TimeLeft 3.56 - Clock, reminder, alarm clock, countdown, stopwatch and time synchronization utility

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TimeLeft 3.56 - Clock, reminder, alarm clock, countdown, stopwatch and time synchronization utility

Beitrag von Zocko » 30.01.04, 9:13

Name: TimeLeft
Grösse: 1.36 Mb
Homepage: http://www.nestersoft.com/timeleft/index.shtml
Downloadlink: http://www.nestersoft.com/download.shtml
Screenshot: http://www.nestersoft.com/timeleft/images/plain_all.gif
TimeLeft is a versatile utility, which may be used as a clock, reminder, alarm clock, countdown, stopwatch and time synchronization utility. TimeLeft uses Winamp skins to show digits and text.
This feature provides you with virtually unlimited customization capabilities, and makes TimeLeft a really beautiful piece of software.

Main features

Powerful customizable countdown, which may be easily used in a businesslike way, to remind you of forthcoming events (meetings etc.) or job to be done.
But even if you are not a business type of person, you can still use TimeLeft to just add some extra excitement to your life watching how the time left to some eagerly awaited event (be it a cruise or your friend's visit) is getting less and less.
You can program the reminder to alarm you at a specific moment of time or run periodically. It can also remind you before a specified event or keep on reminding after it.
Countdown tracks the amount of time (year, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds) left to (or passed after) the specified event.
Stopwatch measures time interval in hours, minutes and seconds.
TimeLeft is also capable of using atomic clock servers to adjust time on your computer. This feature allows you to use it as a time synchronization utility.

Other TimeLeft features include:

ability to use Winamp skins to customize digits and text display,
various patterns of changing digits ( - slide, - metamorphose etc.),
original design – each countdown or clock may have its own skin
brief but comprehensive tutorial.
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Beitrag von paraflyer » 20.05.06, 14:55

TimeLeft 3.20 (18.05.2006)

Zahlreiche Verbesserungen und Bugfixes. Das Changelog befindet sich im Installationspaket. Läuft sogar einwandfrei mit Programmen wie ObjectDock und Co. zusammen. Ein Spitzenprogramm.
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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 26.10.06, 22:48

aktuell: v3.23 (09-13-2006)
dl: http://www.nestersoft.com/download/timeleft.exe
changelog hat geschrieben:version 3.23: 09/11/2006
-added: auction watch proxy server
-fixed: timer-run as stopwatch continues to increase after TL restart
-fixed: timers and stopwatches time losing if PC is very slow
-fixed: if a floating panel is out of desktop then it will be moved back to desktop on TL start
-fixed: now it TL clock displays 12:00 AM,PM not 00:00 AM,PM
-fixed: cannot add new panel after deleting last one

version 3.22: 07/18/2006
-added: change order of time servers
-improved: Web Export with absolute URL path

version 3.21: 06/21/2006
-added: Spanish language
-fixed: reminder text editing
-fixed: periodical reminders + remind before
das tool macht funktionsmäßig einen guten eindruck. dieser wird leider durch die einschränkung auf jeweils nur einem objekt (reminder, countdown, clock, stopwatch, timer, sticker) in der freeware version getrübt.

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Beitrag von modah » 29.01.07, 9:15

Seit Mitte November 2006 gibts die Version 3.25
version 3.25 11/12/2006:
-fixed: sending bug report with MS Outlook
-fixed: stopwatch/timer/clock editing memory leak
-fixed: stopwatch/timer repaint on reset
-fixed: stopwatch/timer - keep/set current value on editing
-fixed: stopwatch - start value <> zero
-fixed: timer - start value = zero
-fixed: stopwatch/timer - save positions

version 3.24: 10/29/2006
-fixed: cannot add first auction in the Deluxe
-added: global shortcuts
-fixed: check new version delay
-added: if a stopwatch is running on TL closing, then on TL start this stopwatch will be started automatically
-fixed: stopwatch was losing time
-fixed: timer was losing time

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Beitrag von paraflyer » 30.05.07, 0:36

TimeLeft 3.26 (15.04.2007)

-added: log levels
-fixed: Timer - changing the current value when timer is counting
-fixed: Sometime Message window grabs input focus
-fixed: Quick Start link - 404
-fixed: reminder type "Weekly" + start after defined date and time
-fixed: positions on multi-monitor PC
-fixed: Vista compliance #1 - UAC
-improved: loading time
-improved: uninstall applet
-improved: refresh animations every 10 sec to prevent glitches

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UPDATE : TimeLeft 3.56 - Clock-reminder-alarm-clock-countdown-stopwatch-time-synchronization-utility

Beitrag von @thehop » 13.06.11, 15:26

Wunderbar vielseitiges Multi-Uhren-Tool, thx! :drink: Kann bspw. auch nur Wochen / Tage / Stunden / Minuten
/ Sekunden (only Seconds) ... anzeigen -> http://666kb.com/i/bubpikor09vkjweh8.jpg
TimeLeft by NesterSoft Inc.

version 3.56 4/19/2011

-fixed: Auction time watch - new eBay date format
-added: new languages
-minor interface fixes and improvements
SUPPORT: http://www.nestersoft.com/timeleft/support.shtml
DL: http://www.nestersoft.com/timeleft/download.shtml