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Re: PDF Shaper v. 9.4 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Beitrag von Jean » 22.10.19, 22:04

v. 9.5
New Options dialog for Merge tool.
New Properties dialog with security information.
New toolbar icons in main program and PDF viewer.
Option to hide or show main toolbar.
Option to merge 100 MB+ files directly on disk, without loading into memory.
Option to add or update metadata in Merge tool.
Option to split PDF documents by 1 page.
Option to process even and odd pages to all tools.
Added Unicode support for PSL files.
Added drag and drop support within main window to change files order.
Added buttons to set all document permissions at once.

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Re: PDF Shaper v. 9.5 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Beitrag von Jean » 20.01.20, 23:43

v. 9.7
added "Classic icons" option to switch between icon styles.
Updated translations.
Improved text extraction.
Improved rendering speed in PDF to Image tool.
Improved memory usage in Merge tool.
Improvements in DOC to PDF tool:
Improved support for font files.
Improved support for picture cropping.
Improved support for text input fields.
Improved support for highlight colors.
Improved support for text line spacing.

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Re: PDF Shaper v. 9.7 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Beitrag von Jean » 20.02.20, 1:18

v. 9.8
Improved Unicode text extraction.
Improved OCR reading for non-English characters.
Improved memory usage in all conversion tools.
Improved support for international date formats.
Improved support for multi-paragraph border.
Improved support for right-to-left text.

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Re: PDF Shaper v. 9.8 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Beitrag von Gordon » 11.03.20, 17:58

PDF Shaper v9.9
Released March 11, 2020
Version history »

New Features
Added Japanese translation.
Improved loading speed for PDF files with 1.000+ pages.
Improved PDF to DOC tool.
Improved PDF to text conversion.
Improvements to all Watermark tools.
Während sich Viren leicht in schwachen Körpern ausbreiten, passiert dasselbe mit Verschwörungstheorien bei schwachen Geistern, insbesondere wenn Antikörper in Form von Bildung fehlen.

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Re: PDF Shaper v. 9.9 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Beitrag von Jean » 22.04.20, 23:35

shapt in v. 10
New tools - Rename tool and Extract Text (CSV).
Added additional view style - Menubar.
Added option to place Sidebar on the left side.
Support of VMware Workstation v15 and higher.
Updated help and translations.
Command-line improvements.
Improvements to user interface and program performance.