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MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 27.08.11, 16:35
von Gordon
Mad App Launcher

Version: 1.0.4
Größe: 2 MB
Supportforum: ... um/1286268
Lizenz: GNU GPL
Screenshot: ... creenshots

Assign 30 programs for each of the 10 tab pages. A total of 300 per configuration
Press a key to find a program; 0-9 to activate tabs and the corresponding letter/symbol to launch a program
Organize better by assigning a configuration file to a button - effectively creating a cascading set of programs
Option to keep the application launcher window on top of all other windows
Option to auto-hide the application launcher window when an application, file, or folder is opened
Option to always center the application launcher on screen
Option to change the hotkey used to activate the application launcher
Drag and Drop applications, files, and folders
Check for updates on startup
Option to change an application's initial window size and location
Save multiple sets of applications
Run programs as administrator
Duplicate applications assigned to buttons
Move buttons across tabs
Auto activate tabs on mouse over
Option to press a key twice before launching
Refresh icons for portable applications, files, and folders
Auto-save data files
Support for the visually impaired (English only)
Support for international keyboard layouts
Favorites bar
Mouse wheel support for tab navigation


Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows 7
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile (web-installer included)
MAL ist ein Launcher für Programme, Scripte, Dateien usw. Dabei blendet MAL eine virtuelle Tastatur ein, wobei jede Taste mit einem Programm verknüpft wird. Dank Tabs können maximal 300 Anwendungen so gestartet werden - sollte den meisten reichen. Danach reicht der Hotkeyaufruf + verknüpfte Taste - schon startet das Gewünschte. Und wer will kann auch mit der Maus umher wedeln ...

Re: Mad App Launcher 1.0.4 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 27.08.11, 17:12
von BSA
hervorzuheben sind besonders seine nur geringen System-Ansprüche: läuft schon ab .NET 4.0 :)

Re: Mad App Launcher 1.0.4 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 04.12.11, 13:36
von Gordon
BSA hat geschrieben:hervorzuheben sind besonders seine nur geringen System-Ansprüche: läuft schon ab .NET 4.0 :)
Wenn man nicht gerade ein Uraltsystem sein eigen nennt, ist das ja kein Problem, wundert mich immer wieder, dass 2011 immer noch einige ein solches Problem mit .net haben.

Nun gut, inzwischen gibt es Version 1.0.8 - Änderungen bitte hier nachlesen: ... on-

Re: Mad App Launcher 1.4.0 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 15.06.12, 14:32
von e3s3s3e3
und wie kriegt man die shortcuts da rein ;) da kann man dann ordentlich zeit für konfiguration einplanen? nicht?
also ich wünscht mir schon was, was selber kategorien bildet, z.b. in dem es suchworte in aus dem web auswertet.

hatte ich mir von diesem erhofft. istallation war umsonst.

btw. musste es installieren. nicht portable?

Re: Mad App Launcher 1.4.0 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 06.08.12, 19:25
von Gordon
New Version ( Released / Fixed tooltips for menu items+ Added the ability to sort buttons within a tab

Re: Mad App Launcher 1.6.0 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 15.09.16, 18:33
von Gordon
macht jetzt unter dem Namen Maxlauncher weiter:
aktuelle Version 1.2.0
MaxLauncher is a simple tabbed launcher that was designed to reduce the amount of time to find and run a program. It is capable of creating multiple data files, each of which can have a maximum of 10 tabs. Each tab and button is assigned a key(eg. F1-F10, 0-9, A-Z, etc.) based on the current keyboard. Simply press the hotkey(eg. CTRL+`) to activate the program then press the key that corresponds to the program you want to run. MaxLauncher is a redesign of MadAppLauncher. A few key features such as the ability to delete a tab, support for themes, and portable use were added.

Re: MaxLauncher 1.2.0 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 23.12.16, 12:47
von Gordon
Bug(s) fixed:
33 - Importing some *.mal files fail.
34 - Disable File/Save As menu item when there is no file is loaded.
35 - Error loading the icon when loading the current custom icon in EditButtonDialog box.
36 - Icon file path not being converted to relative path when the source is in the same drive as the executable.
Show a message to create/open file when no file is loaded.

Feature(s) added:
23 - Show a message to create/open file when no file is loaded.
24 - Add tab buttons sorting
25 - Only save icon cache when changed

Re: MaxLauncher 1.3.0 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 25.03.17, 16:10
von Gordon

Re: MaxLauncher 1.5.0 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 26.04.17, 21:36
von Gordon
Bug(s) fixed:
45 Windows set to Normal are moved to the upper-left corner of the screen.

