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Größe: 7 MB
Homepage: http://sourceforge.net/projects/grub2win/
Lizenz: GNU GPL
Safely dual boot Windows and Linux without touching the Windows MBR.

Grub2Win installs to Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, 2000 or Vista. It boots native, open source GNU grub version 2.00 code. Everything is contained in one 7 MB directory on your Windows C: drive.

The simple Windows GUI and instructions will help you get Grub booting quickly and safely. Messages and help can be displayed in your native language.

You can select from a nearly unlimited number of OS choices at boot time. Samples for Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, Mint, Free BSD and Windows are included.

Grub2Win comes with several graphic themes that include boot time animation and scroll bar OS selection.

Mit Grub2win kann man das Bootmenü unter Windows so anpassen, dass anschließend ohne Änderung des MBR verschiedene Linux-Systeme gebootet werden können. Im Prinzip ist Grub2win ein unter Windows laufendes GUI für Grub2 (EFB-Suche)

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BeitragVerfasst: 26.06.15, 17:47 

Registriert: 07.12.03, 4:54
Aktuelle Versionen vom 24.06 2015, eine UEFI Variante ist dazugekommen ...
** New - EFI boot support **
** Go to the "Files" tab and download grub2win.efi.beta.zip **

For MBR/BIOS systems, download the older grub2win.zip

Current - Version 6.0.2 June 24, 2015
*** Note: Grub2Win EFI is beta software!!
*** Be careful and make sure you have good backups of your data
*** Please let me know if you encounter any problems
*** via the SourceForge discussion board for Grub2Win
Fixed a few minor bugs in the GUI.

Version 6.0.1 June 23, 2015
Grub2Win EFI is a new version to support Windows PC's running in EFI mode.
It is a complete re-write of the old Grub2Win MBR code.
The boot process for EFI is quite different from past releases,
so I have split the product into EFI and MBR versions.
You should download the version that suits your machine.
Although the Grub2Win EFI screens look similar to the MBR screens,
many changes were made within the code to support EFI.

Notes: You need to be running a 64 bit version of Windows to use Grub2Win EFI.

You must disable "Secure Boot" in your EFI firmware.
This is required to run a "Non-Microsoft" boot manager like Grub2Win EFI.
Support for Windows XP was removed since XP does not support EFI boot mode.
XP support remains in the older non-beta Grub2Win version.

DL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/grub2win/files

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Registriert: 28.10.09, 3:08

**Current** Version 9.5.0 May 26, 2017
Cleaned up the few remaining issues I know of.
These were very minor glitches in the GUI and themes.

Version 9.4.9 May 25, 2017
Corrected a problem in the setup routine.
This bug caused setup to fail with an incorrect
overwrite error, in certain very specific situations.

Version 9.4.8 May 24, 2017

Fixed a couple of minor glitches in the GUI.

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Registriert: 22.07.03, 8:55
Aktuelle Version - nun mit autoupdate.
Bei der Versionsvielfalt vielleicht gar nicht mal so schlecht....

**Current**  Version   July 3, 2017

   If you click the new Upgrade Grub2Win button, the
   update routine will now automatically download the
   latest Grub2Win install file from SourceForge.
   It will then unzip the file and start the setup program.

Version   July 1, 2017
   Minor enhancements to the version update routines.
   Added a button to download the latest Grub2Win release.
Version   June 29, 2017
   Fixed an error with the new four digit version numbers.
Version   June 28, 2017
   The Grub2Win version numbers now have 4 digits instead of 3 digits.
   Starting with this version "".
   The Older 3 digit versions have been expanded by adding
   a "0." to the front.
Version   June 26, 2017
   Enhanced the EFI partition scan routines.
   The update log will now scroll instead of overflowing the screen.
   Minor updates to the GUI and help files.
Version   June 19, 2017
   Microsoft does not allow EFI partitions to reside on removable media such as
   flash drives or SD memory cards.
   Grub2Win encounters serious errors when attempting to update EFI partitions
   on removable disks.
   Grub2Win now checks each disk to see if it is removable.
   It will now skip removable disks when updating the EFI modules.
Version   June 18, 2017
   Cleaned up obsolete compatibility code that has not been
   used for at least one year.
   Minor updates to the update reminder routines and help files.

Version   June 15, 2017
   Minor updates to the GUI.
Version   June 12, 2017
   Grub2Win will now remind you to check for updates every 30 days after it is installed.
   Using the GUI, the update reminder can be disabled, or set to 30, 60 or 90 days.
   A button has been added to the main configuration screen
   to manually check for updates.
Version   June 9, 2017
   Minor fixes and enhancements to the GUI and help files.

Version   June 6, 2017
   Grub2Win now ensures that the main directory (usually C:\grub2) is not compressed at setup time.
   If the main directory is ever compressed, you will be given the option to
   have the program de-compress the directory and restart.
Version   June 5, 2017
   The BIOS and EFI boot modules have been updated to handle NTFS compression in most cases.
   NTFS compression can still cause minor boot time errors in GNU Grub, so it is not recommended.
   Grub2Win now checks whether the main directory (usually C:\grub2) is compressed.
   If it finds the directory is compressed, a warning message is issued that
   shows the command needed to uncompress the directory.
   EFI users - your EFI modules will be updated to level 125.
Version   May 26, 2017



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BeitragVerfasst: 08.11.17, 17:00 

Registriert: 06.01.02, 18:46
Version November 7, 2017

Completely re-wrote the BCD and disk partition scans
to avoid difficulties with different Windows system languages.

Added a disk and partition report to the diagnostics routines.

Many changes and enhancements to facilitate language independence.

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BeitragVerfasst: 07.01.18, 8:07 

Registriert: 13.05.12, 10:16
Version January 5, 2018

-Enhanced the version update and download routines in Grub2Win.
-This should make the update process more reliable.

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BeitragVerfasst: 09.01.18, 5:56 

Registriert: 13.05.12, 10:16
Version January 7, 2018

-Corrected a problem that prevented "gfxpayload=any" from being set.
-Minor updates to the GUI.

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BeitragVerfasst: 22.02.18, 13:30 

Registriert: 13.05.12, 10:16

Minor updates to the installation GUI.

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BeitragVerfasst: 12.03.18, 7:29 

Registriert: 13.05.12, 10:16
Version March 11, 2018

- Enhancements and fixes to the disk report utility.
- Added Windows uptime to the System Info display.

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BeitragVerfasst: 18.03.18, 17:24 

Registriert: 13.05.12, 10:16
Version March 17, 2018

Enhancements to the Grub boot time utilities.

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