Bulk Rename Utility v. 3.4.0 für Dateien / Verzeichnisse

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Re: Bulk Rename Utility v3.4.1.0 für Dateien / Verzeichnisse

Beitrag von JohnDoe » 18.12.20, 18:08

Bulk Rename Utility v3.4.1.0 (2020-09-21)
+ Added support for renaming over Network paths (i.e. \\computer\share\).
+ Added 'First' only option in Replace (3).
+ Added support for replacing only First, Last, Start, End, Second, Third, Fourth,
Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth match in Replace (3).
+ Improved 'multiple replacements' algorithm for Replace (3).
+ Included 'New Name' column when using Clipboard Copy > All.
! Fixed 'Match Case' option, in Replace (3), now correctly saved to Favourite file.
! Fixed 'Drag and Drop' issue with files larger than 2GB.
! Fixed 'Item Date' display for HEIC files on Windows 10.
Download: https://www.bulkrenameutility.co.uk/Download.php