksum files.
- reported by UnknownDJ.

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BeitragVerfasst: 15.10.16, 17:42 
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Registriert: 04.01.12, 17:01
v1.7.2: [ 23.07.2016 ]
* calculated total time was wrong when using explorer's context menu.
- reported by Kopejkin.
+ russian language support.
- contribution by Kopejkin.
* unc paths were not recognized correctly.
- reported by some user.
* server paths \\ were not correctly parsed, bug introduced when
adding support for ultralong filenames in previous version.
* sort order on bad/missing files tabsheet was randomized on scan.
* ultralong filenames were not supported when creating a checksum
* language contact links were not working correctly.
+ polish language support.
- contribution by pan3o.

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BeitragVerfasst: 24.05.17, 16:30 

Registriert: 06.01.02, 18:46
jetzt 1.7.4, CL noch nicht aktuell

I am a signature virus. Why don't copy me into your sig?

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BeitragVerfasst: 29.07.17, 9:30 
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Registriert: 04.01.12, 17:01
v1.7.6: [ 23.07.2017 ]
+ support for RipeMD128, RipeMD160, Tiger192, MD4 and HAVAL256.
* some cosmetics on layout, scrollboxes added for settings, so smaller formsize is possible now.
* unchecked checksum filetypes got checked anyway.
* scrolling of progress was imprecise.
* dropping folders one after another on progress tab didn't start the progress correctly.

v1.7.5: [ 23.06.2017 ]
* crash when canceling file creation/checking.
- reported by Göran.

v1.7.4: [ 23.05.2017 ]
# additional menuitems for help-files like in jane.
- requested by smaragdus.
+ pausing possible after file/checksumfile on completion, to be able to e.g. remove an external hdd and resuming later.
+ ability to set the progress back to OK in case of missing/bad files (acknowledged by user), to see if there are new events raised meanwhile.
# "move bad files" additionally.
- requested by bobby m.
# copy checksum/launch file/open folder and file location.
- requested by andrew.
* some unicode/non unicode file issues, sometimes check was not done.
- reported by several people.

v1.7.3: [ 23.11.2016 ]
* the extension skiplist is more idiot-/bulletproof now.
- reported by Göran.
+ autodelete of folders possible, too now (e.g. sample).
* autodelete didn't work properly in included subdirs.
+ autodelete now working when creating checksum files, too.
+ autodelete will remove hidden files, too.
* possible crash on startup when sending parameter string(s).
* when unicode was off the files were ascii instead of ansi, so e.g. german "special" chars got lost. some irritations when checksum files did contain special chars within e.g. comments solved.
- reported by Göran.
# support for sha256/sha512-files.
- requested by smaragdus.

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