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Stella 6.0- Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 17.10.05, 20:50
von Coffins
Name: Stella
Version: 2.0
Grösse: 1,2 MByte
Homepage: neu
Downloadlink: ... p?download
Lizenz: Open Source
Standalone ja
Nostalgie pur! Wer niemals auf der legendären Atari 2600 VCS Konsole gespielt hat, dem fehlt ein Stück Spielehistorie. Knüller wie Centipede, Frogger, Asterioids, H.E.R.O. oder das Joystick-mordende Decathlon sind nur einige der Klassiker von damals. Mit dem Windows-Emulator können Sie einfach die ROMs der alten Spiele starten und staunen, was damals in 4 KB an Spielwitz reinpasste.
Der Emulator steuert auch Gamepads an, so dass man nicht mit Tastatur spielen muss.

Verfasst: 12.05.06, 20:36
von fishy
stella 2.2 ... e?download

* Added new ROM browser option which works like a normal filesystem browser, allowing navigation throughout the filesystem. The old mode of browsing is still present, and can be toggled at runtime. Related to this, fixed bug whereby sorting in the ROM launcher sometimes didn't work.
* Integrated properties into the application, resulting in faster startup time. Now Stella can be redistributed as a single binary; no external files are needed, but they will still be used if present.
* Reworked ROM properties files once again. The '' file has been removed, and all user-defined properties are stored in '' instead. You should delete all properties files when upgrading to this version, to take advantage of the speed increases.
* Reworked settings files once again. Removed all references to a global settings file. Each user now gets a user-specific settings file only. If that file doesn't exist, the built-in defaults are used.
* Added 'conditional saving' of the cheatcode and settings files, so that these files are only written to disk when absolutely necessary. This doesn't really affect desktop systems, but is very useful for systems with flashram-based storage (GP2X, WinCE, etc).
* Reworked Settings class, hopefully fixing a bug whereby settings weren't being saved in certain cases (most evident in the OSX port).
* Added 'tiadefaults' commandline option, which can also be toggled from within the GUI. This option disables all TIA positioning 'tweaks' that typically make a game look better, and present the image exactly as it would appear on a real 2600.
* Added jitter-detection code for the paddle emulation, which should eliminate an annoying 'jittering' effect when using paddles with a Stelladaptor.
* Related to jitter-detection, added '-pthresh' commandline option and GUI entry, which sets a bound below which the emulation detects jitter.
* Fixed crash when adding one-shot cheats.
* Fixed bug in RAM comparitive searches in the debugger.
* Fixed bug with setting snapshot naming type from the GUI (it was always being set to 'romname').
* Re-added low compatibility CPU emulation mode, since it benefits some slower systems. This is activated with the commandline argument '-cpu low'.
* For the OSX port, added Universal binary support.
* For the OSX port, reworked the menu handling, so that certain menu options are only enabled when it makes sense to do so.
* For the GP2X port, fixed joystick deadzone issues and scroll bug in ROM launcher.
* For the GP2X port, fixed issue with PAL ROMs causing a crash because of screen size. A message is now shown indicating that PAL ROMs are not yet supported.

Verfasst: 22.12.06, 10:05
von Coffins
Stella 2.3

* Huge speedups in software rendering for all systems
* Changed from 'joymouse' functionality to a more familiar 'tab' navigation
* Support for user-defined palette
* Added PAL60 support
See the included Changelog for a complete list of changes.
download: ... g_mirror=0

Verfasst: 01.03.07, 9:10
von fishy
Stella 2.3.5

jetzt auch wieder als non-exe erhältlich ... p?download

Re: Stella 3.5.0 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 03.07.14, 19:33
von Gordon
Stella release 4.0 for Linux, MacOS X and Windows is now available.
Ported Stella to SDL2, which brings many new features. Among the largest improvements is native hardware acceleration support for Windows (Direct3D) and Linux/OSX (OpenGL). It is also now possible to port Stella to iOS and Android devices using OpenGLES. Hardware acceleration is now required, which means up-to-date drivers are needed. Software rendering is still present, but is somewhat unoptimized and unsupported going forward.
Fullscreen video modes now use the desktop resolution. Switching to fullscreen and back to windowed mode no longer rearranges icons on your desktop.
TIA TV effects are now available in all video modes, since hardware acceleration is a requirement.
Added a much more detailed view of cart extended RAM to a new debugger tab. Special thanks to SpiceWare for this implementation.
Added preliminary support for 'DASH' bankswitching scheme by A. Davie.
The AtariVox and SaveKey controllers now have the ability in the debugger to completely erase the virtual EEPROM data.
Added 'savesnap' debugger prompt command, and also associated context menu item to the debugger TIA output area. This saves the current TIA image to a PNG file.
Added 'hidecursor' commandline option, which allows to completely disable showing the mouse cursor (useful on systems that don't have a mouse).
Removed 'uipalette' option, as the original palette is no longer supported.
Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.

Re: Stella 4.0 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 30.10.14, 2:11
von Jean
für die Spielkinder: v. 4.2
Text input from non-US keyboard layouts is now supported.
Controllers are now detected dynamically by Stella.
Improved snapshot viewing in the ROM launcher
Improved support on multi-monitor systems.

