TinyTask v. 1.70 - Makro-Aufzeichnung / Automatisierung, portabel

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TinyTask v. 1.70 - Makro-Aufzeichnung / Automatisierung, portabel

Beitrag von Jean » 25.02.18, 1:17

... ein sehr kleiner Makro-Recoder, den ich fast an einen falschen Thread rangepappt habe ...
Die aufgezeichneten Makros können zu EXE kompiliert werden.

TinyTask is a minimalist Windows automation app you can use to record and repeat actions.
As the name implies, it's unbelievably small (only 33KB!), ultra compact, and 100% portable.
No scripting is necessary - just press record, then play!

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Re: TinyTask v. 1.70 - Makro-Aufzeichnung / Automatisierung, portabel

Beitrag von klodeckel » 24.12.18, 7:43

version 1.70

New Feature: User-configurable toolbar graphics
Custom toolbar images allow you to change app size for best viewing on 4K monitors
Upsized default (internal) toolbar from 16x16 to 38x44 pixels; added captions
Added previous toolbar versions for download, also included with setup file
Fixed mouse cursor flashing while hovering over toolbar icons
Removed option to disable .INI settings (still 100% portable)
Fixed problem with TinyTask repositioning on multiple monitors
Modified menu access keys to be more logical (e.g., "Play Custom Speed")
App now shows system Minimize button if there is sufficient room in title bar
Improved error handling and recovery for invalid recordings
Rewritten low-level file management
Removed overly simplistic Help text (future versions/website may add expanded help)
Updates and optimizations in Compile EXE feature, improved binary header conformity
Enhancements to installer "TinyTask_setup.exe"; now the preferred download
Corrected system icon display in Windows > Control Panel > Programs and Features
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