BCArchive 2.07.* - Dateien/Ordner verschlüsseln

Programme, um Daten zu verschlüsseln, den Zugang zum PC zu verhindern, etc.

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BCArchive 2.07.* - Dateien/Ordner verschlüsseln

Beitrag von Zocko » 01.11.04, 10:36

Name: BCArchive
Grösse: 2,4 MB
Homepage: http://www.jetico.com/
Downloadlink: http://www.jetico.com/bcarchive.exe
Standalone? Nein

Sehr nettes Verschlüsselungsprogramm, es nistet sich ins Kontextmenü ein und es lassen sich Dateien wie auch Ordner verschlüsseln. Es stehen verschiedene Verschlüsselungsmethoden zur Auswahl, die Daten können auch zusätzlich komprimiert werden.
Interessant ist das Feature Public- und Securekeys zu erzeugen und zu verwalten. Alles in allem macht das Programm einen brauchbaren Eindruck, wollen wir mal hoffen, daß es nicht irgendwann in Shareware umgewandelt wird.

The BCArchive software is designed to compress group of files/folders to encrypted archive (i.e. to a single compressed file). Please read about the tasks BCArchive helps to solve in the section When BCArchive can be of use to you and about short list of BCArchive functions as well as about supported standards and specifications in the BCArchive characteristics section.

When BCArchive can be of use to you.

There are many compressing utilities well known in the world (Zip, Arj, RAR and others) and they are really helpful in saving space on hard drives. From the other hand, in many cases the data we compress is private. The question of privacy arises even more when we send the compressed data over insecure Internet connections.

Fortunately strong encryption algorithms and technologies may help people to keep their private data in a secure form. The encryption technologies may help and they really help when people can use the technology for a concrete case with a tool, which:

a) is the most suitable for a concrete task;
b) all the steps in securing data use standard (and proven as strong) algorithms;
c) risk of improper use of encryption by not experienced people is minimal.

For example, you may wish to create compressed and encrypted archive and store it as a backup copy on your hard drive. In this case the only you need is to enter a password for the archive when you create it and enter the same password when you want to decrypt and extract the data from the archive. Looks simple and does not require special knowledge in encryption from the user. But the encrypting part of the software must use strong algorithms, for example, IDEA or Blowfish encryption algorithms and PKCS #5 standard for derivation encryption key from the password string. In other case it is possible that the encrypted archive can be easily decrypted by some freeware utility.

If you wish to create encrypted archive and send it to another user, you may use more advanced technology, based on public/secret key pair encryption algorithm. In this case you don't need in telling the other user the password for the encrypted archive. You simply encrypt the archive file with a public key of the user who is going to receive the file. Public key of the user is not a secret and can be sent to you in any way. At the same time the user keeps a secret key, correspondent to the public key, in a very safe place. Once you have encrypted the archive file with a public key, the file can be decrypted only by correspondent secret key. Hence, only your recipient can decrypt the archive file you send to him, because noone else knows his/her secret key. This technology is used in widely known Pretty Good Privacy software (PGP) and a number of specifications and standards were issued to make using the technology as secure as possible.


Public/secret key algorithms are very convenient, because you do not need to discuss with your recipient what password you are going to use for encrypting the data. But you still need your recipient have the same software installed on his/her computer to be able to decrypt the data you send. It is not very convenient in many cases to ask your recipient to install something before he/she starts to access the data. Solution for the case exists - you can create so-called self-extracted archive. It means that you not only compress and encrypt the data to a single archive file, but also convert the file to an executable program. Later you or your recipient can run the program on computer without any special software installed and get the data extracted.

BCArchive characteristics.

The BCArchive software helps to solve the tasks discussed in the chapter When BCArchive can be of use to you above. The software allows the user:

* Create compressed and encrypted archive file protected by password.
* Create compressed and encrypted archive file encrypted by public key of another user.
* Add a number of passwords to existing archive file.
* Add a number of public keys to existing archive file so that a number of users can decrypt the archive.
* Generate new or use existing secret/public key pairs in PKCS-12/X.509 format.
* Compress and encrypt data to self-extracted executable program. The user can run the program on computer where BCArchive is not installed and get the data extracted.

BCArchive utilizes the following encryption algorithms, standards and specifications:

* Symmetric algorithms: Blowfish, IDEA, Triple-DES and CAST5.
* Secure Hash Algorithms: SHA-1, MD5 and RIPEMD-160.
* Asymmetric (public/secret key pair) algorithms: RSA, ElGamal / Diffie-Hellman.
* Specifications for public/secret key pair format: PKCS #12, X.509.
* PKCS #5 (recommendations for the implementation of password-based cryptography).
* RFC 2440 specifications for session keys encrypted by symmetric or public key encryption algorithms.

