Correctif Explorer 2.00 for Win9x/Mill/Win2k

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Correctif Explorer 2.00 for Win9x/Mill/Win2k

Beitrag von MannyMuster » 02.11.01, 11:32


Auch wenn Windows2000 eigentlich nicht mehr abstürzt :-), die anderen Win9x/M-System wohl noch eher!!! ;(

When 'Explorer.exe' has crashed, and the Windows shell starts again, you can see that all the software launched at startup (represented by tray icons near the clock in the taskbar) are still running, but are not accessible any more.
Usually, only the sound volume tray icon is visible. To repair this, you must restart Windows.
But if for example, you browse the Internet, you didn't send your Email yet or save your document when you write it, your data would be lost... Thanks to the "Repair" button, you can restart Windows without restart !
Correctif Explorer searches through your startup software, if any programs are still running, it stops them and launches them again.
So you keep your network connection, and your open applications.

Directdownload hier:

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Beitrag von Ghost » 02.11.01, 16:37

Danke für den Hinweis und den Link.

Gruß Ghost