Pint - Paketmanager für portable Anwendungen

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Pint - Paketmanager für portable Anwendungen

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Portable INsTaller - a command line manager of portable applications for Windows, which fits into a single file.
Support forum at TPFC.

Pint is a tool for the people who prefer unpacking over installing. Its primary goal was to provide a way to easily manage a collection of portable apps. With the emergence of portabilizers like yaP, Platform and other, focusing solely on the natively portable apps became irrelevant. Pint downloads and unpacks everything it can. At the moment it supports:

Zip archives.
MSI packages.
All formats supported by 7-zip (7z, RAR, NSIS installers, etc.).
Inno Setup installers.
Downloads, unpacks and removes applications.
Checks for updates and downloads them if available. Unlike Chocolatey and Scoop, Pint's databases do not require constant attention by humans. Pint will automatically detect, download and install an update once it becomes available on a website.
Extracts download links from websites using Xidel.
Supports RSS and PAD files as link sources.
Unpacks various types of archives and installers and upgrades apps, keeping configuration files intact.
Apps can be installed into arbitrary subdirectories under apps. This allows to keep yaP and packages up to date.
Automatically detects console applications and creates shim files for them in the shims directory.
Can remember, if a 32-bit or a 64-bit application was installed.
Can handle multiple installations of the same application.
Detects app versions.
Forms a report with installed applications.
Can temporarily suppress updates for selected apps.
Can update itself.
Can use multiple local and remote databases, even choose not to use default ones.
Allows to override paths and settings via environment variables.
Pint ist ein kleines Kommandozeilentool, um portable Anwendungen herunterzuladen und zu aktualisieren. Dabei wird unter anderem Software von portableapps, Nirsoft, Systernals usw. verwendet, natürlich einstellbar. Auf der Github-Seite finden sich die wichtigsten Steuerkommandos.
Während sich Viren leicht in schwachen Körpern ausbreiten, passiert dasselbe mit Verschwörungstheorien bei schwachen Geistern, insbesondere wenn Antikörper in Form von Bildung fehlen.