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Sun Clock 4K (Zeitzonen, Mondphasen, Satellitenbilder usw. im Tray)

Verfasst: 05.10.03, 14:59
von Gordon
Sun Clock

Version: 5
Grösse: 1 MB
Homepage: neu ... k%204k.htm

Screenshot: auf der HP
Sun Clock - A PC application and a useful screen saver - keeps you in touch with the sun and the moon and your colleagues round the globe
Time zones, multi-lingual support, phases of the moon, solar and lunar eclipses and now with stars and planets. The locations on the earth's surface where the sun and moon are over head are now indicated.
Three screen savers in one: Sun clock, the night sky, and a large format clock - take your pick. When used as a screen saver it now supports Windows screen saver passwords.

See the sky as it appears from your location, or any other chosen location. The sun, moon, and major planets are displayed against the stars. Two grids show the celestial coordinates and the elevation and bearing as measured from the specified location.
The distance to each planet and their speed with respect to the earth is displayed on the left hand side.

Verfasst: 27.12.05, 11:40
von Gordon
neue Version 6
new features:
Satellite imagery plus 3D terrain data create a colourful representation of the physical geography of the planet.

The world map is centred on your chosen location.

The map uses the familiar Mercator projection.

The city database contains more than 2,700 entries.

The cities light up as they move into the earth's shadow.

Support for wide format screens.

Support for dual-monitor computers.

Fast forward to check world times in advance.

Switches to Sky View to show the sun's path for the present day as well as the sun paths and hour lines throughout the year. As the sun sets, more than 9,000 stars appear with the moon, planets and constellations for the present date and time together with solar and lunar eclipses when they occur.
Änderung der Lizenzmodelle in "free, personal und corporate edition"
Unterschiede hier:

dort ist auch der Download der Version 6 möglich!
deutsche Sprachdatei:

Verfasst: 10.01.06, 11:57
von thinkdifferent
Seit 7.1. gibt es noch zusätzlich die Version 6.5:

In Sun Clock 6.5 the world map is subtly different every day. As the seasons change watch the polar sea-ice expand and contract, the snow cover on land extend and recede, and the vegetation of the Amazon jungle, sub-Saharan Africa, and elsewhere change in intensity. Using satellite imagery taken throughout 2004 the annual cycle is simulated.

The features of version 6.5 are only available with the single user licence or during the 30 day demo period. An existing licence for Sun Clock 6 is valid for version 6.5.
6.0 ist allerdings immer noch in den 3 Versionen (Free/Personal/Corporate) downloadbar.

Verfasst: 24.11.08, 11:48
von @thehop
Inzwischen auch für Vista geeignet - keine Versionsänderungen ...

Download Sun Clock 6.5
SunZip65.exe, Latest update: 9-11-2008 13:05, Size: 11.77 Mb

Download Sun Clock 6.0
SunZip6.exe, Latest update: 9-11-2008 13:01, Size: 2.57 Mb
Sun Clock version 6 is exactly the same as Sun Clock version 6.5 except that the map
in version 6 does not change with the seasons.
This difference makes the size of the download file considerably smaller (2.6 Mb).

Re: Sun Clock 6.0 / 6.5 (Zeitzonen, Mondphasen, Satellitenbilder usw. im Tray)

Verfasst: 04.05.13, 17:01
von Gordon
im November 2012 erschien Version 7, jetzt hier zu finden: ... .htm#start
System requirements
Sun Clock 7 is designed for Microsoft Windows (XP and above - Windows 7 is recommended). Sun Clock will function with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Sun Clock 7 has been designed for high-definition screens (1920 x 1080 pixels) though it will also run happily on lower definition displays. No internet connection is required to run the program. The program and its data occupy approximately 140Mb.
DL: ... .htm#start

Re: Sun Clock Free Edition 7.0 (Zeitzonen, Mondphasen, Satellitenbilder usw. im Tray)

Verfasst: 29.06.19, 18:47
von Gordon
heißt jetzt SunClock 4k und ist unter ... k%204k.htm zu finden