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Re: Peazip 5.4.0 (ähnlich 7zip)

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Re: Peazip 3.9.1 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Stefan1200 » 11.09.11, 9:38

PeaZip 3.9.1 (2011-08-27)


PeaZip 3.9.1 updates application's look and feel, with new Windows icons and 48 px application's icons for "Icon" mode. The new release adds support for ZIPX archives, and features contextual menus for toolbar buttons, i.e. to directly archive (or convert) selected items in the specified format, and for address bar (history, latest searches). Packages were optimized in order to feature less files and 20% smaller installer, and now uses non compressed main executables to reduce memory usage of the application. The context menu was reorganized, and keyboard shortcuts for Organize submenu, related the way file/archive browser displays content, are now associated to Alt+* combinations. Pea backend was updated to 0.37 version.
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Re: Peazip 3.91 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Gordon » 25.09.11, 10:11

PeaZip 4.0 introduces on the fly multi threaded image thumbnails visualization (browsing filesystem, on Windows), no image cache is saved on the host machine. Thumbnails ranges from 16 px to 256 px depending on the browser mode (details, list, icons) and size set from Organize in main menu.
The user interface evolved through the 3.x family, and now features usability enhancements as address bar breadcrumb, search history, drag and drop context menus, tight integration of the browser with extraction shortcuts (i.e. Ctrl+E extract to..., Ctrl+Shift+E extract to desktop, Ctrl+1..8 extract to bookmarked folders), and toolbar buttons' context menus for advanced compression and extraction features.
GUI elements as bars and browser are completely customizable, in order to offer a minimalistic or fully featured interface to fit at best user's needs and likes.
PeaLauncher can now be used as very minimal GUI component for archive extraction, being able to accept input from drag and drop or standard file selection dialog, as well as from parameters.
Pea backend was updated to 0.38 version.
A total of 134 file extensions are supported, and translations are available in 27 languages.
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Re: Peazip 4.3 (ähnlich 7zip)

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Re: Peazip 4.5 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von hylli » 13.08.12, 14:41

Mittlerweile bei Version 4.7 (13.08.2012).

2012 08 13
Quick approximate calculation of possible compression in Archive creation interface and with List function
Calculation of password strength in password form
Random password generation (Ctrl+F9) can optionally create password containing symbols alongside mixed case characters and numbers
(Windows) Added "Move to recycle bin" deletion mode, default action pressing Del key; quick deletion moved to Ctrl+Del shortcut
Various minor improvements
Show thumbnails flag featured in quick browser organization menus (in context menu and status bar)
Open as archive featured in Open with dropdown menu in File manager bar

Added semaphore to improve performances, optimize system's resource usage, and increase reliability operating on multiple instances launched from system's context menu
"Extract here" and "Extract here (in new folder)" function uses semaphore to schedule one job at time, password requests are prompted at once to optimize user's time usage and don't interrupt scheduler's work
"Extract to..." function, that already creates a single job queue, can operate in parallel to the semaphore when it is needed by the user to launch other independent jobs
Main extraction parameters are reported in extraction interface's form caption and on drag and drop information box

158 file extensions supported (added .tb2)

2012 07 11
Added context menu to all "+" areas to quickly customize all function bars.
Updated translations.
Minor fixes.

2012 06 13
Pea backend updated to 0.40
UPX backed updated to 3.08

Updated used Wolfgang Ehrhardt's crypto libraries with packages crc_hash_2012-03-27, ppch_2012-03-27, and util_2012-03-27

Added "Recent archives" group in Navigation bar
Added quick link to "Users" folder in Filesystem group (in Navigation bar and navigation menus)
Improved quick jump context menu (Navigation bar, breadcrumb), now displaying first 4 bookmarks and first 4 recent archives for quick access
Improved address bar dropdown menu bar
Improved application toolbar
Added secure delete and properties buttons to archive manager toolbar, improved additional functions drop down menu
New file manager toolbar containing buttons of most common file management features
"+" icon on the right of the toolbar area toggles archive manager and file manager toolbars, consistently with navigation and status bar
Improved handling of Pea file format and of utilities provided through Pea backend
PEA/UNPEA operations now takes password/keyfile from PeaZip consistently with other formats
Pea format volume check algorithm is now set in context sensitive way with PeaZip GUI, if password is set AES EAX256 encryption is used, else SHA hash is used
Pea executable auto closes if no error is encountered, improving its use for chained operations: PEA/UNPEA, file split/join, secure delete
Improved saving resource usage when displaying several thousands of items, update intervals are better scaled
Updated themes
Fixed: dynamically loading SHMultiFileProperties to allow running the application on Windows 2000 and previous systems
Various minor fixes and improvements
Added switches -add2archive-add add to existing archive (if found) and -add2archive-update as previous switch, but updates only if files in archive are older
Improved browsing UNC paths
Improved displaying file types and icons inside some types of archive
Reorganized System tools submenu

157 extensions supported: added support for IMA, IMG and IMZ disk images, and AIR Adobe installer files

