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HDHacker 1.4 (Autor: Dimitrios Coutsoumbas aka Dimio - ITALY)

DD: Apr 2008 - entpackt ca. 32 KB - Multilingual - Standalone (.zip) - Donationware
OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/VISTA

HP: http://dimio.altervista.org/eng
DL: http://dimio.altervista.org/stats/download.php?id=6

SS: http://f.imagehost.org/0901/hdhacker.png

HDHacker is a stand-alone micro-utility that saves, visualizes, and restores the MBR (from a physical drive),
the BootSector (from a logical drive) or any specified sector from any disk (even removable disks).

HDHacker can be used, for example, to save and restore a particular boot manager (such as LILO,
for example) before a new Windows setup (which, obviously, overwrites it).

An MBR and BootSector backup can also be useful for simple precautionary purposes too,
since sometimes viruses or other OS setup (like Linux) could overwrite and/or alter the MBR/Boot Sectors,
making it impossible to start up previous OS and/or access datas stored on the disk. HDHacker can provide
"insurance" against all these types of loss.

HDHacker interface can be translated in several languages:
Italian (By Andrea Pattaro) http://dimio.altervista.org/stats/download.php?id=38
French (By Gauthier MAS) http://dimio.altervista.org/stats/download.php?id=39
Spanish (By Jose Franco) http://dimio.altervista.org/stats/download.php?id=40
German (By Kurt Lettmaier) http://dimio.altervista.org/stats/download.php?id=44

TIPP: Ähnlich DiamondCS Boot Sector Explorer (GUI) http://tds.diamondcs.com.au/freeutiliti ... plorer.php (25 KB)
Tools mit erweiterten Optionen MBRtool (EFB-Suche) (GUI) MBRfix (EFB-Suche) (CMD)

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hat gerade Version 1.6.1 erreicht

Keine gute Tat bleibt ungestraft.

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