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Re: AnyDesk 4.1 - Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 31.05.18, 2:49
von Jean
v. 4.1.2 - feehlerfreier

Re: AnyDesk 4.1.2 - Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 13.06.18, 1:33
von Jean
v. 4.1.3 - noch ohne CL

Re: AnyDesk 4.1.3 - Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 13.07.18, 0:21
von Jean
v. 4.2
Clipboard file transfer can now be disabled in the security settings.
The preview image can now be disabled in the privacy settings.
Most of the edits now support 'Ctrl'+'A'.
The session comment section can now be disabled where it appears.

Re: AnyDesk 4.2.1 - Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 18.07.18, 7:58
von klodeckel
4.2.1 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs
- Fixed a crash which could occur after one minute when there is no mouse attached
to the system.
- Fixed packets being dumped which should only be dumped in debug mode.
- Fixed a rare crash which occured immediately after starting AnyDesk.

Re: AnyDesk 4.2.2 - Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 20.07.18, 5:58
von klodeckel
v4.2.2 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs
- An alias could not be registered in case '@ad' was not appended.

Other Changes
- On successful alias registration a hint is shown, that the user has to take
care of his alias and ID on his/her own.

Re: AnyDesk 4.2.3 - Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 22.08.18, 20:21
von klodeckel
4.2.3 (Windows)

New Features
- Added a setting to disallow direct connections (hole punching).
Default is allowed.

Fixed Bugs
- Fixed auto-reconnect in the remote restart feature.
- Fixed a rare crash which could occur in incoming sessions.
- In some situations (for example virtual machines), no image was displayed by the
ddraw view. In this case, AnyDesk uses gdi now and displays an image.
- The standard distribution of AnyDesk did not start when a previously installed
MSI version of AnyDesk was not uninstalled correctly.

Re: AnyDesk 4.2.3 - Remote-Desktop

Verfasst: 14.12.18, 23:15
von Jean
v. 4.3.0 - weniger Fehler und
Command Line - File Manager Session
Terminal Sessions List for Windows Server
active session list