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Gnuplot 5.2.6 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern6

Verfasst: 27.03.04, 14:27
von Quampo
Name: Gnuplot
Version: 3.73 Patchlevel 3
Grösse: 642 KB, davon 281 KB Programm
Downloadlink: ...
Screenshot: -
Standalone? Ja
Winzig, hässlich, nicht ganz leicht zu lernen und unübertroffen. Wer einmal sich mit der Skriptsprache angefreundet hat (wobei man durch die drübergestrickte Windows-GUI etwas Unterstützung findet), wird kaum noch eine 2D/3D-Datenvisualisierung vermissen. Besonders beeindruckt die Vielfalt der Exportmöglichkeiten - z. B. EPS oder als LaTeX-Quelltext.

#Edit: Homepage gefunden (ist von nach migriert)

Verfasst: 28.03.04, 10:35
von RIP

Gnuplot 4.0

Verfasst: 01.05.04, 22:30
von Distman
Update auf Version 4.0

Neu ist folgendes:
# Mouse_and_hotkey_support_in_interactive_terminals:
# New_terminal_features:
# New_plot_style_pm3d:
# New_plot_style_`filledcurves`:
# Filled_boxes:
# New_plot_option_smooth_frequency:
# Improved_text_options:
# More_text_encodings:
# Arrows:
# Data_file_format:
# Other_changes_and_additions:
# Accompanying_documentation:
Die offizielle Bekanntgabe:


Download für viele Betriebssysteme: ... _id=231440


Verfasst: 28.02.07, 22:26
von JensusUT
Wer Quampos Text gelesen und trotzdem den Download gewagt hat, wird sich sicher freuen üüüüber...:

:ansage: Version 4.2 release candidate (24-Jan-2007)

Obige Links bringens...

Verfasst: 06.03.07, 22:19
von JFierce7
Version 4.2 wurde am 3. März freigegeben - allerdings gibt's wohl noch keine ausführbare Version für Windows.

Verfasst: 20.03.07, 7:56
von JohnDoe
Die Binaries (ausführbare Dateien) für Windows ( sind verfügbar: ... ge_id=1996

Verfasst: 03.08.07, 19:37
von JohnDoe
Wer sich einen Überblick über das Leistungsspektrum von gnuplot verschaffen möchte, sollte sich die Demo Plots ansehen. Ein Großteil der Demos liegt auch dem Download Packet bei. Ein Blick in die Skripte hilft auch sehr beim Verstehen von gnuplot und erleichtert den Einstieg.

Alles in allem einmächtiges Programm, wenn man viele Diagramme zu erstellen hat. Für mich derzeit der Standard in diesem Bereich.

gnuplot demo plots:

Super Referenz für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene.

gnuplot tips (not so Frequently Asked Questions):

Verfasst: 22.10.07, 10:54
von JohnDoe
aktuell: v4.2.2 - bugfix release (01-Sep-2007)
dl: ... up_id=2055
changelog hat geschrieben:gnuplot v4.2.2 (01-Sep-2007)
  • NEW allow extra column in 2D plots containing color information
  • NEW set term latex {size XX,YY}
  • FIX buffering of very long input lines
  • FIX clipping of image data against plot boundary
  • FIX polygon clipping bugs
  • FIX key sample for plots with variable color
  • FIX wxt initialization on non-gnu systems
  • FIX escape sequence %% handling in sprintf() format strings
  • FIX Apply "set style incr user" to 3D contours and to histograms
  • FIX Apply "set key {no}enhanced" to key titles read from a file
  • FIX Allow string variable as filename for "fit via <filename>"
  • CHANGE defer x11 initialization until first plot command
  • CHANGE clean up configuration files for amg, cyg, mgw, dj2
  • CHANGE modify SVG output to accommodate non-compliant viewers
  • CHANGE allow 'strcol()' as shorthand for 'stringcolumn()'
  • CHANGE default to "blacktext" for TeX-based PostScript variants

Verfasst: 24.03.08, 11:57
von JohnDoe
aktuell: v4.2.3 (08-Mar-2008)
download: ... up_id=2055
changelog hat geschrieben:gnuplot v4.2.3 (08-Mar-2008)
  • NEW options front and back to "set colorbox"
  • NEW character encoding support for emf and pdf terminals
  • NEW "format" keyword for "set tics" and "set {x|y|...}tics"
  • NEW allow user to set colorbar label rotatation if the bar is vertical
  • FIX allow tic format to be given as a string variable
  • FIX handling of negative screen coordinates on ia64, PPC
  • FIX coloring of hidden surfaces if drawn with line styles
  • FIX direction of y axis in graph coords for "set view map"
  • FIX minitics in log scale
  • FIX minor bugfixes to terminals fig, emf, post, svg, x11
  • FIX cgm terminal now produces correct pm3d and pattern fill output
  • FIX protect against overly long font names in gd, svg
  • FIX infinite loop from x11 plot window resizing under ion, fluxbox
  • FIX never estimate zero size for a non-empty string
  • FIX discard degenerate polygons during hidden3d processing
  • FIX segfault if replot is called while terminal type is unknown
  • FIX segfault if locale obtained by getenv() is freed
  • FIX discard axis ticks read from previous data file
  • FIX Do not clip image against Z range in 3D splot with "set view map"
  • FIX off-by-one error in implicit column 0 for binary data files
  • FIX splot was trashing the default clipping boundaries for 2D plots
  • CHANGE tweak installation scripts for OSX nt cyg dj2 mgw
  • CHANGE install Xresource file as Gnuplot, not
  • CHANGE Remove limitation of 10 args max to internal function sprintf()
  • CHANGE Bring emf point types into conformity with other terminals
  • CHANGE estimate the space for rotated tick labels on x and x2 axes

