WinShell 3.3.1 LaTex-Editor

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WinShell 3.3.1 LaTex-Editor

Beitrag von taffit » 02.03.04, 13:39

Name: WinShell
Version: 2.2.1
Grösse: 1,57 MB
Downloadlink: ... ell251.exe
Ein weiterer (La)Tex-Editor mit Syntax-Highlightning. Die Dokumentstruktur wird in einem Fenster eigens angezeigt, es lassen sich auch Makros definieren usw.
Multi language support (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish)
Project file
Multiple documents
Log- and projectspace
User defined programs
Configure Tool Bars (symbols, user-def. programs, macros)
Define macros
Choose font
Unix files can be read
WinShell starts command line driven
Syntax highlighting
Wrap mode
Drag & Drop
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Beitrag von sunfl0wer » 15.06.05, 19:43

WinShell beta [06/15/05]
WinShell BugFixes/Features to version 2.6:

* Unicode build
* One instance program problem under Win98 is fixed
* Split window support
* Redo/Select All in edit menu
* Menus (right button) on window tab, in edit window and in output window
* Save As dialog box didn't show message box if selected file already exists
* DVI file was not created when clicking DVIViewer after pdflatex
* In MiKTeX, sometimes the error line was not found after pdflatex
* BibEntries in the bibliography tree are sorted
* Color of selected text can be changed
* New toolbar buttons for customization; an ungroup buttons function
* Flicker-free drawing; GUI improvements
* A lot internal re-structuring
* The latest Scintilla version
* New easier method to generate GUI translations
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Beitrag von JFierce7 » 16.06.05, 9:53

WinShell [06/15/05]
Offiziell lt. Homepage noch Beta.

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Beitrag von sunfl0wer » 16.06.05, 19:41

JFierce7 hat geschrieben:
WinShell [06/15/05]
Offiziell lt. Homepage noch Beta.
stimmt, übersehen :oops:

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Beitrag von JFierce7 » 31.05.06, 10:24

Aktuell ist Version Changelog:
* Brazilian-Portuguese, Catalan, Hungarian, Mexican-Spanish and Turkish language support
* The log window couldn't handle huge log files
* Fix of brace matching in DBCS files (due to new Scintilla library)
* 'Search in Files' dialog
* Activation of last active project on WinShell start up
* Unicode support; Automatic conversion of UTF-8 files
* Jumping to error line by double clicking in Output Window or automatic jumping as hitherto
* <sel> tag in macro to replace a selected text
* Redesign of the menu and toolbars
* Redesign of the Project Window
* Redesign of the Output Window
* Redesign of the log file parsing
* Redesign of the Font dialog
* Redesign of the Syntax highlighting dialog
Download: ... hell31.exe ...

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Beitrag von CWagner » 28.10.07, 19:38
Fixes and improvements to version 3.1 are:

* Additional Danish, Dutch, Galician, Portuguese and Russian language support
* Built-in spell checker based on Hunspell 1.1.5
* Update to Scintilla 1.73
* Spell check dialog starts from mouse position
* Re-Design of Project Window
* Wrong Macros behaviour corrected (e.g. undo, multiple tag replacement)
* Sort project file entries
* Tasks in the Output Window
HowTo: Just put '% todo: ' in the text. These tags will be shown
* Toggle tabs in the Output Window
* Rework of SaveAs dialog
* Bold font in text editor
* High resolution toolbar and menu images
* Portable WinShell (use WinShell on eg USB flash drive)
HowTo: Just create a directory named 'Settings' in the WinShell.exe directory.

Fixes and improvements to version 3.2 are:

* Update to Hunspell 1.1.9
* Update to Scintilla 1.74
Streit ist ein hartes Wort - nennen wir es eine Diskussion über Interpretationsspielräume. -- Jean

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Beitrag von airblaster » 05.02.09, 18:17

Aktuell: Version vom 15.12.2008
Fixes and improvements to version 3.21 are:
No more Win9x/NT support
Additional Traditional Chinese language support
Update to Hunspell 1.2.8
Update to Scintilla 1.77
BibTeX front-end
Improved table of content parser
Improved UTF8 support for spell checker
Disabled fading of startup logo
The "Umlaute" Dialog has been removed because it is obsolete meanwhile
Streamline of original full toolbar
A PDFLaTeX optimized toolbar
SyncTeX/Sumatra PDF support
Line information in User Programs
Runs with Linux (wine is needed)
Text folding

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Re: WinShell LaTex-Editor

Beitrag von airblaster » 12.04.10, 18:44

Version 3.3.1 ist am 22.02.2010 erschienen:

- Update to Scintilla 2.03
- Improved BibTeX Project Window: toggle author/label view, show all entries
- New feature: Autocompletion for LaTeX commands and BibTeX labels
- New feature: Update checker
- New feature: Split/join paragraph
- New option: BibTeX front-end: disable/enable
- New option: Reload open files at startup