Hydorah - Classic 16bit Shoot 'em up

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Hydorah - Classic 16bit Shoot 'em up

Beitrag von Soilworker » 07.06.10, 11:54

Name: Hydorah
Version: 1.0
Größe: 82 MB
Homepage: http://www.locomalito.com/juegos_hydorah.php
Lizenz: Freeware
Screenshots: auf der Homepage
Lauffähig ab (Win95, 2000, XP): Windows XP
* Old school feeling and 16 bit appeal
* Smooth and addictive playability
* 16 levels (27 sublevels), 30 bosses and a library of more than 70 different enemies
* A single difficulty level, hard but fair. It requires the player to improve himself and his skills in order to master the situations
* Route selection
* Weapon selection menu, power ups, and unlockable new weapons in every mission
* Dark background and brilliant bullets that lets the player see clearly what is happening around
Sehr gutes Spiel mit Retro-Charme im Stil alter Klassiker wie Gradius, R-Type und Katakis.
Grafik, Soundtrack, Leveldesign sind vom Feinsten. Schaut euch den Trailer an.