WinSCP v. 5.17.9 - Dateimanager für SSH

alles was mit LAN, Proxies, Netzwerkmonitor, usw. zu tun hat.

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WinSCP v. 5.17.9 - Dateimanager für SSH

Beitrag von MannyMuster » 04.02.02, 15:35

Version: 2.0 beta (#89) 2002-1-29
System: Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, Win NT, Win 2000, Win XP

WinSCP ist ein echter Dateimanager im "Norton" Look, der aber für SSH- Verbindungen mit dem Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) gedacht ist. Alle Dateioperationen, die man normalerweise über eine SSH-Befehlszeile eingeben muss, lassen sich so gewohnt per Drag and Drop erledigen.
WinSCP unterstützt SSH1 und SSH2. Ein RSA-Schlüssel für SSH1 kann generiert werden.
Grösse: 752 KByte

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Beitrag von eyebex » 15.09.03, 12:56

likeatim hat geschrieben:Filezilla kann übrigens auch mit SSH umgehen (via Putty Plugin)...
das hört sich so an, als müsste man für filezilla zusätzlich etwas herunterladen / installieren, damit ssh funktioniert. dass muss man aber nicht, und technisch handelt es sich auch nicht um ein plugin. genau wie winscp benutzt filezilla lediglich den putty source code.

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 13.07.07, 8:16

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Beitrag von eyebex » 13.07.07, 9:44

Hervorzuheben: WinSCP 4 kann jetzt auch FTP (basierend auf FileZilla Code).
Wir werden alle störben!1!!

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Beitrag von vorkoster » 03.09.07, 12:51

Version 4.04 (02.09.2007)

# Fallback to simple FTP LIST command, when LIST -a fails.
# Workaround for bug in Windows Vista preventing selection of files with keyboard.
# Offline network drives are not scanned on startup to prevent long delays before a main window is shown.
# Improved security when handling URL’s (from web browser).
sowie Fehlerbehebungen

Schön: gibt's auch als Standalone-Version.
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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 25.10.07, 9:03

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Beitrag von vorkoster » 03.01.08, 16:34

Version 4.0.6 (03.01.2008)

Änderungen: Fehlerbehebungen
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Rainer Zufall
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Beitrag von Rainer Zufall » 04.01.08, 9:32

bei Caschy ist die portable/deutsch zu bekommen :)


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Beitrag von wiegmann » 24.03.08, 11:54

