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Re: Duplicate & Same Files Searcher 5.1.x - Dublettensuche

Beitrag von jasonliul » 15.08.19, 4:17

v 5.1.9
Fixed crash by scanning files in network folders.
Fixed crash by scanning mp3-files with unusual ID3v2 tags when the option "Ignore ID3-tag differences for MP3 files" is enabled.
Fixed (or better to say got around) the reported error by opening system Save File Dialog on some systems (the most probably some system components are missing there).
Added Chinese (Simplified) translation.
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Re: Duplicate & Same Files Searcher 5.1.x - Dublettensuche

Beitrag von Gordon » 03.09.19, 18:07

Added new button "Show only groups containing selected files" on the side toolbar.
Added displaying of current disk read speed during file comparison.
Fixed a couple of unhandled exceptions that could cause crashes.
Minor performance improvement.
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UPDATE: Duplicate & Same Files Searcher 5.2.4 - Dublettensuche

Beitrag von ^L^ » 28.02.20, 15:32

Version 5.2.4 from 2020 February 16

Fixed crashes on some system configurations caused by non-existing fonts.
Fixed found UI problems caused by the selected medium or large font size.
Fixed found some rare crashes on some user configurations.
Added key without expiration date for non-commercial use.
CL: http://duplicatesearcher.net/duplicate_ ... gelog.aspx
DL: http://duplicatesearcher.net/duplicate_ ... px?lang=en
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