Feature(s) added:

- Added more Documentation->KnowledgeBase items.
- Added more themes

Re: MaxLauncher 16.0 - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 03.06.17, 17:53
von Gordon (5-29-2017)
Bug(s) fixed:
46 - Last file used is not saved when TabControlDataRO = true in portable.cfg.
47 - When TabControlDataRO = true and FavoritesConfigFileRO=false in portable.cfg, CTRL + DnD doesn't work on Favorites buttons.
48 - When TabControlDataRO = true in portable.cfg Tab control context menu still appears when right-clicking when the tab count is less than 10.

Feature(s) added:
32 - Added ability to hide tab button rows.
33 - Added LanguageDirectory location option in portable.cfg for Portable mode package.

Re: MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 17.07.17, 17:43
von jasonliul
v 1.8
Bug(s) fixed:
49 - button tooltip displays a small tooltip when moving the mouse after the actual tooltip is displayed.
50 - In the Edit button dialog box, changing from Maximized to Normal activates the Window tab even though the Window title is blank/empty.
52 - Loading errors are not displayed in selected language other than English.
52 - Changed the behavior of ENTER, UP/DOWN arrow keys when a special combobox has keyboard focus. Affects Select… and Target's Browse… buttons in the Edit Button Dialog box.
52 - app.cfg:, favorites.cfg: and iconcache.mldb: are not referenced in language theme files.
52 - PageDown shows up as Next
53 - Data file is not saved immediately after adding a tab.
54 - Data files sort error when having two or more identical entries.
55 - A small empty tooltip shows up when a button's Tooltip is displayed and the mouse is moved.

Feature(s) added:
34 - Multi-line support for button text.
34 - Missing entries in other language files:MainMenu_View_HideTabButtonsRow: MainMenu_View_HideTabButtonsRow1, MainMenu_View_HideTabButtonsRow2, MainMenu_View_HideTabButtonsRow3
36 - Changed interface for renaming of menu names. It should now be edited inside the list box.
37 - Close Theme Dialog and custom Theme Dialog when [ESC] is pressed.
38 - Change/create GUI to view list of grouped buttons to launch.

Re: MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 23.07.17, 17:11
von jasonliul
Bug(s) fixed:
32 - Custom Themes Chrome, Dark, Earth, Forest and SeaShells are unusable.

Re: MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 10.10.17, 20:15
von Gordon
Feature(s) added:
47 - Added a feature to set the Theme per data file. Ref. Feature request #32 by Mostafa Latrache

Bug(s) fixed:
59 - "Center on Screen" option is not functioning correctly when larger DPI is selected (e.g. 125%)

Re: MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 11.10.17, 11:54
von ABDUL (10-9-2017)
Bug(s) fixed:
60 - French language translation has a duplicate entry that causes a loading error.
Other change(s):
2 - Modified all languages encoding to UTF-8 and made the formatting more consistent.

Re: MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 31.12.17, 11:37
von Gordon
Bug(s) fixed:
62 - Alt + Tab bug is back. Ref. Bug# 31 - When the Show in taskbar option is unchecked, MaxLauncher still shows up in Win/Alt + Tab list.
63 - A data file cannot be opened when its local theme is deleted. Revert back to default theme if local theme does not exist.
Feature(s) added:
49 - font size?. Changed Dark and Light theme sets to be customizable.

Other change(s):
6 - Updated active tab on startup feature.
7 - Loading speed improvement.
8 - Updated French translation.
9 - Modify splitter bar theme so it can be seen easily.
10 - Change website URL to
11 - Remove old themes Dark, Earth, Forest, Seashells and Simple@.
12 - Sorted Theme list.

Re: MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 06.08.18, 7:37
von klodeckel (8-5-2018)
Bug(s) fixed:

Feature(s) added:
66 - Include [Hide Empty Tab Buttons] in DnD mode. In [Drag and Drop Mode], the [Hide Empty Tab Buttons] will be disabled and buttons will be displayed until [Drag and Drop Mode] is turned off. 65 - Updated language files.
54 - Lock Layout. Added a [Lock GUI] option under the [VIew] main menu item. This option prevents moving tabs, buttons, splitter bar and resizing of the window.

Re: MaxLauncher - tastaturbasierter Programmstarter

Verfasst: 27.01.19, 8:46
von klodeckel
Version released.