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DiskGenius Free 5.1.2.* - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 17.05.16, 17:18
von Gordon
PartitionGuru Free

bzw. neu
Best free partition manager offers an all-in-one solution for data recovery, partition management and Windows backup & restore.
1 Recover deleted, formatted, missing files and partitions from hard drive, removable drives, RAID, virtual disk, etc.
2 Reliable and versatile partition manager makes best use of disk capacity.
3 Clone and backup partition or disk by different modes to better protect data security.

Free and Effective Data Recovery Software
Eassos Recovery Free is the best free software to recover deleted files from emptied Recycle Bin, and recover lost data due to software crash, formatting, hard drive damage, virus attack, partition loss and other unknown reasons. It supports IDE, SCSI, and SATA hard disks, USB flash disk, memory cards, external hard drive, virtual disk, etc. Only a few clicks can get back all lost data!
Während sich die eigentlich Partitionsfähigkeiten auf wenige Basisc beschränken und ansonsten der kostenpflichtigen Pro-Version vorbehalten sind, so ist die kostenlose Version beim Thema Backup, Klonen und Wiederherstellung gut aufgestellt.

Re: PartitionGuru Free 4.8.0 - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 14.10.16, 1:00
von Jean
v. (gilt ggf. nur für die Pro)
Support exFAT file system, including read & write files, backup/restore/clone exFAT partition, recover lost partition, file recovery, quick partition, batch format multiple USB flash drives, etc.
Add support for viewing hard drive s.m.a.r.t information.
Sector editor adds menu item to show cluster list occupied by root directory.
File cluster list window displays file size, cluster and fragment number.
Display disk properties such as removable, read-only, SSD, etc.
Improve stability for reading or writing FAT32 partition.
Add "Apply" button to "Construct Virtual RAID" window so that program can show result in time after changing parameters.
Improved speed to read files from virtual RAID.
The main interface is able to show configuration information of virtual RAID.

Re: PartitionGuru Free 4.9.1x - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 10.11.17, 17:43
von Gordon
jetzt 4.9.5
1. [new] Support NTFS partition whose cluster is larger than 128 sectors.
2. [new] Add write support for EXT4 file system.
3. [new] Backup / restore EXT4 partition.
4. [new] Support cloning EXT4 partition.
5. [new] Support resizing EXT4 partition.
6. [new] Support recovering lost EXT4 partition.
7. [new] Add menu item to boot to PartitionGuru WinPE version.
8. [new] Support creating WinPE bootable disk.
9. [new] Menu items like "Shut down" "Restart" "Run" and "Adjust screen resolution" are abled when you run PartitionGuru WinPE version.
10. [new] Quick Partition feature can save current settings to Options.ini file as default partitioning scheme, so that it can be used automatically in future operations.

Re: PartitionGuru Free 4.9.5x - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 08.06.18, 14:26
von klodeckel
Heißt jetzt DiskGenius



Re: PartitionGuru / DiskGenius Free 4.9.6x - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 20.09.18, 17:49
von Gordon
Version: Size: 53.5MB Updated: Sep 17, 2018

Update content
Support NTFS partition whose cluster is larger than 128 sectors.
Add write support for EXT4 file system.
Backup / restore EXT4 partition.
Add menu item to boot to DiskGenius WinPE version.

UPDATE: DiskGenius Free - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 19.11.18, 14:25
von ^L^
DiskGenius Version: Updated: Oct 31, 2018
Support formatting partition to EXT2/3/4 file system.
Display 64-bit NTFS volume ID.
Add a feature to change volume serial number.

Improve file preview for text files and judge character encoding automatically.
Hex editor improves support for EXT4 file system.
Improve application stability while it is recovering files.
Improve the support for mp4 files in file recovery feature.

Fix a display error that happened when partition on FDD disk exceeded capacity.
Fix an issue that sometimes files couldn't be selected after clicking "Files" tab.

Re: DiskGenius Free 5.0.1x - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 15.01.19, 18:29
von Gordon
Backup partition, clone disk and clone partition can be performed by way of hot backup or hot migration when current system is active.
Support to clone disk or partition by way of booting to DOS or WinPE environment.
Allow users to select file system type to be recovered when recovering files.
Disk's Offline and Read-only status can be displayed in the form of text and icon in Windows 7 and higher systems.
Support to change disk's Offline and Read-only status when running in Windows7 and higher systems.
Display volume GUID path.
Support to display FAT and root directory as a file for FAT32 file system.
Recovering file by type supports RAR5 file.

Re: DiskGenius Free 5.1.0.* - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 09.04.19, 8:08
von jasonliul
Optimize the function to restore NTFS partition from image and improve restoring speed.
Optimize the speed of cloning NTFS partition.
Optimize file recovery function for NTFS partition.
Optimize file recovery function for FAT32 partition.
During creating new partition, it allows to preset formatting parameters like Cluster Size and Volume Label.
Create New Partition and Quick Partition dialog boxes automatically judge sector number required for partition alignment, and do not show sector number that does not meet alignment requirement.
Improve stability of cloning partition or disk by hot migration.
As to OEM partition on GPT disk, partition name on Disk Partition Structure area shows "OEM".
When a disk is cloned by file, the application automatically changes to by sector when encountering encrypted partition which is not decrypted.
Default settings of Quick Partition function save configurations like partition size, file system format, volume label, etc.
Add a function to optimize disk by way of TRIM technology.
The status bar shows recovery success rate reference value for current partition after File Recovery finishes scanning.
Optimize video file preview feature and prevent exceptions.

Re: DiskGenius Free 5.1.0.* - mit Schwerpunkt Backup und Wiederherstellung

Verfasst: 11.07.19, 0:33
von Jean
v. - weniger Fehler
Support modifying GUID partition parameters.
Support changing MBR signature and disk GUID.
Partition list adds Attribute tab to show partition status (hidden, active, read-only).
When backing up system partition by files, directories like "Desktop" "Music" and "Pictures" can be excluded.
Enhance operations and controls for file copy, supporting Skip, Pause and ways to handle preset errors, and supporting shutting down computer after file copy completes.
Improve the displayed content for file copy details.
Check if destination partition space is sufficient prior to copying files and give prompt if there is not enough free space.
Optimize user experience of file preview function.
Disk partition map shows "Basic" "Dynamic" and partition table type for current disk.
Enhance file recovery function for NTFS partitions.
Enhance recovery function for video format file of hard disk recorders.
Enhance the function of getting and showing disk SMART information.
Operations like format, hide partition, erase free space, restore partition, etc. are forbidden on dynamic partitions.