KAPE WinPE Builder 3.0 Build 147 -> GUI für Windows PE (WIM - Bearbeitung)

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KAPE WinPE Builder 3.0 Build 147 -> GUI für Windows PE (WIM - Bearbeitung)

Beitrag von @thehop » 09.10.11, 15:41

KAPE WinPE Builder 3.0 build 147 (c) 2009-2011 Firesage Solutions @ USA

HP: http://firesage.com/kape.php
DL: http://firesage.com/dodownload.php

SS: http://firesage.com/screenshot/kape1.png
REFERENCE: http://firesage.com/kape.php#ui-tabs-1

FORUM: http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=23832

KWPB soll die Erstellung von Windows Vista, 7 Pre Install CD /DVD vereinfachen.
With the release of WinPE 2.x, Microsoft introduced a new method of distributing WinPE,
namely using pre-built Wim files included with the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK).
In order to build a new WinPE environment with this method the user must typically utilize a set of command line utilities
and scripts from the WAIK, which can often be an arduous or confusing process to manage. KAPE was created to simplify this process,
starting with the origination of the WinPE project through the creation of the final WinPE ISO.

KAPE supports operating under all Windows operating systems starting with Windows XP.
All versions of the Windows AIK are supported, including Windows Vista/2008 and Windows 7 versions.

KAPE provides for the creation of a new WinPE project, enables automatic mounting/unmounting of .wim files,
and includes functionality such as injecting Windows drivers and modifying the installed WinPE packages.
Please see the reference tab for details.
Ergänzendes Add-On Tool ...
Bootsage Flash Builder http://firesage.com/bootsage.php

Since the release of Windows 7 and the new Windows AIK, there has been a great deal of interest in booting and installing
these environments from USB devices and flash media. Additionally, with the steady increase in Netbook popularity,
many users have experienced difficulties trying to operate or install software without a CD/DVD drive.

BootSage has been designed to help overcome these problems by creating a bootable Windows 7 installation flash drive,
or a WinPE bootable environment from a single, simple to use interface.
PS: Vom selben Anbieter kommt auch der MBRWizard (EFB-Suche)

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