HWINFO64 v. 7.26 - Systeminformationen

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Re: HWINFO64 v. 7.24 - Systeminformationen

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v. 7.26
Improved support of Intel Arc GPUs.
Added several new GPU models.
Enhanced sensor monitoring on ASUS CROSSHAIR X670E and STRIX X670E series.
Reduced minimum sensor polling period to 20 ms.
Added monitoring of Thermal Limit percentage for AMD Zen.
Fixed missing CPU Utility and GPU D3D Usage on some non-English Windows systems.
Enhanced sensor monitoring on MSI H610M series.
Added NVIDIA RTX A500, A1000, A2000 8GB, A3000 12GB, A4500, A5500 Laptop.
Added NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 OEM, GeForce MX570 A.
Improved support of AMD Genoa, Bergamo, MI300 (A/C).
Added preliminary support of AMD Turin, Strix Point, Granite Ridge.
Improved support of Intel Sapphire Rapids.
Improved reporting of memory clock on AMD Cezanne and later APUs.