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Verfasst: 09.04.09, 22:43
von JensusUT

Verfasst: 16.06.09, 21:24
von JensusUT
Stabile Version 1.2.0 veröffentlicht.

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Verfasst: 06.09.09, 21:31
von bollino
Aktuelle Version ist 1.2.1 (stable).


Verfasst: 28.10.09, 15:55
von Stefan1200
Gordon hat geschrieben:aktuell ist Version 1.2.3 - jetzt Win7-tauglich!
Hum? Ich nutze Wireshark schon seit der 1.0 fehlerfrei unter Win 7 :).

Verfasst: 17.11.09, 22:31
von catman
Wireshark 1.2.4 (16.11.2009)
The 1.2.4 release fixes a problem with some interface drivers on Windows and a problem saving RTP streams.

Verfasst: 18.12.09, 7:28
von catman
Wireshark 1.2.5 (17.12.2009)
This release fixes several security-related vulnerabilities.

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.2.8 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 12.06.10, 15:53
von wiegmann
Wireshark v1.2.9 stable ist bereits seit dem 09.06.2010 verfügbar.

CL: ... 1.2.9.html

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.4.7 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 08.06.11, 16:34
von Gordon

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.6.3 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 08.01.12, 21:55
von bollino
Stable: Wireshark 1.6.4

November 18, 2011

Wireshark 1.6.4 has been released.

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.6.8 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 24.06.12, 16:08
von Gordon
neues Majorupdate auf Version 1.8.0 - Wireshark kann jetzt mehrere Schnittstellen gleichzeitig überwachen!
The following features are new (or have been significantly
updated) since version 1.6:

o Wireshark supports capturing from multiple interfaces at once.

o You can now add, edit, and save packet and capture file

o Wireshark, TShark, and their associated utilities now save
files using the pcap-ng file format by default. (Your copy of
Wireshark might still use the pcap file format if pcap-ng is
disabled in your preferences.)

o Decryption key management for IEEE 802.11, IPsec, and ISAKMP
is easier.

o OID resolution is now supported on 64-bit Windows.

o The "Save As" menu item has been split into "Save As", which
lets you save a file using a different filename and "Export
Specified Packets", which lets you have more control over
which packets are saved.

o TCP fast retransmissions are now indicated as an expert info
note, rather than a warning, just as TCP retransmissions are.

o TCP window updates are no longer colorized as "Bad TCP".

o TShark's command-line options have changed. The previously
undocumented -P option is now -2 option for performing a
two-pass analysis; the former -S option is now the -P option
for printing packets even if writing to a file, and the -S
option is now used to specify a different line separator
between packets.

o GeoIP IPv6 databases are now supported.

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.8.0 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 25.07.12, 19:51
von JensusUT
Minor Update... 1.8.1, "nur" Fehlerbehebung.

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Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.8.3 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 29.11.12, 22:24
von Jean
aktuell ist v. 1.8.4 ... mit noch weniger Fehlern ... 1.8.4.html

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.10.4 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 09.03.14, 2:37
von Jean
v. 1.10.06
neue Protokolle, weniger Fehler und geschlossene Sicherheitslöscher

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.10.6 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 14.06.14, 23:24
von Jean
v. 1.10.08
weniger Fehler, geschlossene Sicherheitslöscher und bessere Protokoll-Unterstützung

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.10.8 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 02.08.14, 14:19
von Gordon
Majorupdate auf 1.12
New and Updated Features

The following features are new or have been significantly updated since version 1.10:

The Windows installer now uninstalls the previous version of Wireshark silently. You can still run the uninstaller manually beforehand if you wish to run it interactively.
Expert information is now filterable when the new API is in use.
The "Number" column shows related packets and protocol conversation spans (Qt only).
When manipulating packets with editcap using the -C <choplen> and/or -s <snaplen> options, it is now possible to also adjust the original frame length using the -L option.
You can now pass the -C <choplen> option to editcap multiple times, which allows you to chop bytes from the beginning of a packet as well as at the end of a packet in a single step.
You can now specify an optional offset to the -C option for editcap, which allows you to start chopping from that offset instead of from the absolute packet beginning or end.
"malformed" display filter has been renamed to "_ws.malformed". A handful of other filters have been given the "_ws." prefix to note they are Wireshark application specific filters and not dissector filters.
The Kerberos dissector has been replaced with an auto generated one from ASN1 protocol description, changing a lot of filter names.
Additionally the Windows installers have an extra component: a preview of the upcoming user interface for Wireshark 2.0.
ausführlicher: ... 8217_s_new

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.12.3 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 14.05.15, 0:43
von Jean
v. 1.12.5 - weniger Fehler und mehr sicher
There are no new features in this release

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.12.6 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 15.10.15, 17:45
von Gordon
Version 1.12.8 beseitigt weitere Fehler

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 1.12.8 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 19.11.15, 15:59
von Gordon
Gordon hat geschrieben:Version 2 steht vor der Tür, RC3 ist downloadbar ...
und jetzt final 2.0

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 2.02 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 09.06.16, 18:16
von Gordon
2.04 fehlerbefreiter

Re: Wireshark (aka Ethereal) v 2.04 - Netzwerksniffer & Analyzer

Verfasst: 08.09.16, 18:06
von Gordon
neues Majorupdate auf Version 2.2, versteht jetzt mehr Protokolle: ... 2.2.0.html