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Veusz v. 3.0.1 - wissenschaftliche Datenvisualisierung / Funktionsplotter

Verfasst: 10.05.17, 0:27
von Jean
Veusz ist ein wissenschaftlicher Funktions-Plotter, der u.a. X-Y-, Linien-, Contour-, Stepped-, Bar-, Box-,
Polar- oder Ternary-Plots zaubert. Exportiert wird nach EPS/PDF/PNG/SVG/EMF, importiert werden Daten aus

multi-OS-Freeware, auf Python-Basis - nicht probiert, habe gerade nichts zu plotten da

(etwas älter in geläufigeren Zungen: ... ichenpaket )

Re: Veusz v. 1.26 - wissenschaftliche Datenvisualisierung / Funktionsplotter

Verfasst: 18.09.17, 8:39
von jasonliul

Re: Veusz v. 2.0 - wissenschaftliche Datenvisualisierung / Funktionsplotter

Verfasst: 30.10.17, 19:14
von Jean
v. 2.1 - fehlerfreier
HDF5 files are now opened in readonly mode.

Re: Veusz v. 2.1 - wissenschaftliche Datenvisualisierung / Funktionsplotter

Verfasst: 27.02.18, 0:39
von Jean
v. 2.2
Notify user updates to Veusz are available
Add support for high DPI displays
Send automatic anonymous feedback to developers giving software version information and counts of the features used.
The redo operation can now be done multiple times

Re: Veusz v. 2.2 - wissenschaftliche Datenvisualisierung / Funktionsplotter

Verfasst: 09.04.18, 7:12
von klodeckel

Changes in 2.2.2:
* Fix zoom for polar, ternary and broken axis plots
* For mean and add dataset operations, allow datasets to be different
lengths, expanding to the maximum
* Fix broken axis if the ends of the axis are not the edge of the plot
* Fix image embedding in Python 3
* Update h5py to newer version in Windows binary (supporting HDF 1.10.1)
* Fix 'fractions' and 'percentages' units in polar plot
* Add LANG(mapping) function when evaluating labels, allowing translation
of strings in documents

Re: Veusz v. 2.2.2 - wissenschaftliche Datenvisualisierung / Funktionsplotter

Verfasst: 11.06.18, 6:47
von klodeckel
Veusz 3.0

Veusz is a major new release now including 3D plotting.
New 3D support for plotting points, functions, surfaces and volumes
Add –export-option parameter for command line exporting control
Add templates in preferences for exported file names, add %PAGE00% and %PAGE000% options for zero-prefixed page numbers, and change %PAGENUM% to %PAGE%
In export dialog allow user to specify arbitrary pages to export
Change miter limit for lines, which fixes some problems when exporting arrow to PDFs
Use flat cap on lines with arrows, to avoid line showing through head
Support datetime64 and string/unicode characters in npy/npz import
Add \hat LaTeX support

Re: Veusz v. 3.0.1 - wissenschaftliche Datenvisualisierung / Funktionsplotter

Verfasst: 23.07.18, 7:46
von klodeckel

* Change in build system to use qmake to find Qt locations. This is to fix
the build inside Anaconda. Also Qt and sip parameters can now be given
as environment variables.
* Fix problem when picking points with too many non-finite values
* Change default SVG export DPI to 96 to match inkscape and provide
option in dialog to choose export DPI
* Allow %PAGE% and %PAGENAME% in export filename for single page output
* Fix failing fitting due to iminuit differences
* Fix crash if both ends of part of broken axis widget are the same for
EMF exporting
* Update to Qt 5.11.1 and update PyQt and sip in Windows binary
* Build Mac and Linux binaries with EMF export