2012 05 10
Added support for Open Office 1.x fils (SX*/ST*), PCV MozBackup files, BSZ (BS Player), RMSKIN (Rainmeter), WSZ/WAL (Winamp), and WMZ (Windows Media Player) skin files
Fixed untranslated strings in UI
Fixed bug in navigating non mapped network paths from the breadcrumb


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Re: Peazip 4.7 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 22.08.12, 15:20

nun bei v. 4.7.1
... various usability enhancements and re-designs

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Re: Peazip 4.7.1 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 25.09.12, 12:03

aktuell ist v. 4.7.2
kleine Änderungen:

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Re: Peazip 4.7.2 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 26.11.12, 1:12

frisch ist v. 4.80
erweiterter Dateimanager
bessere Mail-Einbindung
schlankerer Installer (aber immer Obacht geben)

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Re: Peazip 4.80 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 01.02.13, 23:36

aktuell ist 4.81

Added shared sync folders to predefined system paths for navigation, extraction and compression, automatically detected: Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Ubuntu One
Bar toggling buttons (tools, address, navigation) now displays context menu on click for faster switching and better discoverability of alternative bars
Details view now by default without thumbnails for more speed and lower resource usage, quicker switching to icons and images mode in Status bar
Improved bookmarking
Set password control displayed as button and moved in output parameters area for better visibility
Reorganized Extraction and Archiving status bar information
... und schön achtsam installieren

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Re: Peazip 4.81 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 09.03.13, 0:13

die v. 4.90 ist aktuell
Release 4.9 introduces improved file/archive browser with new theming engine, more keyboard shortcuts, more available browser's styles and sizes, and better information during drag and drop operations. Adding files to specified archive format from context menu directly starts compression without requiring further user interaction.
Qt support on Linux is improved.
The release is compiled with up to Lazarus/FPC 1.0.6.
A total of 171 file extensions are supported.

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Re: Peazip 4.90 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Gordon » 23.06.13, 16:31

Release 5.0 brings a major code and design cleanup.
Most important functions are more easily accessible and most important information is more visible, either when browsing files and in archiving and extraction forms.
History menu is more powerful and complete, and bookmarks are more prominent, in order to fit at best different user's needs and usage patterns.
Adding files to archive layout is faster, and operations from Windows context menu are improved.
Settings are now simpler and completely reorganized.
System tools are always accessible from browser's context menu.
174 file extensions are now supported, PeaZip now handles .crx Google Chrome packages, .maff Mozilla archives, .mdf Alcohol 120 image files, and OPC types .cddx, and .appv Microsoft Application Virtualization files.
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Re: Peazip 5.0 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 23.07.13, 0:52

die v. 5.0.1, weniger Fehler

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Re: Peazip 5.0.1 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 02.09.13, 23:16

aktuell ist v. 5.1.0
Verbesserungen im Filemanager und
Added support for .ipsw iOS devices firmware packages

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Re: Peazip 5.1.0 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von xiaxia » 07.10.13, 9:18

PeaZip 5.1.1 vom 06.10.13

Bugfixe und Sprachupdates

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Re: Peazip 5.1.1 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 26.11.13, 0:11

frisch ist v. 5.2.0
u.a. Improved UAC integration for archiving and extraction functions

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Re: Peazip 5.2.0 (ähnlich 7zip)

Beitrag von Jean » 27.12.13, 23:16

v. 5.2.1
Release 5 brings a major code and design cleanup: adding files to archive is faster, UAC integration is improved, file and archive browsing is easier and more customizable, most important file and archive management functions are more accessible, and relevant information is more visible.
New Schedule tab in Archive/Convert and Extract interfaces, integrated with system's Task Scheduler (Windows Vista/7/8/8.1),
New secure deletion of free space enforces user's control over data lifecycle, and zero deletion mode (overwriting files/free space with all 0) optimize compressibility
5.2.1 update brings improvement on secure deletion.

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Re: Peazip 5.2.1 - Packer ähnlich 7zip

Beitrag von Jean » 26.02.14, 1:55

v. 5.2.2, Verbesserungen im File Manager, bessere Hilfe/Doku, Änderungen an der GUI

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Re: Peazip 5.2.2 - Packer ähnlich 7zip

Beitrag von Jean » 13.04.14, 22:11

inzwischen bei v. 5.3.0, Verbesserungen im Datei-Manager und im Archiv-Handling, Obacht bei der Installation
[W7+] Added localization for cascaded system's context menu entries
Bookmarks can now be sorted by name
File browser (details mode) shows icons for special paths
Improved treeview sidebar, showing icons for folders, disks and special paths

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Re: Peazip 5.3.0 - Packer ähnlich 7zip

Beitrag von Jean » 04.05.14, 23:49

v. 5.3.1 bringt weniger Fehler und eine besser Lokalisation

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Re: Peazip 5.3.1 - Packer ähnlich 7zip

Beitrag von Jean » 09.07.14, 1:46

v. 5.4.0 - v.a. noch hübscher
New UI design:
Tabs replaced by new option menu button on the bottom left corner of the form on Add, Extract, Password, Password Manager, and PeaLauncher
Tabs replaced by new side tab bar for unified Settings/Theme screen
Improved archive manager tool bar, with visible dropdown menus for quick access to archiving and test functions
Improved and simplified various menus: