TEXNic Center v.2.0: LaTEX Editor

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TEXNic Center v.2.0: LaTEX Editor

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nicht zu vergessen die seite für oben genannten frontend für tex :D


TeXnicCenter - Features
The following list will give you a short overview of the features provided by TeXnicCenter.

Project orientated integrated development environment for LaTeX-documents
Definition of unlimited "output profiles" (i.e. "LaTeX => DVI", "LaTeX => PostScript", "LaTeX => PDF")
Syntax highlighting
Dynamic word wrapping (you don't need to scroll horizontally)
Unlimited undo and redo
"Go to last change"
Incremental search
Find, find and replace
Fully customizable
Structure View:
Clear, document orientated tree view of the whole document structure
Displays headers, floating figures and floating tables
Supports file inclusion via \input and \include
Simple navigation by double clicking on an item
Simple referencing by inserting references with an item's context menu
Updated by saving one or all files
Simple insertion of LaTeX-constructs by menu or toolbar
Compilation of the project in the IDE - simple jumping to errors, warnings and bad boxes.
Support for forward and inverse search, together with viewers, which are supporting these features.
Support for document templates
Full customizable menu and toolbars in modern and skinable look and feel
Support for English and German language

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Update von TeXnicCenter auf 1 Beta 6.20 "Fawkes"

Changelog: http://www.texniccenter.org/front_conte ... 4&client=3
DL: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/texn ... e?download


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Beitrag von JFierce7 » 11.04.05, 9:58

Update auf TeXnicCenter 1 Beta 6.30 (codename "Firenze")
Here is what Pavel Vacha and Tino Weinkauf have done for you:

* Highlighting of Parenthesis: If the cursor is near an opening/closing parenthesis, it will be highlighted green/red depending on whether it has a matching closing/opening brace or not and the counterpart will also be highlighted.
* Brace Block Selection: Press Ctrl-M and the whole text enclosed by the next matching parenthesis will be selected. Press Ctrl-M again to grow the selection to the upper level of matching parenthesis.
* Auto-Preview after Building Output: Compile and View your document in one step by simply pressing Ctrl-F5.
* Several small features and bug fixes.
Download: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/texn ... e?download

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Beitrag von sunfl0wer » 22.05.05, 11:24

TeXnicCenter 1 Beta 6.31 released
http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/texn ... e?download
The new version 1 Beta 6.31 of TeXnicCenter fixes the "Cannot create project directory" bug of 1 Beta 6.30.

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Beitrag von JFierce7 » 05.07.06, 12:54

Update auf 7.01
Sunday 18. of June 2006

Today version 1 Beta 7.01 of TeXnicCenter has been released. This version fixes two slight bugs from the previous version:

* The large package.xml file, which had been included accidently into the setup of the previous version and slowed down the TeXnicCenter startup has been removed.
* The 'File > Close' command works correctly again now.

Further on we have included some usefull project and document templates for english and german users into the setup now for the first time. They will be installed when using setup type 'typical' or when checking the 'Templates' component in the custom setup.

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Beitrag von rockopa » 18.07.08, 19:32

Nach zwei Jahren Stillstand wieder eine neue Version:

TeXnicCenter 1 Beta 7.50

Major new features in this release:

* Behavior of autocompletion window greatly enhanced.
* Create a new file from the selected text. The new file will be included using \input{}, \include{}, or some user defined command. (Menu "Edit | Outsource Text...")
* Column for word wrapping can be defined by user.

Major bug fixes in this release:

* Crash on startup when restoring invalid last session.
* Profile wizard does not recognize newer versions of Miktex or Ghostscript.
* Buggy code (ifpdf...) in templates.
* Crashes due to long lines and words.
* The application did not respond when files were saved during closing a project

http://downloads.sourceforge.net/texnic ... e?download

TeXnicCenter wird damit wieder offiziell weiterentwickelt.

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Beitrag von der_floh » 02.02.09, 18:31

TeXnicCenter 1.0 Stable RC1 (2008-12-07)
We have released the first candidate for a final and stable TXC 1.0. Only few changes have been made since the last beta release, but they include a fix for a crash. So you might want to give this release candidate a try. Also, we are very hopeful that this one will become the final 1.0.
DL: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/texnic ... g_mirror=0

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Beitrag von der_floh » 02.02.09, 21:40

Die Adresse der Homepage im ersten Post sollte mittlerweile http://www.texniccenter.org/ lauten.

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Beitrag von airblaster » 22.11.09, 19:22

Aktuell ist Version 2.0 alpha 1 - nur für experimentierfreudige!
Changelog: http://dfn.dl.sourceforge.net/project/t ... Alpha1.txt

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Re: TEXNic Center v.1.0 RC 1/ 2.0 alpha 1: LaTEX Editor

Beitrag von der_floh » 25.06.10, 15:28

TeXnicCenter 2.0 Alpha 3 (30.Mai 2010)
We have fixed many issues since TXC 2.0 Alpha 2. Most noteworthy:

* Added new logo from Lukas Schneider.
* Reworked behavior of tool windows.
* Navigator Views: No automatic horizontal scrolling
* Navigator Views: Arrows are not faded in/out
* Navigator Views: Double-click does not collapse/expand sections anymore, but still folders.
* Show comments/descriptions in the AutoComplete Box. This includes the titles of bibtex entries.
* Make the AutoComplete Box transparent when CTRL is pressed.
* Implemented "Find next selected", which allows to press Ctrl-F3 to search for the word under the cursor.
* Re-implemented selection of brace blocks. It now works as expected and is able to grow the selection. Use Ctrl-M to try it out.
* Added LuaLaTeX => PDF profile
* Added multibib support

* When going to a line, put it into display such that it is not directly at the borders.
* Pressing ESC in the editor makes sure to close the Build Output window.
* The instant advice is now hidden in more situations. Especially, it was still shown after pressing Enter. Furthermore, one can press ESC to close it.
* Source links were missing in the DVI output
* Fixed #2902456: Auto completion works on lines with non-ASCII characters now
* SumatraPDF is now our default PDF viewer if it can be found on the system somewhere. This is regardless of the presence of Adobe Reader.
* Fixed duplicated insertion of placeholders via the menu buttons.
* Project save prompt is not shown anymore after opening the profile dialog
* Chinese code page has been falsely rejected
* Line numbers in the error view are shown only if they're valid
* Fixed #2895080: Inconsistent line endings
* Fixed #2930701: LaTeX messages are parsed incorrectly
* Added a context menu to the error view
* Fixed #2928222: Russian capital T inserted quotes
* Implemented #2927463: Activation of the last used tab
* Multiple files can be opened at once
* Bibliography file items in the structure view will display their labels
* Added index and nomencl support
* TXC did not recognize the last TxcResLanguage.dll in the language folder.
* Re-enabled spell checking inside braces.
* Put Make Upper/Lowercase into the edit menu.
* Merged with Scintilla 2.10

If you are interested in helping us, contact the maintainer Tino Weinkauf.

Known Issues:

* Replace in selection: selection shrinks. Be careful with that.
* TXC 1 and TXC 2 may compete for the file associations *.tex and *.tcp.
* Some toolbars re-appear after re-starting TXC.
* The defaults are not very user-friendly. Toolbars, menu, shortcuts are all subject to change in the future.
DL: http://www.texniccenter.org/resources/d ... -installer

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Re: TEXNic Center v.1.0 RC 1/ 2.0 alpha 3: LaTEX Editor

Beitrag von Gordon » 16.09.13, 17:32

nach jahrelanger Entwicklung ist nun Version 2.0 stable:

http://www.texniccenter.org/2013/09/14/ ... -0-stable/
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