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Re: Clip Angel 1.81 - leistungsstarker Clipboard-Manager

Verfasst: 02.06.19, 7:27
von klodeckel

1. Removed execution "Delete clip" command when pressing Delete key in clip text field

Re: Clip Angel 1.81 - leistungsstarker Clipboard-Manager

Verfasst: 20.07.19, 14:56
von Gordon
1. Fixed deleting clip when pressing DELETE key in clip editing mode.
2. Possibly solved problem of rare high cpu load after pasting to elevated window from non-elevated process.
3. Added processing of rare errors in changing encryption mode of database file.
4. Fixed rare error when closing program window.

Re: Clip Angel 1.83 - leistungsstarker Clipboard-Manager

Verfasst: 06.08.19, 7:22
von klodeckel

1. Das stille Beenden des Programms beim Aktivieren einiger HTML-Clips mit nativer Formatierung wurde korrigiert.
2. Fehler beim Aktivieren von FILE-Clip mit einigen seltenen Zeichen behoben

Re: Clip Angel 1.83 - leistungsstarker Clipboard-Manager

Verfasst: 15.03.20, 19:01
von Gordon
1. "Open favorite clips" command now resets remaining filters

1. Setting "Delimiter for text join"
2. Shortcut for "Join text of clips" command

Re: Clip Angel 1.88 - leistungsstarker Clipboard-Manager

Verfasst: 05.04.20, 13:03
von klodeckel

1. Command "Simulate char input" for clips less than 100 characters now makes short random delays before sending each character

1. Removed reseting filter by marks when opening window with hotkey to open window with no changes

Re: Clip Angel 1.91 - leistungsstarker Clipboard-Manager

Verfasst: 05.09.20, 15:37
von JohnDoe
v1.91 (2020-09-05)
v1.91 (2020-09-05)
Task Improved support for "1ะก 7.7" application in syntax highlighting
Task In "Settings" window section "Hotkeys" renamed to "Global hotkeys"
Bug Added translation for confirmation question before selected clips deletion
Bug Fixed loading data of active row when row is activated by right click
Bug Fixed navigation order by TAB key in "Paste special" window
Bug Paste into elevated window now restored after was broken in 1.8X version
Bug When filter gives 0 rows - Clip panel now shows empty clip text but earlier it showed last shown clip data

v1.90 (2020-07-04)
1. "Delete Al non favorite" command is assigned to keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + K
2. When applying settings, changes to Windows registry startup key of program are now performed only if they are necessary
3. Added a way to switch program to portable mode by presence of flag file "PortableMode.txt" in program directory. This information is included in Readme.txt.

1. In "Paste Special" window fixed operation of checkbox "Normalize "End of line" symbols"
2. "Decode URL" command no longer creates new clip if decoding has not changed text
3. Fixed error of "Move Up" command on uppest clip and "Move Down" on lowest clip

v1.89 (2020-05-05)
1. Command "Insert with parameters" is assigned key combination CTRL + P
2. Window "Paste special" now remembers settings and performs OK by pressing ENTER key
3. Added setting "Don's send paste to target window"
4. Added command "Decode URL"
5. After executing commands "Combine Texts" and "Decode URL", you can now return to original clip with command "Clear filters and select previous"

1. Fixed problem of trimming auto-header at end of line if clip length is less than 70 characters
2. Fixed rare opportunity to paste into own window