Rufus v. 3.8 - Formating/Creating bootable USB drives the easy way

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Re: Rufus v. 3.6 - Formating/Creating bootable USB drives the easy way

Beitrag von klodeckel » 19.07.19, 7:28

Version 3.6 (2019.07.18)

Add support for persistent partitions [EXPERIMENTAL]
(Note: The above won't work with Ubuntu until Ubuntu bug #1489855 is properly fixed)
Add a mode to use VDS when partitioning/formatting (Alt-V) [EXPERIMENTAL]
Add full extraction support for efi.img (Solus)
Fix listing of potentially blocking processes
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Re: Rufus v. 3.6 - Formating/Creating bootable USB drives the easy way

Beitrag von Gordon » 09.09.19, 20:04

Version 3.7 (2019.09.09)
Finalize persistent partition support for Debian and Ubuntu:
Debian with persistence should work out of the box with any recent Debian Live ISO.
Ubuntu with persistence should also work IF using a post 2019.08.01 ISO (such as daily-live).
Note that, because of bug #1489855, trying to use persistence with Ubuntu ISOs that were released before August 2019 will only result in rescue mode during boot - You have been warned!
Other distros may work with persistence as long as they use a Debian-like or Ubuntu-like method, and, in the case of Ubuntu-like, if they use casper with the #1489855 bugfix.
Add cheat mode (Alt) to switch between percent/speed/ETA on some operations [EXPERIMENTAL]
Report SuperSpeed+ devices in the log (Come on USB-IF, just add "Ludicrous Speed" already!)
Fix UI checkboxes (Extended label, Fixes for old BIOSes) being cleared on START
Fix Can't mount GUID volume regression when creating Windows To Go drives
Fix Volume label is invalid error with empty labels on Windows 7
Fix stale progress bar during standalone ext2/ext3 formatting
Fix an extraction failure with R-Drive Image bootable ISOs
Disable ISO mode for Pop!_OS
Other cosmetic and internal improvements
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Re: Rufus v. 3.7 - Formating/Creating bootable USB drives the easy way

Beitrag von Jean » 17.09.19, 0:25

v. 3.8 - fixt Fehler
Fix regression where some ISOs (Debian) would produce a Syslinux error when booting in BIOS mode
Fix potential 0xC0030057 errors when trying to create a persistent partitions on a non-FIXED drive