BibEdit 1.1 pre9: Einfaches Verwalten von BibTEX-Einträgen

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BibEdit 1.1 pre9: Einfaches Verwalten von BibTEX-Einträgen

Beitrag von likeatim » 25.03.04, 12:24

Name: BibEdit
Version: 1.1 pre9
Grösse: 190KB
Standalone? JA
BibEdit ist ein kleines Tool, um BibTEX Dateien zu erstellen und zu bearbeiten. BibTex ermöglicht es, Literaturlisten und Fussnoten in LaTex effizient zu nutzen....
Auspacken, starten, fertig. Als Einstieg sehr gut!
BibEdit is meant to be a simple small program for creating and editing BibTeX files. The following features have been implemented to facilitate this process:
  • View records as a list or edit a record at a time.
  • Full keyboard support for navigation, selection and editing. Up/Down moves between fields, PgUp/PgDn moves between records. Enter/Esc moves between list and record view. Simply type the name of a record to move to it.
  • Automatic translation of accented/national characters.
  • Sort records by key.
  • Copy or paste multiple records to clipboard in standard BibTeX format.
  • Copy citation to clipboard for pasting in LaTeX editor (generates \cite or \nocite command). BibEdit also supports the internal Scientific Workplace clipboard format.
  • Supports string macros (the BibTeX @string{}entry).
  • New fields can be added to records.
  • Search for text in all fields. In list view, all records found are selected.
  • Undo is supported on two levels. Each editing action can be undone. Records are updated when you move away to another record. The initial state of the record can therefore be restored before moving.
  • The ordering of fields, record types, and size of the fields on screen can be customized by the user.
  • Edit preamble

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