Re: Stella 4.2 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 02.01.15, 19:52
von Gordon
January 1, 2015

Stella release 4.5 for Linux, MacOS X and Windows is now available.
The conversion to C++11 has begun :) From this point on, to build Stella you will need a C++11 compatible compiler (Visual Studio 2013, Clang 3.3, gcc 4.9, Xcode 6, etc). Eventually, this will bring more bug-free and (hopefully) faster code.
Fixed major bug with joysticks, where mapping was being lost on reset, the app would crash when plugging/unplugging certain sticks, etc.
Fixed major (but rare) crash that could occur when state files were zero'ed or corrupted.
Added dialog which shows the internal joystick database (all the joysticks that Stella knows about) and the ability to remove (currently unplugged) joysticks from this database.
Added preliminary support for 'WD' (Wickstead Design) bankswitching scheme, used for a previously unreleased prototype ROM.
Improved ZIP file handling, so that it now works as a normal filesystem does (it properly shows nested files and directories).
The debugger 'reset' command now does a complete system reset, instead of simply setting the PC to the reset vector address.
The 'listdelay' command now accepts a value of zero, indicating that list-skipping (jumping to a line in a list by keypress) is disabled.
The 'ctrlcombo' command now has a GUI item, allowing it to be changed from within the application.
Added 'Shift-Alt/Shift-Cmd s' keyboard shortcut, to enable continuous snapshot mode for each frame. This is really only useful if you save snapshots in 1x mode; using it in high-resolution mode is not recommended. Special thanks to SvOlli for the idea and code.
The minimum supported version for the OSX port is now OSX 10.7. Because of this, the 32-bit version is also discontinued, as 10.7 supports 64-bit Intel only apps.
Updated internal ROM properties database to ROM-Hunter version 10 (thanks go to RomHunter for his tireless research in this area). Related to this, updated the snapshot collection.
Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.
-Have fun!

Re: Stella 4.5 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 23.03.15, 1:23
von Jean
v. 4.6
Finally fixed fullscreen rendering issues on some OpenGL implementations in Linux (mostly Intel-specific).
Fixed sound corruption that happened when running a ROM for the first time.
Reverted some minor C++11 features (std::regex and cbegin/cend iterators) in a few places, since otherwise GCC 4.9 is required to compile Stella
Snapshot functionality now works while the emulation is paused.
Certain textfields in the UI now have filtering enabled, preventing insertion of illegal characters. This will be extended throughout the code in future releases.
DataGridWidgets in the debugger now respond to keypad '+' and '-'.
Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.

Re: Stella 4.6 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 27.09.15, 17:22
von Gordon
September 26, 2015

Stella release 4.6.5 for Linux, MacOS X and Windows is now available.
Added mappable events for toggling TV color/BW, left difficulty A/B and right difficulty A/B. This means that one key, joystick button, etc. can be used to toggle each event.
Added ability to edit values in more widgets in the debugger. For now, this applies mainly to the various decimal and binary fields. More widgets will be made editable in future releases.
The TIA now emulates the jitter that occurs when scanline counts are not consistent frame-over-frame. Also, the DPC+ scheme now emulates jitter that can occur when using its Fractional Datafetchers if the DFxFRACINC registers are not re-initialized every frame. S
Tweaked 'MDM' scheme autodetection to detect that the identification string can be in either bank 0 or bank 1.
Changed 'hidecursor' commandline argument (and associated UI item) to 'cursor'. The new argument allows to set mouse cursor visibility separately for both UI and emulation modes.
Fixed snapshot bug most noticeable in MacOSX, where taking a snapshot of a TIA image sometimes left parts of the UI onscreen (and in the resulting picture).
Fixed memory leak; the game console wasn't being closed after exiting a ROM.
For the Windows port: added an application icon for Stella in the Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" list.
For the OSX port: Updated build scripts to be compatible with Xcode 7.
Updated included PNG library to latest stable version.

Re: Stella 4.65 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 27.01.16, 17:37
von Gordon
Stella release 4.7 for Linux, MacOS X and Windows is now available.
Improved paddle emulation in several ways:
Added ability to specify the maximum range of movement for paddles when using a mouse or digital device to emulate the paddle. This is useful since on a real console most paddle games use very little of the paddle range, and could result in moving the mouse onscreen with nothing appearing to happen (when in effect it was as if you turned a real paddle all the way to the end of the range). This eliminates issues in (for example) Kaboom, where there was a huge 'deadzone' when moving to the left. All applicable ROMS in the internal database have been updated.
The range for paddle emulation now takes an integer from 1 - 20, indicating how much to scale movement (ie, how fast the onscreen paddle will move when you move the mouse). The movement itself is now also smoother than before.
Fixed bug in 'Score mode' in TIA emulation; the TIA object colours were correct, but the associated priority was sometimes incorrect.
Fixed bug in ROM launcher; selecting 'Options -> Game Properties' after loading a ROM would always point to the last opened ROM, not to the one currently selected.
Fixed bug in storing ROM properties; in some cases, a copy of the ROM properties was being stored in the external file when it was exactly the same as the internal entry.
Added 'CV+' bankswitching scheme, developed by myself and LS_Dracon (of AtariAge). This scheme contains RAM like the CV scheme, and also switchable 2K ROM segments by writing to $3D.
Added more C++11 updates all over the codebase

Re: Stella 4.7.2 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 17.07.17, 18:59
von Gordon

Re: Stella 5.0.0 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 06.02.18, 17:08
von Gordon

Re: Stella 5.1.0 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 21.05.18, 14:39
von klodeckel

Fixed bug with SaveKey autodetection; some ROMs were not correctly detecting that a virtual SaveKey device was plugged in. This notably fixes issues in "Super Cobra" and "Scramble" ROMs.
Make previously mentioned ROMs use the SaveKey device by default.
Fixed bug in UI navigation with joystick hat movement.

Re: Stella 5.1.2 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 10.06.18, 19:00
von klodeckel

Fixed crash in OpenBSD when quitting the app, which can also be happening on other systems (no reports yet, but the problem is now fixed for good).
Fixed configure/build scripts to work natively under OpenBSD.

Re: Stella 6.0 - Atari 2600 Emulator für Windows

Verfasst: 24.12.18, 6:47
von klodeckel

sehr umfangreiches Änderungsprotokoll gibt's hier: