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Welche einzelnen Tasks laufen bei Euch? - Another Task Manag

Beitrag von Sway » 05.10.01, 1:39

Hi Leutz,

hab gerade durch Zufall einen schönes kleines Freewareprogi gefunden.
Vielleicht ist es ja für jemanden von Euch genauso interessant wie für mich.

Anmerkung: Das erinnert mich an die schöne alte Amigazeit und
Executive. ;)


Another Task Manager

It provides a real-time capability to monitor all processes and threads, used memory, their CPU usage, execution time, etc; it allows you to completely manage the system priority of all running processes and threads. You have even a list of process-related loaded modules. You can even set a DPC (Dynamic Priority Controller), which can switch between two defined priorities specifying a time-slice for both, and view a list of all DPC-managed objects. ATM provides a list of system handles opened by all processes. You have a list of all system windows and you can spy and control all of them too. ATM offers even a built-in CPU cooling function; it is based on the x86 HLT instruction which is called only when system is idle, so that it doesn't affects other tasks. Naturally, you can uncheck it whenever you want.

ATM complete feature list (r. 2.2): Processes and threads monitor (with memory stats); processes and threads priorities settings; DPC (Dinamic Priority Controller) for processes and threads; processes and threads killing; threads suspending/resuming; CPU usage monitoring (and related stats) for all threads and processes; process handles spying; threads context showing/modifying; process flags (service, console, debugged, pending debug event, terminating, faulted); process modules showing; HLT-based CPU cooling; windows spying; arbitrary windows messages sending; arbitrary windows &

quot;show behaviour" (hide, minimize, maximize, etc.) controlling; some "dumping" functions.