Verfasst: 08.10.08, 8:50
von JohnDoe
aktuell: v4.2.4 (22-Sep-2008)
download: ... up_id=2055
changelog hat geschrieben:gnuplot v4.2.4 (22-Sep-2008)
  • NEW add support for enhanced text mode in the emf terminal driver
  • NEW builtin functions 'strftime' and 'strptime'
  • NEW set absolute plot margins in screen coordinates
  • NEW "nocontours" keyword for splot
  • NEW "undefine foo" clears previously defined user variable foo
  • NEW allow contouring of pm3d surfaces
  • NEW allow color by z value ("palette z") in 2D plots
  • NEW "pause mouse close" waits until the plot window is closed
  • FIX Do not re-quantize time tics interval explicitly set by user
  • FIX (gd post) don't segfault on very long font names
  • FIX allow variable color from input file for "with boxes", "with vectors"
  • FIX don't run off the end of "set format" commands
  • FIX Fix discontinuity in piecewise approximation of inverse error function
  • FIX discard out of range vectors in the bitmap terminals (pbm, epson, etc)
  • FIX 2nd colour in the colour box for negative palette in postscript
  • FIX insure palette is initialized before any objects are drawn
  • FIX wxt terminal was not obeying "set palette maxcolors"
  • FIX Histograms did not correctly honor 'set style user increment'
  • FIX Avoid segfault if tic labels are requested from a non-existent data column
  • FIX emf terminal - allow fractional linewidth (fixes 0-length dash problem)
  • FIX post terminal - fix parsing error for palfuncparam
  • FIX post terminal - escape {} chars in enhanced text mode
  • FIX clip "splot with labels" against plot boundaries in 2D mode
  • CHANGE try harder to autotitle columns in using specs with expressions
  • CHANGE gd.trm: use dynamically-allocated TTF font names
  • CHANGE x11: more finely sampled color palette for PM3D
  • CHANGE cgm: switch to using web_color_rgbs; approximate RGB colors
  • CHANGE fig: more point types, 4.2-style font and size syntax for "set term"
  • CHANGE emf: separate dashlength option (don't use linewidth for dashlength)
  • CHANGE stacked histograms grow upward for values > 0, downward for values < 0
  • CHANGE 'pause mouse button1' (or button2) does not disable zooming
  • CHANGE built-in readline now tries to recognize <home> and <end> keys

Verfasst: 28.04.09, 11:36
von ToniMahoni
aktuell: v4.2.5 (30-Mar-2009)
download: ... up_id=2055

changelog hat folgendes geschrieben:
gnuplot version 4.2.5
  • * NEW ./configure --with-readline=bsd to use libedit rather than libreadline
    * NEW command line option -e "command list"
    * NEW 'set xtics rangelimit' allows creation of range/frame plots
    * NEW "set view equal_axes xy{z}" does for 3D what "set size square" does for 2D
    * CHANGE updated svg terminal driver (back-ported from 4.3 CVS branch)
    * CHANGE fillstyle empty really is consistently empty (not fill-with-background)
    * CHANGE warn that some options to 'set datafile binary' are not implemented
    * CHANGE handling of custom palette when postscript mode is set to "monochrome"
    * CHANGE allow Z axis label in 3D plots to be rotated
    * CHANGE do not save or restore axis tick labels that were read from a data file
    * FIX interpolatation for pm3d surfaces given by both z and colour coordinates
    * FIX infinite loop if axis tick increment is on the order of machine precision
    * FIX initialize x11 enhanced text mode to use most recently requested font
    * FIX emf handling of enhanced text at non-zero angle
    * FIX 3D plots with fixed zrange were clipping against xmax rather than zmax
    * FIX handling of uninitialized variables in fit "via" command
    * FIX pm3d depthorder was ignoring interpolation setting
    * FIX assignment of fill patterns to boxes in columnstacked histograms
    * FIX Reserve room for user tic labels even if the format for autoticks is ""
    * FIX bug in 4.2.4 that gave twice the requested left/right margin width

Re: Gnuplot 4.2.5 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern

Verfasst: 15.05.10, 22:01
von bollino
13.03.2010: Release gnuplot 4.4.0.


Re: Gnuplot 4.6.0 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern

Verfasst: 14.10.14, 19:54
von Gordon

Re: Gnuplot 4.6.6 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern

Verfasst: 06.01.16, 18:21
von Gordon
Inzwischen gibt es auch schon Vertreter der 5er-Linie in Version 5.01:

Re: Gnuplot 5.0.1 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern

Verfasst: 26.04.17, 21:55
von Gordon

Re: Gnuplot 5.0.6 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern

Verfasst: 09.05.18, 18:56
von Gordon

Re: Gnuplot 5.2.4 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern

Verfasst: 21.09.18, 16:41
von Gordon
Version 5.2.4 jetzt auch kompiliert für Windows verfügbar: ... lot/5.2.4/

Re: Gnuplot 5.2.4 - Der Klassiker unter den Funktionsplottern

Verfasst: 05.01.19, 17:21
von Gordon
Version 5.2.6 is an incremental release in the stable 5.2 series
containing bug fixes and a few new features back-ported from the
development version.

The most noteworthy bug fix in 5.2.6 improves the handling of
"pause mouse" by the x11, wxt, and qt terminals. ... lot/5.2.6/