WinSCP v4.1 beta ist raus, sowie v4.0.7 als stable.
4.1 beta

* SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.60. It brings following changes:
o Support for “local proxying”, where a network connection is replaced by a local command.
o Various cryptographic improvements in SSH-2, including SDCTR cipher modes and a workaround for a weakness in CBC cipher modes. Support for Diffie-Hellman group exchange with SHA-256 was not included due to performance problems.
o Support for the Arcfour cipher in SSH-2.
o When Pageant is running and an SSH key is specified in the configuration, WinSCP will now only try Pageant authentication with that key. This gets round a problem where some servers would only allow a limited number of keys to be offered before disconnecting.
o Support for SSH-2 password expiry mechanisms, and various other improvements and bugfixes in authentication.
o A change to the SSH-2 password camouflage mechanism in 0.58 upset some Cisco servers, so we have reverted to the old method.
o Random seed file is being stored to application data folder when possible.
o Bug fix: SSH-1 connections tended to crash, particularly when using port forwarding.
o Bug fix: SSH Tectia Server would reject SSH-2 tunnels from WinSCP due to a malformed request.
o Bug fix: SSH-2 login banner messages were being dropped silently under some circumstances.
o Bug fix: IPv6 should now work on Windows Vista.
* Stored sessions can be organized into folders. 34
* Switched to Quest PuTTY implementation of Kerberos/GSSAPI. It brings following changes:
o Preference of GSS key exchange algorithms can be configured on Key exchange tab of login dialog.
o Session option Allow Kerberos 5 ticket forwarding in GSSAPI/SSPI obsoleted (was probably useless anyway).
o Session option Server realm renamed to Service principal name.
* Added several switches to scripting commands to extend their capabilities with functionality available in GUI already:
o -mirror and -criteria 59 for synchronize;
o -delete for synchronize and keepuptodate (obsoletes option synchdelete);
o -permissions, -nopermissions and -speed 109 for get, put, synchronize and keepuptodate;
o -delete, -preservetime and -nopreservetime for get and put;
o -timeout, -privatekey and -passive 132 for open.
* Added switch /hostkey to command-line and open script command to automatically accept host keys with given fingerprint.
* Environment variables can be used in scripting commands. The syntax is %NAME%. 76
* Command Duplicate can transfer files in between different opened sessions (via local temporary copy). It can also be used to duplicate the file within the session, if the protocol does not allow direct duplication. 127
* In file panel, file sorting by date and size is by default descending.
* Speed limit can be actually set in KiB/s.
* Speed limit can be set for background transfers.
* Custom command to execute SFTP server binary may be specified. This allows using su to run SFTP server. 84
* Transfer settings were removed from transfer options dialog to simplify it. The settings can be changed by selecting transfer settings preset or by invoking custom transfer settings dialog (the same way as for synchronization).
* More than one host key for a host may be accepted.
* It is possible to cancel connection attempts of background transfer.
* Proxy settings to check for updates can be automatically detected from system and IE settings.
* Improved keepalive mechanism of FTP sessions by listing current directory in regular intervals.
* On upgrade, setup informs if there are installed translations that are not present in new release anymore.
* Setup removes obsolete translations from previous installations.
* When synchronized browsing is on and entered directory does not exist in an opposite directory, WinSCP offers to create it.
* Saving password to stored session must be explicitly requested using checkbox on save session dialog (replaces previous warning message box). 136
* Transfer options dialog can be suppressed. 44
* Change: Removed One file only editing mode.
* During resumable transfers, the destination file is not removed (if present) until the transfer actually finishes.
* When opening secondary shell session, startup actions like clearing of aliases, unsetting national variables and looking up user groups are not performed.
* For SCP protocol, listing command can be fully specified to overcome specifics of platform (this obsoletes former option Alias LS to display group name). 142
* New patterns for custom commands: !/ expands to current remote path, !@ expands to current session hostname. !u expands to username, !p expands to password. 48
* Escaping of special characters is reversed on upload. 32
* Custom FTP commands can be executed after login. 162
* Transfer and session toolbars automatically stretches to right window edge.
* Command line panel is toolbar (can be docked elsewhere).
* Address and command line drop down boxes follow the toolbar style.
* On Explorer-like interface, path on address toolbar is editable.
* KiB is used instead of KB for kilobyte.
* Estimated time is shown instead of elapsed time in queue list.
* Open in PuTTY makes PuTTY use Telnet or SSH session for FTP sessions in WinSCP.
* Host key confirmation dialog has an option to copy the key into clipboard.
* Server does not use UTF-8 changed to UTF-8 encoding for filenames and moved to Environment tab, as it is used also by FTP protocol.
* Timezone offset moved to Environment tab, as it is used also by FTP protocol.
* Shift-Del deletes to recycle bin, if deletion to recycle bin is disabled, and vice versa.
* Opening bookmarks and home directory do not trigger synchronized browsing anymore.
* Drive drop down menu shows My documents when current local directory is below “My documents” folder.
* It is possible to optionally overwrite stored password with new one, if authentication with original stored password fails.
* When renaming a file within file panel, only filename (without an extension) is selected.
* When storing remote file to local temporary directory, full remote path is recreated locally to make identification of file easier (particularly in external editor). 4
* Several improvements to internal editor:
o Search direction can be specified.
o Support for multiple undoes and redo.
o Tab size can be defined. 12
o Improved toggling of word wrapping.
* Print command added to default custom command examples. 6
* When operation finishes while minimized, window is no longer restored. Instead taskbar balloon is shown.
* When saving session with password, option is given not to store the password.
* Changed default local tunnel port number range to “IANA Dynamic and/or Private Ports range”. 173
* Change: File path patterns changed to match those of custom commands.
* WinSCP starts on the same monitor is was closed the last time. 135
* Notification balloon is not displayed after background upload of edited/opened file is finished. 143
* Edit link function is available in context menu of remote symbolic links.
* Size of directory change cache is limited.
* Error messages of background transfer are actually presented as errors.
* Initial size of Commander-like window is increased.
* Improved initial placing of Commander-like window.
* Improved call command description with respect to FTP protocol.
* ftp protocol added to command-line syntax help.
* Most options on SCP tab of login dialog are disabled, when SCP protocol is not selected, to avoid confusion (although they can actually be used when SCP fallback is administered).
* Cleaned icons for Open in PuTTY and Log Window.
* Default ping interval session option is not saved anymore.
* Patterns hint next to proxy telnet/local command on Proxy tab of login dialog.
* Change: Transfer option Preserve read-only is off by default.
* On download with LF to CR/LF EOL conversion, CR EOL’s were needlessly removed. 67
* UTF-8 byte-order-mask is stripped on upload. 82
* Example for switching user on login added to Shell session option (/bin/bash -c 'sudo su -').
* Better error reporting when contacting to check for application updates fails.
* When script output is redirected to file, filename in transfer progress report is not truncated. 63
* Names of directories being compared during synchronization in scripting are echoed. 73
* Bug fix: It was not possible to match file/directory in root with file mask. 170
* Bug fix: Failure when dropping file to .. link (particularly with FTP). 166
* Bug fix: Incorrect handling of certain errors while connecting.
* Bug fix: Ping interval of the first opened FTP session was preserved for all later sessions.
* Bug fix: When traversing path components in input boxes, input cursor may have ended past the end of text.
* Bug fix: It was possible to configure Preserve timestamp transfer settings for synchronization, although it is always enabled actually.
* Bug fix: Bottom-aligned components of login and preferences dialog may have been positioned (partially) off-screen. 33
* Bug fix: Main window was opened on primary monitor even if login dialog was moved to other monitor. 135
* Bug fix: Pressing Esc while renaming session on Login dialog, closed the dialog instead of cancelling the renaming.
* Bug fix: When remote file is dropped to place, when dropping is not possible, misleading error message was shown, when drag&drop shell extension was enabled.


