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Re: TeamViewer v. 14.4.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 20.08.19, 17:48
von Gordon

Re: TeamViewer v. 14.5.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 27.09.19, 0:20
von Jean

Re: TeamViewer v. 14.6.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 24.10.19, 18:16
von Gordon
steigt mit weniger Fehlern der Aktienkurs?
auf jeden Fall gibt es 14.7: ... td-p/74586

Re: TeamViewer v. 14.7.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 20.11.19, 17:28
von Gordon
Version: 15.0.8397 (Full)

Release date: 2019-11-19

Change Log:
Please note that this is the release of a new major version. It is only possible to connect to a remote device with this version if your local device is using the same version or higher.

Improved quality for audio transmission within a remote control connection and within a TeamViewer meeting.
Simplified and clearer choices in the Advanced Options to define the automatic update behavior of the client.
TeamViewer is now fully compatible on Windows 10 v19H2 (November 2019 update).

Re: TeamViewer v. 15.0.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 17.12.19, 17:01
von Gordon
Version: 15.1.3937 (Full)

Release date: 2019-12-17

Change Log:
Updated TeamViewer EULA
You can now invite users to join a TeamViewer Pilot session by creating Pilot session codes.
You can now send files during a TeamViewer Pilot session to the remote device.
Fixed a bug that too many notifications have been shown during copy & paste actions for images from a local to a remote computer.
Fixed a bug that prevented the execution of PowerShell scripts from the client toolbar's script menu if the Windows username on the remote side contains a blank.