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flightgear v 2018.3.2- Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 04.01.02, 14:48
von RIP

dl: in diesem ftp verzeichnis liegen immer die neuesten versionen !! )

guide: ... tstart.pdf

flight-scenery download: ... enery.html

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Flight Gear is a free flight simulator project. It is being developed through the gracious contributions of source code and spare time by many talented people from around the globe. Among the many goals of this project are the quest to minimize short cuts and "do things right", the quest to learn and advance knowledge, and the quest to have better toys to play with.
The idea for Flight Gear was born out of a dissatisfaction with current commercial PC flight simulators. A big problem with these simulators is their proprietariness and lack of extensibility. There are so many people across the world with great ideas for enhancing the currently available simulators who have the ability to write code, and who have a desire to learn and contribute. Many people involved in education and research could use a spiffy flight simulator frame work on which to build their own projects; however, commercial simulators do not lend themselves to modification and enhancement. The Flight Gear project is striving to fill these gaps.

We have a wide range of people interested and participating in this project. This is truly a global effort with contributors from just about every continent. Interests range from building a realistic home simulator out old airplane parts, to university research and instructional use, to simply having a viable alternative to commercial PC simulators.

We have intensionally chosen to keep Flight Gear and its source code open, available, and free. In doing so, we are able to take advantage of the efforts of tremendously talented people from around the world. Contrast this with the traditional approach of commercial software vendors, who are limited by the collective ability of the people they can hire and pay. Our approach brings its own unique challenges and difficulties, but we are confident (and other similarly structured projects have demonstrated) that in the long run we can outclass our commercial "competition."

Personally, Flight Gear has been a great learning experience for me. I have been exposed to many new ideas and have learned a tremendous amount of "good stuff" in the process of discussing and implementing various Flight Gear subsystems. If for no other reason, this alone makes it all worth while.



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von RIP

Verfasst: 18.06.05, 7:26
von RIP
upd. v0.9.8

DL: ... ftp/Win32/
# Added an encoder and transponder to the available avionics modules.
# Updates to the AI traffic manager.
# Updates to the submodel system. This allows things like contrails, payload dropping, projectile firing, and aircraft carrier landings.
# Added some controls for aircraft carrier operations.
# Updated to sync with latest JSBSim developments.
# YAsim adds support for contra-rotating propeller pairs as well as crude models for ITT, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure in the jet turbine engine model.
# Instruments, avionics, and subsystems are now configurable per aircraft. You can assemble the correct componets available for each particular aircraft.
# Updates to the wet compass to make it behave much more like a real wet compass including various errors and motion effects.
# Make display list usage optional since these can be a net performance loss on some older or low memory platforms.
# Make sound inaudible until after the scenery is loaded.
# Move radio stack and avionics code from cockpit library to instrumentation library.
# Added several digital filters to the autopilot: exponential, dobule exponential, moving average, and noise spike. These are available to aircraft designers via the autopilot config file.
# Make sure the ATIS reports surface winds at airports above sea-level
# Default C172 3d model has been completely reworked and many things have been fixed or sized or placed more accurately.
# Replace old basic.dat.gz and runways.dat.gz with apt.dat.gz (x-plane format)
# Fix a crash that could occur when the joystick config specified more buttons or axes than the physical hardware provided.
# Fixes to make FlightGear work with 16bpp visual depth.
# Various FreeBSD fixes.
# Various MSVC fixes.
# Various Mac OS X fixes.
# gcc 2.95 and 4.0 fixes.
# Updated aircraft: 737, A-10, AN-225, B-52, BAC-TSR2, Concorde, Spitfire, BO-105 Helicopter, F-15 (updated flight control system), Fokker DR1 (triplane), Fokker 50, Fokker 100, Seahawk made carrier capable (working arresting hook),
# New aircraft: Cessna Citation-II (wip), Beech 1900D, DHC-2 Beaver (on floats)
# Updated KAP140 autopilot instrument (used in default C172.)
# Updated Nimitz model (aircraft carrier), updated radio tower models, added Oracle head quarters to bay area scenery, added Dumbarton bridge at the south end of the SFO bay, added a model of Alcatraz,

Verfasst: 24.01.06, 21:42
von RIP
upd. v0.9.10
A brand new scenery release is now available. I am calling this v0.9.10 because it was created after the v0.9.9 source code release, but it should work with FlightGear-v0.9.8, v0.9.9 and the current cvs code.
New in this build is: the latest airport and taxiway updates from Robin Peel, SRTM2 based terrain, the latest objects from Jon Stockill's world object database, updated airport surfaces, and 2d data from the new shapefile database at Also included are a myriad of little bug fixes and glitch-be-gones.
Update der Szenery nicht des Flugsimulators.

Verfasst: 26.06.07, 11:01
von oliver

Homepage geändert.

Verfasst: 20.12.07, 17:21
von Soilworker
Version 1.0.0 veröffentlicht!


Verfasst: 22.12.08, 11:46
von vorkoster
Version 1.9.0 (21.12.2008)


Verfasst: 28.01.09, 6:38
von vorkoster
Version 1.9.1 (25.01.2009)

Änderungen: Fehlerbehebungen

Verfasst: 28.02.10, 10:40
von Gordon
Majorupdate auf Version 2.0 mit zu vielen Änderungen, um sie hier aufzuzählen ->

DL: ... ml#windows (300 MB für die Windowsversion)

Re: flightgear v 2.6.0 - Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 21.08.12, 13:30
von kellerfrau
aktuell ist Version FlightGear Flight Simulator: Version 2.80

Änderungen: ... -released/


Re: flightgear v 2.12 - Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 23.02.14, 9:53
von Gordon
The FlightGear development team is happy to announce the v3.0 release of FlightGear, the free, open-source flight simulator. This new version contains many exciting new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Highlights in this release include integration of the FGCom voice communications client within the simulator, improved terrain rendering, faster scenery loading, and improved usability. This release also coincides with the release of FlightGear World Scenery 2.0 – massively improved scenery data covering the entirety of the planet and incorporating OpenStreetMap roads and detailed terrain information from a variety of sources. ... -released/

Re: flightgear v 3.0 - Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 20.10.14, 17:27
von Gordon

Re: flightgear v 3.40 / 3.60 pre - Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 24.02.16, 18:15
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Re: flightgear v 2016.1 - Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 18.05.16, 16:44
von Gordon
FlightGear 2016.1.2 (bug fixes) is released!

Re: flightgear v 2016.1.2 - Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 25.11.16, 20:02
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Re: flightgear v 2016.4.2 - Flugsimulator

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Re: flightgear v 2017.1.3 - Flugsimulator

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Re: flightgear v 2017.2 - Flugsimulator

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Re: flightgear v 2017.3 - Flugsimulator

Verfasst: 11.04.18, 17:35
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das jährliche Frühjahrsupdate mit zahlreichen Neuerungen ist da:

Re: flightgear v 2018.1- Flugsimulator

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