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Registriert: 15.10.16, 23:45
v 3.6.3
Added transparency on hover to color legend.
Changed "Startup" column to show "Yes" even if startup entries are disabled.
Imported ObjectListView source code to fix performance issues.
Improved scrolling performance by removing unnecessary checks.
Improved speed of drawing the application list.
Improved speed of detecting uninstaller types (faster startup).
Fixed excessive CPU use when mouse is hovering over the application list.
Fixed color legend destroying list scrolling performance.
Fixed RegistryValueJunkNode backup failing if value name has a dot in its name.
Fixed searching for CLSID registry junk taking forever.
Fixed shortcuts of applications installed in same directory being wrongly detected as junk.
Fixed portable version leaving behind .log files.
Fixed rare DisposedException when closing BCU during certificate status update.

Fortuna fortes juvat.

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BeitragVerfasst: 03.02.17, 17:19 

Registriert: 06.01.02, 18:46
Härter, besser, schneller, stärker ?( - achso es geht um eine neue Version 3.7 dieses Tools


Main application

Rewrite of application detection: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
Automatically detect where user installs apps, and look for orphans there.
Improved detection of missing app information.
UI is no longer blocked during loading: Can be dragged and is more stable.
Improved error handling in multiple locations.
Changed closed process detection too treat access denied as closed process.
Added checks to prevent unnecessary exceptions.
Removed some unnecessary file accesses.
Fixed automatization settings not being honored.
Fixed some directories not being blacklisted properly.
Fixed first start dialog not showing on top properly, and removed ability to maximize it.

Added options to not install extra languages to the installer.
Added option to show readme to installer.
Changed app name to BCUninstaller
Only copy CleanLogs.bat during portable install.

Am Ende wird alles gut und wenn es noch nicht gut ist, ist es nicht das Ende.

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BeitragVerfasst: 14.02.17, 17:16 

Registriert: 15.10.16, 23:45
v 3.7.2
Added "Run..." context menu.
Added "win32" and "win64" to binary directory names.
Added update to Slovenian translation by Jadran Rudec.
Updated Polish translation.
Improved detection of program files directories during drive search.
Fixed disposed exception when starting _listLegendWindow.Show and main window is gone.
Fixed color legend ignoring the show legend setting.
Fixed rare crashes when trying to get icons.
Fixed icons not being populated in rare cases.
Fixed crash when trying to rename entries under insufficient permissions.
Fixed list refresh being closed twice when user times closing of main window, causing object disposed exceptions.
Fixed some install locations and other paths being fully in lowercase.
Fixed re-searching directories for applications in rare cases.

Fortuna fortes juvat.

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BeitragVerfasst: 29.03.17, 5:22 

Registriert: 15.10.16, 23:45
v 3.8
Added detailed progress to list load and junk search.
Added option to submit errors via NBug in soft crash box.
Added registry junk scan in \EventLog\Application.
Added registry junk scan in \Installer\Folders.
Changed naming from "orphaned" to "unregistered".
Fixed NSIS automatizer hanging on some uninstallers with non-standard button IDs.
Fixed NSIS automatizer pressing wrong buttons if they are focused by default.
Fixed crash in ScanAudioPolicyConfig if Uninstaller.InstallLocation isn't rooted.
Fixed possible object disposed exception in InitiateListRefresh.
Fixed rare crash when redrawing the application list.
Fixed some grammar problems in readme.
Misc code refactoring and cleanup.
Updated TaskScheduler and Castle.Core packages.

Fortuna fortes juvat.

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BeitragVerfasst: 21.04.17, 6:43 

Registriert: 15.10.16, 23:45
v 3.8.1
Added new and improved InnoSetup quiet uninstall generation.
Added Windows Update detection and parsing.
Added "View Updates" menu item.
Added update to hungarian translation by Phoenix.
Added better icons to misc executables.
Added verbose error messages to some misc executables.
Added InvalidArgument return code to SteamHelper.
Added VirtualStore to junk search locations.
Speedup of junk scan; Improved NsisQuietUninstallStringGenerator speed.
Updated readme to add info about new command line arguments.
Updated Polish translation.
Changed "Uninstall manually" to be disabled if it has no chance to find anything.
Changed junk search progress to show first application name if there are more than 1.
Changed LoadingDialog to not be TopMost when started with ShowDialog.
Fixed dialog boxes sometimes showing behind other windows.
Fixed rare access denied crash when saving registry backup.
Fixed UnauthorizedAccessException when searching for junk in WER\ReportArchive.
Fixed advanced clipboard copy window icon missing.
Fixed automatic layout being broken in places for some translations.
Fixed CommonStrings translations not being used and other misc translation fixes.
Fixed feedback window UI flow.

Fortuna fortes juvat.

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