* While downloading trailing space in filenames is replaced with %20, as Windows does not allow them. 45
* Bug fix: Occasional failure while closing console window.
* Bug fix: Empty directories were not created on upload with FTP. 137
* Bug fix: Choosing between opening session in current or new window using Shift key was not working properly. 155
* Bug fix: When cancelling moving of local file to remote directory with FTP protocol, local source file was removed. 35
* Bug fix: Overwrite confirmations could not be suppressed for FTP protocol. 153
* Bug fix: It was possible to import “WinSCP temporary session” back to WinSCP. 148

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Beitrag von Jean » 24.03.08, 15:13

> Tab size can be defined. 12

.... meiner Erfahrung nach interessieren sich die Interessierten eher für eine Zusammenstellung
der interessantesten Neuerungen als für eine komplette Liste aller Änderungen ...

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Beitrag von caschy » 24.03.08, 15:44

Falls jmd. bei der Beta beim Start ne Fehlermeldung bekommt, dann kann derjenige sich bei mir melden. Ich hatte den Fehler auch und habe ein Debuglog an den Entwickler geschickt. Daraufhin bekam ich die bisher unveröffentlichte Beta vom 22/03...
Mit freundlichen Grüssen

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Beitrag von vorkoster » 14.07.08, 7:38

Version 4.1.5 (12.07.2008)

Änderungen: Fehlerbehebungen.

Download der deutschen portablen Version bei Caschy.
Die Originalversion gibt es bei Sourceforge.
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Beitrag von McStarfighter » 29.09.08, 14:32

Jetzt auch ein einer knackigen 4.17 ...