Since BCArchive is compatible with many well-known standards and specifications, the software allows using existing public key databases created for years widely in the world, for example, the keys created for the PGP software.
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Beitrag von Zocko » 09.08.05, 14:17

Aktuell ist 1.06
BCArchive version 1.04 . Problem of opening large archives (more than 32 GB) is solved. (20-April-2005).

BCArchive version 1.05. Support of the latest definitions for AES encryption algorithm in PGP is added. For compatibility with PGP, BCArchive performs checking of decrypted PGP secret keys using SHA-1 hash algorithm together with earlier standardized MPI checksum. (02-June-2005).

BCArchive version 1.06. BCArchive now supports Windows XP 64-bit Edition. (01-July-2005).
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Beitrag von Dr.Solar » 01.07.07, 1:06

:ansage: BCArchive version 1.08.3

9. BCArchive version 1.08. Procedure of recovering damaged archives redesigned and enhanced. Since it starts working for containers created by version 1.08+ of the software, it is recommended to move data from earlier created archive files to archives created by the latest version. BCArchive distributive now contains support of German language. (05-April-2007).

10. BCArchive version 1.08.1. New functionality added: the user can run BCArchive with command-line parameters to create and send encrypted archive using a public key of a single user or even several users. The functionality can be useful for creating automatic tasks when BCArchive encrypts (and optionally sends) data without requiring additional operations. (13-April-2007).

11. BCArchive version 1.08.3. New Synchronization function allows the user to keep a copy of folder in encrypted archive and synchronize contents of the archive and the folder. Added new "Change temporary folder" command to allow the user choosing a folder for temporary extracted files. Problem of encrypting data by public key solved. (24-April-2007).

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Beitrag von catman » 27.10.07, 15:30

BCArchive 1.08.7 (26.10.2007)
- BCArchive version 1.08.7. The software is translated to Arabic and Russian languages. (26-October-2007).
- BCArchive version 1.08.6. German help file added. Minor improvements. (17-July-2007).

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Beitrag von catman » 06.07.08, 13:42

BCArchive 2.00.4 (23.06.2008)
Turkish translation is available. Minor bugs fixed.
10-April-2008 | v.2.00.2.
An error fixed in BCArchive working on Windows NT.
31-March-2008 | v.2.00.1.
Serpent encryption algorithm added.
26-March-2008 | v.2.0
New features:
Ability to open several files simultaneously.
BCArchive now allows users to choose commands for Windows Shell popup menu.
If BCArchive is installed as a part of BestCrypt, Keyboard Filter works for BCArchive 'Enter password' boxes.
16-November-2007 | v.1.08.8.
Error in iteration counter fixed. Arabic translation updated.

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Beitrag von turbofahrer » 25.09.08, 23:18

.... BCArchive 2.01 wurde seit 01.09.2008 zur Shareware. Somit wird dieser Thread sicher geschlossen.

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Re: BCArchive 2.00.4 - Dateien/Ordner verschlüsseln

Beitrag von UPieper » 21.12.14, 10:50

BCArchive ist mittlerweile bei Version 2.06.3 angelangt und ist FREEWARE:


http://www.jetico.com/products/free-sec ... /bcarchive



BCArchive kann über das Explorer (oder TC) Kontextmenü aufgerufen werden. Sehr praktisch....

PS: Bei der Installation wird auch Textencode zum Verschlüsseln von Texten mitinstalliert.

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Re: BCArchive 2.06.3 - Dateien/Ordner verschlüsseln

Beitrag von Gordon » 12.10.17, 19:35

Während sich Viren leicht in schwachen Körpern ausbreiten, passiert dasselbe mit Verschwörungstheorien bei schwachen Geistern, insbesondere wenn Antikörper in Form von Bildung fehlen.

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Re: BCArchive 2.07.5 - Dateien/Ordner verschlüsseln

Beitrag von klodeckel » 26.01.18, 17:53

Ein häufiger Fehler den Leute machen, wenn sie etwas völlig Narrensicheres erfinden wollen, ist den Einfallsreichtum kompletter Narren zu unterschätzen.

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Re: BCArchive 2.07.* - Dateien/Ordner verschlüsseln

Beitrag von Gordon » 14.07.19, 16:33

12-July-2019 | v.

Improved procedure of public/secret key pair creation in BC Key Manager
Während sich Viren leicht in schwachen Körpern ausbreiten, passiert dasselbe mit Verschwörungstheorien bei schwachen Geistern, insbesondere wenn Antikörper in Form von Bildung fehlen.