KING´S QUEST I & II & III, Quest for Glory II: - Remakes

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KING´S QUEST I & II & III, Quest for Glory II: - Remakes

Beitrag von RIP » 07.04.03, 20:12


-mit Sprachausgabe und Digi-Sound ( insgesamt ca. 100 Mb !! )
King's Quest II was the sequel to the the original King's Quest game designed by Roberta Williams. Many people regard this to be the game most in need of an upgrade. Several people were discontented with this sequel, believing the puzzles were illogical, and the storyline was too sparse. Additionally, the graphics, which were impressive for its time, are now painfully outdated, and several computers cannot even run the game with sound anymore! To make things even worse, this classic is no longer available in stores.

The King's Quest II+ VGA remake will be similar to Tierra's King's Quest I VGA remake, which upgraded the graphics and interface of the original King's Quest game, but this time, with added storyline, puzzles, art, music, atmosphere, depth, culture, and more--basically, the whole nine yards!
King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown, a revolutionary game designed by Roberta Williams and released in 1984, epitomizes the adventure gaming experience. This game was the first of its kind that allowed the player to interact in an entirely original 2.5D world, and can be credited as the game that started graphical adventure gaming on the PC altogether. King's Quest 1 was not only ground breaking, but also history in the making, and was followed by seven more games.

In the early 1990's, Sierra released a remake of the original King's Quest game with newer technology and graphics (using the SCI engine, 16 colors, sound card and mouse support), which ended up being a total market failure. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Sierra ever had or will have any thoughts of making an even further updated version of the King's Quest 1 game, because they would most likely lose money. That's where the Anonymous Game Developers decided to take over. Our aim was to make a remake of King's Quest 1 on the same level of Sierra's remake of Quest for Glory 1. We believe that the enhanced gaming experience for King's Quest fans has justified our months of hard work for no pay or credit.

The Anonymous Game Developers have searched far and wide for an old version of the King's Quest game for sale, but have searched in vain. The only remaining copies are being sold on E-bay, and will only profit those who bought the game over a decade ago. We feel that Sierra abandoned the adventure gaming genre because it did not prove to be profitable at that moment in time. Yet, we're hoping that by bringing back the ultimate classic adventure game, we can prove to Sierra that a huge interest still lies within the fans to play such games. It's our little contribution to try to bring the good old adventure games, as we used to know them, back on the market.

During the first month of releasing the game, over 5,000 copies were downloaded! In the first year, that number rocketed to nearly half a million. The additional voicepack has been downloaded hundreds of times over a period of a few days, and thousands of times over the span of months! It's obvious that there are still numerous adventure gaming fans, around the world, yearning to play more games in this genre! The King's Quest 1 VGA remake and all of our future projects are just our little contribution to adventure gaming community and its fans.
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Beitrag von Teschnofan » 08.04.03, 7:49

Superklasse, da kommt meine nostalgische Ader wieder hoch... gibts sowas auch für Space Quest, Heroes Quest, Police Quest usw. ???


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Beitrag von Gordon » 20.06.06, 6:39

Das Remake von Teil III ist raus :D
HP, Info und DL: (43 MB)
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Beitrag von Jean » 29.09.08, 10:23

und Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire (85 MB) gibt es hier

regelmäßiger Besucher
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Beitrag von Ratburger » 06.10.08, 13:41

Die Links für die Downloads für KQ1 und KQ2 führen zu der Startseite von Quest for Glory II. Gibt es KQ1 und 2 nicht mehr?

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Beitrag von David » 06.10.08, 13:47

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Re: KING´S QUEST I & II & III, Quest for Glory II: - Remakes

Beitrag von Gordon » 28.02.11, 18:51

ein weiteres Remake von Teil III, wieder von den Machern des ersten und zweiten Teils, grafisch deutlich aufgepeppt gegenüber dem Remake durch Infamous Adventures: King's Quest III Redux - ... rview.html
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Re: KING´S QUEST I & II & III, Quest for Glory II: - Remakes

Beitrag von kraftian » 03.03.12, 7:23

Hier hab ich nochmal DL-Alternativen von
King's Quest 1 - Quest for the Crown: ... 03177.html
King's Quest 2 - Romancing the Stones: ... 03262.html
King's Quest 3 Redux - To Heir is Human: ... 53371.html

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Re: KING´S QUEST I & II & III, Quest for Glory II: - Remakes

Beitrag von Gordon » 06.01.18, 14:27

Fan-Fortsetzung "The silver lining", erhältlich: ... /index.php (1,8 GB)

alternativer DL bei Chip: ... 78114.html
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Re: KING´S QUEST I & II & III, Quest for Glory II: - Remakes

Beitrag von Alexs » 06.01.18, 18:25

Offizielle Seiten:
King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown ... about.html
King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne ... about.html
King's Quest III Redux: To Heir is Human ... rview.html
Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire ... epage.html

oder ganz einfach

Der alternativer DL bei Chip leitet auf wo man sich registrieren muss.