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FreeSQL.Org - Free Database Hosting

Beitrag von jts » 05.07.02, 12:20

Yes, finally getting back online, slowly but surely. Here are the important changes:
Old databases have been taken offline, to bring your old account back online go here
To create a new database you need an account creation code. To get a code send me an email
Bandwidth is severely restricted. Sorry about that, nothing I can do about it. This service is intended for light duty experimentation and database education. Heavy users will be asked to go elsewhere.
Due to a lack of resources, databases used for phpBB, nuke, vBulletin and other web BBS are no longer allowed and are immediately deleted without notice.
I'm getting what looks like scripted submissions from, so sorry, nobody from can be approved until I figure out what is happening
if you need professional hosting, try

yes, this is an ugly hack job, but it was done in vi in a rush!


There are literally thousands of web hosting companies, and most provide some limited form of database hosting. I have not seen anyone offering dedicated database hosting, and that is the concept that I am testing here(of course now that I've said that, hundreds of you are going to email me about DB hosts :))
My grand plan is to begin by offering free MySQL hosting, and if the interest is there I plan to add PostgreSQL, Sybase, DB2, and possibly Oracle (all for free - as the licenses allow).

Now, I'm not saying this is the most ideal situation for hosting your data. For most production environments you'd want it coupled with your webserver. Clearly it's going to be slower. But maybe you just want to get your feet wet with MySQL but don't want to load/patch/admin it, maybe you want to see how portable your SQL code is, maybe your webhost doesn't have a database, maybe you want to compare performance (but not with MS SQL Server) etc.

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Beitrag von bollino » 01.04.08, 16:16

Gibt es immer noch ...

There's no such thing as a free lunch. Well, yes, is free but that's not what I mean. There has to be some reasonable limits, and here they are:

* One database per user
* Connection and Query Limits
* Piggies will be asked to leave
* Abusers will be removed
* No Forums!
The Deal on Database Refreshes
Many people visit and create databases every day. After just a few month of operation, I can easily have in excess of 20,000 active databases. MySQL seperates databases by keeping each in it's own subdirectory. This means that the main database directory must be searched whenever a new database connection is made. With thousands of databases this can dramatically slow down performance when opening new database connections.
I really needed a way for users themselves to flag their databases as "in use" and to not cause myself too much work. Here is what happens: Once I decide that I've hit the limit of active databases I schedule a "refresh". All MySQL databases are copied offline and become unavailable. User panic ensues because this breaks many of their critical web applications, homework assignments and blogs. They rush to the "restore" page and submit their database name. From there magical elves (also known as a cron job) move the database from the offline directory back into production. This happens fairly quickly and usually without error (although there is at least one pesky bug that I'm currently chasing).

Basically, refreshes and occasional service interruptions are a fact of life. If your app cannot stand an hour or even a day of downtime, you really need to look into commercial hosting
Note: this only applies to MySQL not PostgreSQL because I host far more MySQL databases than PostgreSQL.