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Beitrag von bollino » 06.03.09, 22:30

Es gibt ne Public Beta

Und irgendwas scheint in der Pipeline zu sein: Siehe erster Eintrag (not released, aber mit Datum vom 4.3)


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Beitrag von bollino » 24.05.09, 22:45

WinSCP 4.1.9 (hotfix, 2009-04-23)



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Beitrag von bollino » 30.06.09, 20:09

WinSCP 4.2.2 beta released
Published: 2009-06-28
Most important changes are:

* New icon.
* Improvements to background transfer queue.
* PuTTY and OpenSSL code updated.
* Several improvements to scripting.
full CL:


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Beitrag von McStarfighter » 02.01.10, 15:18

4.2.5 Final ...

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Re: WinSCP v4.2.8: Dateimanager für SSH

Beitrag von Thunder-man » 26.09.10, 19:41

Gordon hat geschrieben:und wieder ein paar Bugfixe - Version 4.29 ist aktuell
portabel wie gehabt bei Caschy: ... inscp-4-29
(Soll keine Kritik sein, sondern nur ein Hinweis ... :oops: )
Die angebotene portable Version schreibt per default die Temp Files und die Datei winscp.rnd
auf dem Gast PC, in folgenden Pfad.
* winscp.rnd (Random seed file) in %APPDATA%\winscp.rnd
* Temporäre Dateien im lokalen Temp Ordner

Wer das ändern will, der kann in der WinSCP.ini z.B. folgendes eintragen:
Mit diesen Einträgen wird der Temp Ordner und die winscp.rnd dann innerhalb des portablen Ordners gelegt.


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Re: WinSCP v4.2.9: Dateimanager für SSH

Beitrag von Thunder-man » 24.02.11, 17:46

WinSCP v4.3.2 ist raus.

* SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.0d.
* Enabled TLS extensions in OpenSSL, what resolves problems with some FTP servers.
* Change: Compare directories command uses Shift+F2 shortcut instead of Ctrl+C. 641
* Added support for dragging files from WinRAR.
* Default ascii file mask extended with *.js.
* SSH core upgraded to the latest development snapshot of PuTTY (2011-02-21, revision 9101).
* Bug fix: Check for application updates was not working.
* Bug fix: Error response to SFTP initialization request was sometimes parsed incorrectly.
* Bug fix: It was not possible to skip errors during some operations.
* Bug fix: Home directory was incorrect after reconnect with FTP protocol.
* Bug fix: It was sometimes not possible to initiate file renaming.

Download: (auch portable Version)

Meine portable Version:
- mit angepasster WinSCP.ini
- deutsch / per

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Re: WinSCP v4.3.3: Dateimanager für SSH

Beitrag von Thunder-man » 31.07.11, 20:52

Neu ist WinSCP v4.3.4

# SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.61. It brings following changes:

* When WinSCP fails to get a response from Pageant, it logs the fact.
* Bug fix: Workaround for some servers blithely responding to
with SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_SUCCESS despite probably having no idea what it means. winadj-success
* Bug fix: Pageant authentication was not working.

# The command list -a is stopped being used when returned listing is empty.
# Using HTTP/1.1 when checking for application updates.
# Bug fix: Unwanted auto-completion in comboboxes when resizing the window.
# Bug fix: Arguments (passwords in particular) passed to PuTTY were not escaped correctly.
# Bug fix: Special permissions were not preserved correctly in configuration. 695
# Bug fix: Another invalid timezone shifting of file timestamps with FTP protocol.
# Bug fix: Failure when connection closes with FTP protocol. 698
# Bug fix: WinSCP was hanging when FTP directory listing connection was closed without response to LIST command.
# Bug fix: Slow startup when there are disconnected network drives. 702
# Bug fix: Notification balloon was displayed after finishing of every queue task.
# Bug fix: No fallback to IPv4 with SSH.
Download: (auch portable Version)

Meine portable Version:
- mit angepasster WinSCP.ini
- deutsch / per