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SyncBack Free v. 9.0.8* - Backup- und Synchronisationstool

Verfasst: 16.11.03, 11:51
von taffit
Name: SyncBack
Version: 1.02
Grösse: 625 kB
Screenshot: (ist aussagekräftiger als der auf der Homepage :wink: )
SyncBack is a flexible backup and synchronization program that allows to to maintain backup copies of your files and folder, or to synchronize them, so that both locations always have a complete copy (e.g Laptop/PC). It offers different types of actions that let you choose how older and newer files are processed, which files should be excluded (by mask) and more. It offers standard file comparison based on the date and size, as well as optional MD5 checksum, which will detect even the slightest modifications to files. SyncBack can accept commandline parameters, so it can be automated via Windows Task Manager. Additional features include detailed logging, The program does not include documentation, and is more suitable for advanced users that are familiar with backup and sync procedures.

Verfasst: 22.10.04, 22:47
von Freewilli
International Downloads page:

da gibts SyncBack in folgenden Sprachen:

-Chinese Simplified
-Chinese Traditional
-Portuguese Brazilian

tja, leider kein Deutsch dabei ;(

Verfasst: 05.08.05, 10:37
von Luka
SyncBack Freeware V3.2.8.500

Spricht ab jetzt auch deutsch ... :wink:


Verfasst: 15.11.05, 18:23
von mescaline

Verfasst: 04.04.06, 13:11
von JFierce7
aktuell ist 3.2.10 -

Links für Changelog und Download unverändert

Verfasst: 06.07.06, 0:22
von JFierce7
Aktuell ist v3.2.11
Fixed: Steals focus when run from scheduler
Fixed: Buttons on Group window are now moved correctly when window is resized
Fixed: Compressing to single zip file may say file added when file did not exist

Verfasst: 02.10.06, 14:28
von JFierce7
Update auf 3.2.13
New: Norwegian translation by Kjetil Birkeland Moe
Updated: Source file is checked to see if it is locked before it is copied
Updated: Warning when configuring profile to delete files
Updated: When deleting a file on the Differences screen it goes back to the page and item instead of first page
Updated: Small user interface changes

Verfasst: 30.10.06, 18:50
von Coffins
SyncBack 3.2.14

Fixed: For some files incorrectly gave error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process."
Fixed: Norwegian release (was using IT instead of NB folder)
Updated: New icon
Updated: Minor changes in preparation for Vista
Updated: Minor user interface changess

Verfasst: 24.01.08, 8:05
von DBH64
Anmerkung zu den Eigenschaften:
  • schreibt nicht in einem Config-File (.INI, .DAT)
  • sondern schreibt in die Registry
  • ist damit -nicht- portable :(
Ansonsten: SUPER-Programm. Falls jemand eine gleichwertige portable Alternative weiß, bitte hier posten oder PN! Danke!

Verfasst: 24.01.08, 8:47
von mescaline

Verfasst: 05.02.08, 22:16
von mescaline

Verfasst: 12.02.08, 20:25
von mescaline

Verfasst: 12.08.08, 16:37
von martin10018
aktuelle Version

New: Option to ignore file date and time changes due to DST (enabled by default).
Fixed: Installer sets SyncBack installation folder permissions so files can be created and delete there, e.g. log files.

Verfasst: 29.09.08, 12:25
von dantown
Weiß jemand, ob SyncBack in der Freeware-Version VSS (Volume Shadow Service) unterstützt? Cobian Backup kann das ja, aber der kann keine Verzeichnisse kopieren, sondern nur archivieren.

Verfasst: 29.09.08, 13:43
von Jean
ich sage mal: nein.

Der Punkt versteckt sich wohl unter 'Copy open/locked (in-use) files (XP/Vista/2003/2008)'

Re: SyncBack v3.2.19 - Backup- und Synchronisationstool

Verfasst: 06.12.12, 18:11
von Gordon
neue Version 6.2, CL wenig aussagekräftig, unterstützt jetzt aber Win8
Changes in this version:
- The first official release!

