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SyMenu v. 6.0.x - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 01.04.16, 0:54
von Jean
SyMenu ist ein kleiner Programmstarter, der 600 Programme von ".net Version Detector" bis "zBack"
mitbringt, sich aber auch mit den Tools von Nirsoft und Sysinternals erweitern läßt. Das ganze
Gewimmel kann dann über eine indizierte Suche erschlossen werden, die Tools können mit verschiedenen
Rechten gestartete werden ... und nun ist Ende, weil ich das alles schon zum zweiten Mal schreibe.

mehrsprachige Freeware, w2000 - w8

Re: SyMenu v. 5.01.59911 - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 20.04.16, 23:33
von Jean
v. 5.0.2
The search bar has evolved: now it is able to search inside the items description too. With the search inside the description mode, you can specify more than one word or portion of word and every chunk will be search in AND
SPS Manager: you can execute or open the container folder of the currently focused item with a right mouse click on the program list

Re: SyMenu v. 5.02.x - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 20.03.17, 9:27
von jasonliul
v 5.10.6288
The unlinked items are now shown with an overlay on their icons directly in the context menu
The links to folders now are shown in the contextual menu linked folder
The csv report available in Configuration - Advanced - Options- tab System - button Full list is now well formatted
SPS Manager - It is possible to stop the monitoring of every single SPS suite
SPS Manager - Exe parameters added
SPS Manager - A clean update is now reported

Re: SyMenu v. 5.10.x - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 22.04.18, 7:25
von klodeckel

Re: SyMenu v. 6.0.x - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 15.05.18, 7:02
von klodeckel
Version 6.04.6708

Version 6.04.6708 [2018.05.14]
Bug Fix
Version 6.04.6685 [2018.04.21]
The new extended menu extends every item with all the compatible action modifiers and, some of them, with the new delete action
The shift button disables the autoexec on exit only when the Exit is selected
The maximum number of native items shown on the search menu is now 25
The search menu is resized according with the parent size
Fix - The right button on a final item doesn't close the entire menu anymore

Re: SyMenu v. 6.0.x - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 31.05.18, 12:32
von klodeckel

Re: SyMenu v. 6.05.6775 - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 21.07.18, 6:56
von klodeckel
Version 6.05.6775 [2018.07.20]

New material design
The SyMenu CMD shell is finally removed
The visit changelog invitation has been removed
The Russian language has been added again
Fix - The floating button can be located partially off screen and it doesn't reset it position anymore
Fix - Now the csv report supports new lines and double quotes (released with 604b)

Re: SyMenu v. 6.06.6896 - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 18.11.18, 15:37
von klodeckel
Version 6.06.6896 [2018.11.18]
All the forms and graphical elements are now dpi zoom indipendent
Top most window for the separate launchers
Fix - Now the SPS batch installing can be forcibly stopped

Re: SyMenu v. 6.07.6972 - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 02.02.19, 13:31
von klodeckel
Version 6.07.6972 [2019.02.02]
Breaking change on the customizable menu structure: the Host programs item is now separated from MyComputer item
The program logging activity is now on SQLite
The item execution can be logged on SQLite
An already updated program can be forced to update itself again. It works with autoupdatable programs too (0.00)
In the configuration form the cursors keys with the SHIFT modifier are able to move the items up, down, up level, and inside the very next folder
The item cloning available in the configuration form with drag & drop, can now be done with the special context menu entry too
The Visit web site link in configuration form is now a button
Fix - Deleting an item that is sharing its program icon with another item, doesn't remove the icon file anymore
Fix - The item description textbox in configuration form now selects all its text on enter as the other textboxes

Re: SyMenu v. 6.08.7095 - portabler Programm-Starter

Verfasst: 12.06.19, 9:56
von klodeckel
Version 6.08.7095

When some SPS programs are outdated, SyMenu alerts the user directly from the contextual menu
The report has been included and published for the SyMenu suite applications
An SPS program flagged as auto update, is highlight with a new banner AUT when its definition is just updated
Alert for massive program installation under the SyMenu root to avoid performance issues
The two options to install under the suite named folder have been removed
Custom tooltip duration can be set directly in the configuration file
Fix for occasional failure on SSL handshake
7zip new version