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Version 1.21 ist jetzt freigegeben.

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Changes between 1.21 and 1.22 (30 March 2018) :
- All OSs:
* SIMD speed optimization for Kuznyechik cipher implementation (up to 2x speedup).
* Add 5 new cascades of cipher algorithms (Camellia-Kuznyechik, Camellia-Serpent, Kuznyechik-AES, Kuznyechik-Serpent-Camellia and Kuznyechik-Twofish).
- Windows:
* MBR Bootloader: Fix failure to boot hidden OS on some machines.
* MBR Bootloader: Reduce CPU usage during password prompt.
* Security enhancement: Add option to block TRIM command for system encryption on SSD drives.
* Implement TRIM support for non-system SSD drives and add option to enable it (TRIM is disabled by default for non-system volumes).
* Better fix for "Parameter Incorrect" issues during EFI system encryption in some machines.
* Driver: remove unnecessary dependency to wcsstr which can cause issues on some machines.
* Driver: Fix "Incorrect Parameter" error when mounting volumes on some machines.
* Fix failure to mount system favorites during boot on some machines.
* Fix current application losing focus when VeraCrypt is run in command line with /quit /silent switches.
* Fix some cases of external applications freezing during mount/dismount.
* Fix rare cases of secure desktop for password dialog not visible which caused UI to block.
* Update libzip to version 1.5.0 that include fixes for some security issues.
* Extend Secure Desktop feature to smart card PIN entry dialog
* Fix truncated license text in installer wizard.
* Add portable package that allows extracting binaries without asking for admin privileges.
* Simplify format of language XML files.
* Workaround for cases where password dialog doesn't get keyboard focus if Secure Desktop is not enabled.
- Linux:
* Fix failure to install GUI version under recent versions of KDE.
* Fix wxWidgets assertion failed when backing up/restoring volume header.
- MacOSX:
* Fix issue preventing some local help files from opening in the browser.

DL: https://sourceforge.net/projects/veracr ... pt%201.22/

HP: https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/Home.html

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