GMap Kit 1.13 -> Portable Google Maps Suchmaske mit Screen Capture Tool

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GMap Kit 1.13 -> Portable Google Maps Suchmaske mit Screen Capture Tool

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GMap Kit 1.13 (c) 1999-2015 Joe Priestley | JSWare @ Jacksonville.US

DD: Oct 2013 - ab 348 KB (.zip) - Portable & Installer - Englisch - Freeware
OS: Windows ab 98 bis 10

DL: (Portable Version)


Standalone Ortseingabe Suchmaske & einfaches Screenshot-Tool mit On Screen Writer für Google Maps & Co.
Das Programmfenster ist starr (leider) - die Grösse lässt sich jedoch in den Einstellungen etwas anpassen.
GMap Kit integrates many of the various functions of Google Maps, Google Streetview and Google Earth,
in one convenient window. It also adds driving directions from Google, and drawing tools:

Google has generously made their Google Maps system available to the public in a free version.
Anyone can retrieve up to 25,000 maps or photos per day, as large as 1280 x 1280 pixels,
and up to 2,500 sets of directions, for free.

Google allows their maps functionality to be incorporated into software programs provided that
1) the software is made available free to the public and 2) the software includes a Google logo.

GMap Kit is that program. It doesn't do very much that can't be done online at Google Maps,
but it does it all in one convenient window. And it doesn't require installing the Google Earth software,
or any other, additional software. With GMap Kit it's easy to get:

" Road maps.
" Satellite images.
" Streetview photos, taken from any direction.
" Driving directions.

It's easy to switch between the different image types for a single location. Map images and streetview photos
can be printed or saved as JPG files. Directions can be printed, copied as plain text, or saved as HTML files.
There are also drawing tools that can be used to clarify routes and locations on maps. (See image at left.)

GMap Kit is Windows software. It runs on any Windows computer with Windows 98 or later.
There are no special requirements. There is even a version that can be used without installing.
(No Windows software can run on Microsoft's "RT" tablet system or in the "Metro" tile screen system.)

Security and restrictions issues - GMap Kit has no special requirements, but excessive security settings may hamper
its operation. Recent Windows versions can be very restrictive. Firewall and anti-virus software could cause problems.
GMap Kit must go online to operate. You may need to adjust your firewall to allow that. There is one known issue with
Avast anti-virus. Like many AV programs, Avast has grown into an extensive, overproduced system monitor that scans
all activity and may block any activity it does not recognize. If you enable the Avast "Network Shield" or "Web Shield"
it will interfere with network communications to such an extent as to block GMap Kit from downloading maps,
and may even crash the program.

Feel free to write for help if you have a problem with GMap Kit, but before writing, please make sure that the problem
is not caused by Windows restrictions, firewall settings, or bloated and overzealous "security" software.
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