Sonic 2 HD - Fangame im Sonic-Universum

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Sonic 2 HD - Fangame im Sonic-Universum

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Sonic 2 HD

Größe: 167 MB
Lizenz: Freeware
Sonic 2 HD is an unofficial overhaul of SEGA’s franchise classic for the modern world. It is made for fans, by fans, with no financial gain whatsoever.
From the very beginning of the project, Sonic 2 HD has focused on maintaining the feel that has made Sonic the Hedgehog 2 a classic while using new tools to reimagine the original as it could have been were it made today. The game’s art direction reflects this, but Sonic 2 HD has also given equal attention to unseen essential elements in the physics and audio. The result of this is an unprecedented re-interpretation in high definition graphics, music and gameplay of Sonic 2, which continues to set quality standards to this day.
We firmly believe 2D artwork is the foundation of Sonic’s retro roots. With this in mind, our goal was to produce a similar shading style to the Japanese original concept artwork and set it in motion with hand-drawn animations. Now, 25 years after Sonic 2’s release, Sonic 2 HD can faithfully represent the original’s cast of characters and environments in a world where technology no longer imposes artistic limitations.
Sonic 2 HD ist ein Fangame im Sonic-Universum. Im Moment gibt es die Demo mit den ersten 3 Leveln, more to come!
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