Computer Sound Security System

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Computer Sound Security System

Beitrag von MannyMuster » 12.11.01, 15:28

The CSSS program – Computer Sound
Security System. The principle of action bases on microphone (microphones) real time survey and highly intellectual analysis of coming signals on the basis of special algorithms, and if it is necessary–calling you by modem (phone).

There is a function of
scaring away, with the help of sound files playback (siren), and also recording of a sound on the disk. In case of voice modem usage, there is a possibility of listening of a guarded room by telephone.

-availability to determine the movement in a room by change of a sound background - pickup.
-Dialing  1-5 telephone numbers in case of pickup.
-Silent dialing.
-There is a function of scaring, with the help of computer speakers by different sounds (siren) in the definite order.
-Possibility of room sound examination of entering bells (only voice modems), permanently or just after
-Dialing unit.
-All sounds are adjusted by the user
-Recording of a sound on the disk in case of system alarm (from 1 minute till 1 hour).
-The infinite amount of digits in number (set by user)
-Possibility to call to mobile telephones, long-distance telephony (including international), use of pause at dialing.
-Monitoring of ‘busy’- signal


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