Spelunky 1.1 / Jump 'n' Run

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Spelunky 1.1 / Jump 'n' Run

Beitrag von Soilworker » 17.01.09, 18:36

Name: Spelunky
Version: 1.1
Grösse: 10 MB
Homepage: http://www.spelunkyworld.com/original.html
Forum: http://mossmouth.com/forums/index.php?board=3.0
Spelunky-Wiki: http://spelunky.wikia.com/wiki/Spelunky_Wiki
Lizenz: Freeware / Open Source
Standalone? Ja
Lauffähig ab: Windows

Tolles Retro-Plattform-Game im Indiana-Jones-Look mit zufällig erzeugten Leveln.
Spelunky is a cave exploration / treasure-hunting game inspired by classic platform games and roguelikes, where the goal is to grab as much treasure from the cave as possible. Every time you play the cave's layout will be different. Use your wits, your reflexes, and the items available to you to survive and go ever deeper! Perhaps at the end you may find what you're looking for...
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Beitrag von Soilworker » 20.02.09, 16:01

Version 0.99.8

+ Added to level editor:
+ Message signs.
+ Can now set each individual exit and entrance to its own value.
- Fixed bug: Testing a level in the level editor would save the level.
+ Added: [SECRET].
+ Added: new enemy.
+ Added: support for Xbox 360 trigger buttons and buttons over number 10.

= Tweaked movement and physics of player, enemies.
= Smash traps are now lit in dark levels.
= Player now can't throw ropes up in tight passageways.

- Fixed bug: Whipping and flipping over a ledge simultaneously could freeze
the player and cause an infinitely looping whip animation.
- Fixed bug: winning "money" and "time" scores could become swapped if the
time score was high enough.
- Fixed bug: level generator would only generate left-facing arrow traps.
- Fixed bug: drawing back bow, crouching, and releasing would use an arrow
but not cause an arrow to get fired.
- Fixed bug: player could hit jump at the last moment to save themselves from
a long fall.
- Fixed bug: player could throw a rope through a wall by crouching left.
crouching against a wall could cause the rope to be thrown on the other
side of the wall.
- Fixed bug: player could use shotgun recoil to "float" off of ladders.
- Fixed bug: firing a shotgun in a narrow passage would cause upward velocity
to accumulate.
- Fixed bug: "Shopkeeper Slide"
- Fixed various bugs related to the damsel.
- Fixed bug: spring traps would disappear when offscreen.
- Fixed various cosmetic bugs.
- Fixed various other bugs.

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Beitrag von Soilworker » 21.06.09, 11:01

Version 0.99.9

+ Added to level editor:
+ Trees and tree branches.
+ Adding "!" to the front of a level name will make it not appear in
the Load Level menu.
+ Pressing the attack button will now start a test game.
- Fixed bug: entering a new custom level from a previous one would
reset the amount of life, ropes, and bombs.
- Fixed bug: certain objects could not be deleted properly.
+ Added new item.

= Separated config menu from main game (config.exe).
= Lowered shop prices.
= Increased scarab value.
= Made chests more worthwhile.
= Changed craps houses to dice houses with new rules (no cheating!).
= Changed the way that flares work (no more flare button).
= Increased radius of explosions horizontally.
= Trees can now be climbed without the aid of items.
= Tweaked altars.
= Tweaked player movement and physics.
= Beefed up machete.
= Bow has a special action.
= Each bow now gives the player 6 arrows.
= Players can now exit the tutorial level to the title screen.
= Miscellaneous other tweaks and improvements.

- Fixed bug: on some configurations, joysticks were not detected by game.
- Fixed bug: in certain situations arrow traps would not fire when they should.
- Fixed bug: locked chest would not always appear when it should.
- Fixed bug: ceiling traps were rendered inactive in last build.
- Fixed bug: ceiling traps could still cause damage while inactive.
- Fixed bug: being hit by a projectile while holding an item and switched to a
bomb or rope would cause you to lose the item.
- Fixed bug: shopkeeper could shoot you through a single tile.
- Fixed bug: held damsel would drop inappropriately when near spear trap.
- Fixed various bugs involving the player and ladders.
- Fixed bug: getting stunned on a spring would cause you to bounce extra high.
- Fixed bug: teleporting could cause the player to "land" in mid-air.
- Fixed bug: dropping blocks on [SECRET]'s head incapacitated him.
- Fixed a lot of other miscellaneous bugs and graphical glitches.

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Beitrag von Soilworker » 02.09.09, 10:21

Version 1.0


+ Added: [SECRET]

= Mantrap's appetite increased.
= Piranha's appetite increased.
= Dice now reveal whether they've been thrown or not.
= Opening a chest or crate won't cause the player to attack.
= Mummies shouldn't bleed.

