g4u 2.6 -> perfektes disk-cloning

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g4u 2.6 -> perfektes disk-cloning

Beitrag von boot303 » 18.10.01, 17:13


perfektes disk cloning. und open source dazu. :D

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Beitrag von Freewilli » 07.03.04, 16:28

Screenshot: http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/screenshot3-welcome.gif
History: http://www.feyrer.de/g4u/#history

-g4u ("ghost for unix")
-NetBSD-based bootfloppy/CD-ROM
-FTP-basiertes Festplatten-cloning
-keine grafische Oberfläche :cry:
-network configuration is fetched via DHCP
-Supported filesystems: all
-Supported Operating Systems: all

-1.44MB FD- oder CD-ROM-Laufwerk
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g4u 2.2 -> perfektes disk-cloning

Beitrag von DirtyDavey » 10.09.06, 15:18

Mittlerweile ist Version 2.2 aktuell.

Changelog: www.feyrer.de/g4u/#history
DL: www.feyrer.de/g4u/#reqs
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Beitrag von oliver » 23.06.07, 10:03

Version 2.3 ist aktuell.
Changes over 2.2 include updated drivers based on the latest development version of NetBSD, a complete overhaul of the build system to remove the 2.88MB size limit, and availability of contracts for technical support.
Info: Klick
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Re: g4u 2.4 -> perfektes disk-cloning

Beitrag von oliver » 20.12.10, 19:14

g4u 2.4
Major new supported device types include bluetooth keyboards and SD/MMC cards - feedback highly appreciated!
Lots of new drivers. Too many to list, please see the g4u section of my blog at http://www.feyrer.de/NetBSD/blog.html?-tags=g4u for details.
Based on the NetBSD development version from Sep 2009
Source builds native and without root privileges on NetBSD 5.0 and crossbuilds also without root privileges from Mac OS X (tested) and probably others (untested; expected: Solaris, Linux).
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Re: g4u 2.4 -> perfektes disk-cloning

Beitrag von Gordon » 09.09.18, 17:08

g4u 2.6 was released after a brief testing period. Major changes include:
Make this build with NetBSD-current sources as of 2017-04-17 (shortly before netbsd-8 release branch), binaries were cross-compiled from Mac OS X 10.10
Many new drivers, bugfixes and improvements from NetBSD-current (see beta1 and beta2 announcements)
Go back to keeping the disk image inside the kernel as ramdisk, do not load it as separate module. Less error prone, and allows to boot the g4u (NetBSD) kernel from a single file e.g. via PXE (Testing and documentation updates welcome!)
Actually DO provide the g4u (NetBSD) kernel with the embedded g4u disk image from now on, as separate file, g4u-kernel.gz
In addition to MD5, add SHA512 checksums
Happy 18th Birthday, g4u!
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