3dRightmark Beta 4 - Directx9 3d Benchmark

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3dRightmark Beta 4 - Directx9 3d Benchmark

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DL: http://3d.rightmark.org/downloads/D3DRightMark1050.exe

Extensiver Directx9 3d Benchmark

What's new in D3D RightMark Beta 4:

* Vertex Shaders 3.0 and Pixel Shaders 3.0 support in some tests(!);
* The new "skinned" user interface for shell and modules;
* The new look of the results files (for XML and HTML formats);
* The new look of the reports files (for HTML format);
* VS dynamic flow control support for the "Geometry Processing Speed";
* New PS 2.a shaders for the "Pixel Shading" test (Water and Cook-Torrance lighting);
* New PS 1.1 and 1.4 shaders for the "Pixel Shading" test (Psychodelic and Wood);
* More new shader profiles for the "Pixel Filling" and "Geometry Processing Speed" tests;
* The "Pixel Filling" test has the separate PPS(pixels/second) and TPS(texels/second) results;
* The "State Profiler" test was removed.
* A lot of bugs fixed;

Bisherige Features:

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