BitMeter II v3.6.0 - Trafficmonitor

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BitMeter II v3.6.0 - Trafficmonitor

Beitrag von Zocko » 12.01.06, 9:57


Trafficmonitor mit interessanten Features. Bietet ähnliche Features wie NetMeter und einige mehr wie einen Download-Zeit-Rechner.
Benötigt zum Laufen das .NET framework.
BitMeter 2 is a bandwidth meter, it allows you to visually monitor your internet connection by displaying a scrolling graph that shows your upload and download speed over time. BitMeter is freeware - ie. it is given away completely free of charge, there is no trial period, no time-limited features, no spyware, and no adware, guaranteed.

Other BitMeter features:

* Audio notification at regular (configurable) time intervals - different tones are played according to your current upload or download speed (tone boundaries are also configurable)
* Audio notification each time a certain amount of data is transferred (uploaded, downloaded or both)
* Animated System Tray icon shows upload and download speeds
* Check for new version (with auto-check option and proxy support)
* Select any combination of network cards to monitor or ignore
* Configurable graph scale - set to any value, or set to auto-adjust according to you speed
* Connection Speed Helper
* Option to display current graph maximum on screen
* Change units used in readout (Kb,KB,Mb,MB)
* Change graph type (bar or line graph)
* Interval bars with adjustable time period
* Adjustable scroll interval (anywhere between 1 and 60 seconds)
* Save favourite colour combinations for later use, or use one of the preconfigured colour-schemes.
* Configure System Tray tooltip information (including speeds and days totals)
* Show or hide readout area, or adjust its font-size.
* Auto-start option for current user, or all users
* Manual and automatic backup options of configuration and traffic history information.

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Beitrag von RIP » 12.01.06, 10:04

Na ja vielleicht sollte man .NET auf Tools beschränken die nur einen temporären Zweck erfüllen - dieses hier schluckt nämlich direkt beim Start 17-20Mb.
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Beitrag von BSA » 11.03.06, 19:58

"aber dafür spart es dem Programmierer jede Menge Zeit, Routinen abzutippen"
"macht doch nix ... ich hab nen Dual Core und 4096 MB RAM.. die paar MB"

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 04.11.06, 23:32

aktuell: v3.5.2 (02 Sep 2006)
changelog hat geschrieben:3.5.2 [Released 02 Sep 2006]
+ Bug fix for colour schemes

3.5.1 [Released 22 Jul 2006]
+ Adjustable web interface colours
+ Show DL/UL in Readout option added
+ Show Readout Border option duplicated on Readout Settings
+ Added Content-Type header into web server responses
+ Confirmation dialog added on Delete Colour Scheme
+ Installer adjusts permissions on install folder
+ Copes better with multiple adapters with the same MAC address (VPNs usually)
+ Bug fixes

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 14.05.07, 8:52

aktuell: v3.5.3 (15-Apr-2007)
changelog hat geschrieben:v3.5.3 [Released 15 April 2007]
  • Vista compatibility fixes

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Beitrag von catman » 02.10.07, 12:02

Bitmeter II 3.5.5 (30.09.2007)
3.5.5 [Released: 30 September 2007]
Installer improvements - better cleanup, copes better if app is running when user runs (un)install
Settings and Stats Grid screens now sized correctly for non-standard DPIs
Concurrency fixes for history file access
3.5.4 [Released: 23 September 2007]
Minor bug fix to web server
Minor bug fix to InfoPane for Scroll Interval > 1

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 23.03.08, 22:29

aktuell: v3.5.6 (09-Mar-2008)
changelog hat geschrieben:BitMeter II v3.5.6 (09-Mar-2008)
  • Moved config files out of install directory into 'Application data' folders for better Vista compatibility
  • Installer improvements, better error msgs, link for Windows Scripting Runtime download

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 28.05.08, 19:17

aktuell: v3.5.7 (08-May-2008)
changelog hat geschrieben:BitMeter II v3.5.7 (08-May-2008)
  • Added Surge Protection feature
  • Portuguese and Chinese translations

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 13.11.08, 7:47

aktuell: v3.5.8 (08-Nov-2008)
changelog hat geschrieben:BitMeter II v3.5.8 (08-Nov-2008)
  • Bug fix for laptop sleep/suspend mode
  • Various translations

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Re: BitMeter II v3.5.8 - Trafficmonitor

Beitrag von Gordon » 12.04.10, 18:18

neue Version 3.5.9 - die auch deutsch spricht
* Many new translations including French, Russian, Spanish, German, Danish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Dutch, Czech and Slovak
* Updated codebox URLs

der Autor entwickelt inzwischen den Nachfolger namens BitMeter OS - crossplattform und als Beta verfügbar
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Re: BitMeter II v3.5.9 - Trafficmonitor

Beitrag von Jean » 24.09.19, 0:30

inzwischen schon bei v. 3.6.0 ...
Added Windows 8.1 support by targeting .NET Runtime 4.5.1
Minor bug fixes

BitMeter OS ist bei 0.7.5 Beta ...

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Re: BitMeter II v3.6.0 - Trafficmonitor

Beitrag von blackcrack » 24.09.19, 12:50

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