Re: SyncBack Free v6.2 - Backup- und Synchronisationstool

Verfasst: 25.02.13, 22:55
von Jean
aktuell ist SyncBackFree V6.3.13.0

Updated: Progress column is not visible by default
Updated: Will not run imported profiles that are Fast Backup or SmartSync profiles
Fixed: Sometimes get access violation when importing profiles

SyncBackFree V6.2.30.0 (December 2012)

New: Wake to run option when creating and editing schedules on Vista and newer
Fixed: Was not correctly modifying profiles to remove features not supported
Fixed: Watch Programs settings corrupted if profile edited, could cause high CPU usage when profile run
Updated: If a folder or cannot be scanned because the folder cannot be accessed (apart from not existing) then now a critical error instead of non-critical
Updated: Default filters updated
Updated: Help file

Re: SyncBack Free v. - Backup- und Synchronisationstool

Verfasst: 09.05.13, 10:15
von blackcrack
um portable zu machen :

Running SyncBackSE/Pro from an external storage device
This article provides information about running SyncBack from an external storage device, e.g. USB flash memory, external hard drive, etc.

Fresh Installation / Upgrade Installation

If you want a fresh installation of SyncBack on an external device, or want to upgrade an existing installation on an external device, then simply download the "No Install" version and unzip it onto your external device (overwriting your existing files if you are upgrading). Click here to download the "No Install" version of SyncBackSE, click here to download the "No Install" version of SyncBackPro, and click here to download the "No Install" version of SyncBackFree.

(For the older V5 No Install versions click here to download the "No Install" version of SyncBackSE V5, and click here to download the "No Install" version of SyncBackPro V5. Note that technical support for V5 has officially ended. We do not guarantee to maintain these V5 links indefinitely)

Migrate Installation

If you want to migrate (or copy) an existing installation on your desktop/laptop to an external storage device:
1. Create a folder on your removable storage device, e.g. X:\SyncBack\
2. Run SyncBack on your desktop/laptop and export all your profiles (press Ctrl-A then selection Profiles -> Export Profile from the main menu).
3. Select Preferences -> Options from the main menu. Go to the Expert tab and click on the path shown in the box title Settings are stored here. This will open Windows Explorer. Copy the settings.ini file to the folder you created on your removable storage device in step 1.
4. Exit SyncBack
5. Copy the entire SyncBack folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\2BrightSparks\SyncBackSE\) to the folder on your removable storage device you created in step 1. Do not overwrite the settings.ini file you copied in step 3.
6. Run SyncBack on your removable storage device (from the folder you created in step 1).
7. Select Preferences -> Options from the main menu. Go to the Expert tab and change the Put new, imported, and copied profile settings files into... setting to Automatic or The same directory as the program. You may also want to switch off automatic profile backup or change the folder they are backed up to as appropriate. Click OK.
8. Select Preferences -> Log Settings from the main menu. You may need to change the folder the log files are stored in, e.g. store them in the folder %THISPATH% which will put them in the same folder as the executable.
9. Import the profiles you exported in step 2. Import your non-group profiles first, and import your group profiles last.

habs bei mir gemacht und arbeitet wunderbar, in der zwischenzeit schon einmal upgedatet
und arbeitet immer noch zuverlässig. ich halte damit mehrere verzeichnisse von actuell :) im grunde die ganze sub.domain mit verschiedenen verzeichnisse als gruppe.

Re: SyncBack Free v. - Backup- und Synchronisationstool

Verfasst: 25.05.13, 11:08
von blackcrack
Neuer Download :)
heute mal die version

na denn .. viel spaß !

Re: SyncBack Free v. - Backup- und Synchronisationstool

Verfasst: 19.11.13, 21:56
von Jean
aktuell ist v., v.a. weniger Fehler