- Fixed fatal error: flies hitting a damsel caused a crash.
? Fixed fatal error: game could hang when enemies collided with one another.
? Fixed fatal error: sticky bombs could cause a crash when stuck to dead enemy.
? Code from ChevyRay might fix up the graphics glitch with the "black boxes."
- Fixed bug: lava deaths weren't counting toward your score.
- Fixed bug: Machete and mattock had no back swing when facing right.
- Fixed bug: When an item was held but put away and the player ledge flipped or got thrown, the item would disappear.
- Fixed bug: when a rope burned away under a player, the player would continue to hang.
- Fixed various bugs related to monsters getting stuck in walls.
- Fixed bug: if blocks were placed directly in front of arrow traps in the level editor, it would cause glitches.
- Fixed bug: the player would float in air after teleporting off a ladder.
- Fixed bug: items could get stuck in the corners of walls.
- Fixed bug: shopkeeper could still kill you through 1-tile thick walls.
- Fixed bug: damsel could be shot while exiting the level.
- Fixed bug: monkeys could throw damsels while they were exiting.
- Fixed bug: monkeys could throw damsels into the ceiling, killing them.
- Fixed bug: monkeys had a 100% chance of tripping the player.
- Fixed bug: if monkeys tripped the player during a ledge flip or while the player was exiting a level, the player would get stunned permanently.
- Fixed bug: push blocks were generated next to lava pits, causing problems.
- Fixed bug: destroying spear traps next to lakes would not cause them to drain.
- Fixed bug: spear traps could get generated in trees in area 4.
- Fixed bug: flare crates should disappear in the water.
- Fixed typo: kissing parlor shopkeeper would state incorrect price when trying to buy damsel (rather than kiss) without enough money.
- Fixed bug: "I HEAR SNAKES..." message appearing in Tutorial.
- Fixed typo: Tutorial sign recommends holding down to run, even though this is now turned off by default.
- Fixed typo: "KEEP THE YOURSELF"
- Fixed bug: muting/unmuting in area 3 will make area 1 music play.
- Loot shouldn't overflow over the text during transitions.
- Fixed bug: resetting scores doesn't hide the bonus room descriptions until you leave the room.

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Beitrag von Soilworker » 26.12.09, 11:54

Version 1.1 und Source-Code veröffentlicht

^ Compiled game in new version of Game Maker (8.0), which should fix some GM-related errors and speed up the game and make loading faster.

+ Added: alien boss to level editor.
+ Added: extended statistics are written to "stats.txt" upon game exit.
+ Added: more shopkeeper names.

= dark areas would not appear if you beat the previous level fast enough (to prevent frustrating speed runs).
= Moon Room minigame improved.
= Changed damage from longest falls.
= arrow traps now have arrows inside of them.

- Fixed bug: The Tunnel Man was too broken as a playable character.
  • - Fixed bug: he could get hurt while exiting through doors.
    - Fixed bug: he could screw up the minigames with his mattock.
    - Fixed bug: he could jump while attacking with his mattock, so long as jump is pressed after attack.
    - Fixed bug: the title music stopped when you switch between the Spelunker and the Tunnel Man.
    - Fixed bug: no animation for when the Tunnel Man is eaten by a mantrap.
    - Fixed bug: Tunnel Man was missing his "look up" animation.
    = reduced starting life to 2. No bombs or rope.
- Fixed bug: when you first play the game, if you tried to back out of the tutorial you would be crushed in the wall on the title screen.
- Fixed bug: after betting at the dice house, you could destroy the blocks protecting the item without angering the shopkeeper.
- Fixed bug: pressing the keyboard's attack key causes you to load the level on the Load Level screen.
- Fixed bug: loading a non-existent level on the Load Level screen takes you to the custom win screen instead of providing a warning.
- Fixed bug: spikes were much more safe from distances of 2 blocks or smaller than in previous versions (possibly due to a physics change).
- Fixed bug: in rare cases, Black Market entrances would generate in every free tile on the map.
- Fixed bug: you could throw damsels onto spikes or into lava over and over again to obtain multiple kills.
- Fixed bug: if the player puts down an item and goes through the end door, he/she would be shown in the ending still carrying the item.
- Fixed bug: Player could get perma-stunned if attacked while doing a flip.

- Fixed bugs: problems with bow:
  • - Fixed bug: priming a bow and then having it knocked out of your hands often caused the arrow to become permanently stuck to the player until a bow is picked up again.
    - Fixed bug: priming a bow and then switching to a bomb or rope caused lots of problems.
    - Fixed bug: bow flipped when you pressed away from wall while hanging.
    - Fixed bug: bow graphic jittered when priming.
- Fixed bug: being stunned prevents you from taking fall damage.
- Fixed bug: whipping yetis from the left knocked them towards you.
- Fixed bug: shopkeeper corpses could get stuck to webs while you were carrying them and could not be picked up from webs.
- Fixed bug: being stunned could cause you to lose an item permanently.
- Fixed bug: teleporters buried in ground could poke out of the ground.
- Fixed bug: jumping up, holding down, and pressing attack while holding shotgun would not cause the shotgun to fire.
- Fixed bug: flipping over a ledge wouldn't trigger arrow traps.
- Fixed bug: right-facing arrow traps that span with only a one-tile gap ahead of them would not fire their arrows. (Custom levels only.)
- Fixed bug: shooting kissing parlor damsels off-screen wouldn't anger the shopkeeper.
- Fixed bug: the compass marker shouldn't disappear when messages are also on the screen.
- Fixed bug: as Damsel or Tunnel Man, if you are crawling and facing right and then press run, you'd do a super wiggle.
- Fixed bug: trees would appear in front of shop signs.
- Fixed bug: items in lava would float in mid-air once the lava is drained.
- Fixed bug: items would sometimes show up in unbreakable walls.
- Fixed bug: skeletons (and other "bloodless" monsters) shouldn't leave blood on spikes.'
? Fixed bug: in the Black Market, Mantraps could spawn in areas where they could eat shopkeepers.
? Fixed bug: Kissing Parlor: if you have enough money for a kiss but not the damsel, trying to buy her would result in you buying a kiss instead.

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Re: Spelunky 1.1 / Jump 'n' Run

Beitrag von Soilworker » 07.10.12, 17:36

Eine grafisch und spielerisch aufgemöbelte Version gibt es mittlerweile auch für die Xbox käuflich zu erwerben. Die PC-Version bleibt weiterhin kostenlos.