Lenovo Antivirus 1.0.25 -OEM McAfee

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Lenovo Antivirus 1.0.25 -OEM McAfee

Beitrag von jasonliul » 29.08.17, 8:15

Lenovo Antivirus

Version: 1.0.25
Homepage: https://guanjia.lenovo.com.cn/shadu/
Forum: http://club.lenovo.com.cn/forum-1434-40 ... y_time-0-1
Lizenz: Freeware
Lenovo Antivirus - free, OEM McAfee engine.

1. New design of the product interface, more refreshing, simple. Cool skin effect, so you have a Variety antivirus!
2. software pop Browser pop Webpage ads Super ad blocking, help you get through!
3. Zero advertising, zero disturbance, zero stress,
4. Accurately detect all kinds of malware.
5. Based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithm killing unknown Trojans.

Function Description
Virus Trojan scanning and cleaning
Computer real-time protection
U disk protection
Attachment file protection
Network file protection
Analysis of virus behavior
Malicious program detection

Warning: im not sure it will auto choose English UI, maybe needs some trick.
Tips: Lenovo never changed a single word, so maybe use language file from same version McAfee Antivirus,
someone can make a German UI, wirhout difficult.
Fortuna fortes juvat.