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Re: PDF Shaper 5.1 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 13.05.16, 0:25
von Jean
v. 5.3
Added new themes. Windows 10 theme used as default.
Improvements to PDF to RTF conversion.
Translations have been updated.

Re: PDF Shaper 5.3 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 15.06.16, 0:55
von Jean
v. 6.0
New user interface.
PDF to TXT, PDF to RTF and DOC to PDF tools.
Support of high DPI monitors and DPI scaling.
Program has been optimized for Windows 10.
Improved program performance and PDF viewer.
Improved text extraction and image conversion.
Help file and translations have been updated.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 6.0 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 10.02.17, 0:51
von Jean
v. 7.1
• Ability to merge protected and unprotected PDF documents.
• Support of form filling and saving.
• Option to save each image as separate PDF file.
• Command-line option to remove images.
• Program uses system font and theme as default.
• Improved program stability and performance.
• Improved compatibility with Windows 10.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 7.1 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 26.04.17, 1:59
von Jean
v. 7.3
Additional view for main window - list.
Improved user interface for standard DPI resolution.
Improved pdf to text conversion.
Optimized memory handling.
Added French translation.
Option to add PDF information into output document.
Improved user interface.
Improved compatibility with high-DPI monitors.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 7.3 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 08.08.17, 16:04
von jasonliul
Released 8-Aug-2017

New Features
• New main icon.
• New image extraction method.
• Added Chinese translation.
• Ability to add duplicate files in Merge project.

• Updated translations.
• Improved user interface.
• Improved doc to pdf conversion.
• Improvements to program's performance.

Bug Fixes
• Resolved problem with keyboard support in main window.
• Fixed bug with extracting images from PDF.
• Fixed bug with opening password-protected PDF documents.
• Resolved problem with decrypting PDF documents.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 7.4 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 02.11.17, 16:27
von Gordon
PDF Shaper v8.0

Released 2-Nov-2017

New Features
• Introduced Premium Edition.
• Added "Icons" theme (set as default).
• Added OCR (optical character recognition) support.
• New tool to protect content of PDF document.
• Added option to merge files without loading (direct access).
• Added option to load and merge selected pages.
• Added option to delete last pages in document.
• Added Slovenian translation.
OCR leider nur für Premiumnutzer:

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.0 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 13.12.17, 2:34
von Jean
v. 8.1
Added display options to PDF viewer (form filling, anti-aliasing etc.).
Updated user interface and translations.
Improvements to OCR rendering.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.1 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 12.03.18, 18:49
von Gordon
Version 8.2:
support for system TrueType fonts, codepages and styles as well as an option to select specific pages when converting a PDF to an image file.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.2 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 07.05.18, 23:29
von Jean
v. 8.3
Option to sign PDF using multiple signatures.
Additional options for signatures (reason, location, contact).
OCR and text layout options for text extraction.
Updated help file and translations.
Improvements to command line processing.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.3 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 22.06.18, 1:32
von Jean
v. 8.4
Option to integrate PDF Shaper into shell.
Option to load file list from command line.
Option to crop page using percent units.
Option to set margins in Crop PDF tool.
Log file (log.txt) for command line operations.
Updated help file and translations.
Changed file extension for file lists (*.psfl).
Improvements to command line processing.
Improved PDF to TXT conversion.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.5 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 17.08.18, 8:51
von klodeckel

New Features
• Turkish translation.

• Updated installer and translations.
• Improved PDF to Image conversion and text extraction.
• Improved OCR reading.

Bug Fixes
• Resolved problem with "error 5" during installation.
• Fixed bug with fonts and dark Windows themes.
• Minor fix with update notifications.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.


Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.6 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 18.09.18, 20:47
von klodeckel
Version 8.6

New Features
• New text extraction method.
• Option to select pages in "PDF to TXT" tool.

• Updated installer and translations.
• Updated user interface in PDF Viewer.
• DOC to PDF updates:
- PDF/A support.
- Improved support for shapes and additional shapes.
- Support for Unicode and RTL text.
- Improved support for list formatting and text line spacing.
- Improved support for Asian and far-east languages.
- Improved table support and text inside shapes.
- Improved support for text input fields.
- Improved support for highlight colors.
- Improved support for international date formats.

Bug Fixes
• Resolved problem with extracting text from protected PDF files.
• Resolved problem with high CPU usage during text extraction.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.7 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 24.10.18, 6:09
von klodeckel
Version 8.7
Neue Funktionen
- Option zur Beibehaltung des Textlayouts in Text-Utilities.
- Möglichkeit, Metadaten in den Tools "Image to PDF" und "Encrypt" einzustellen.

- Aktualisierter Installer und Übersetzungen.
- Aktualisierte Textextraktionsmethode.
- Aktualisierte Aufzählungsmethode für Dateinamen.
- Verbesserte CPU-Auslastung beim Laden und Verarbeiten von PDF-Dateien.
- Aktualisierungen von DOC zu PDF:
- Verbesserte Unterstützung für komplexe Tabellenstrukturen.
- Verbesserte Unterstützung für die Listenformatierung.
- Die Unterstützung für den Zeilenabstand von Textzeilen wurde verbessert.

- Ein kleines Problem mit Unicode-Zeichen wurde behoben.
- Kleinere Bugfixes und Verbesserungen.

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Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.7 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 29.11.18, 2:26
von Jean
v. 8.8 (ggf. nicht alles in der Free-Version)
• Re-designed "List" view.
• Updated translations.
• Improved text extraction.
• Improved error detection in Merge tool.
• Improved enumeration method for big PDF files (>100 pages).
• DOC to PDF updates:
- Improved support for color pattern object.
- Improved support for font files.
- Improved support for picture cropping.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.9 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 20.12.18, 10:40
von klodeckel

New Features
• Added Hebrew translation.

• Updated help and translations.
• Improved text extraction.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed bug with converting PDF using command line.
• Minor user interface fixes.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.9 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 17.05.19, 1:10
von Jean
v. 9.0 - alles neu
New user interface - all elements written from scratch.
New tools - PDF to PDF, insert pages, move pages.
New options:
PDF to TXT - add page number, process selected pages
PDF to RTF - format with tabs, process selected pagesm
DOC to PDF - image quality, text placement, metadata
Delete Pages - metadata
Delete Images - metadata
Set Password - encryption level
Metadata - update metadata
Add Signature - additional signature
Crop Pages - margins (left, top, right, bottom)
Page Numbering - text position, margins, process selected pages
New command-line options for all tools.
Added support of P12 certificate files.
New file naming algorithm.

Re: PDF Shaper v. 9.1 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

Verfasst: 12.06.19, 8:18
von klodeckel
Version 9.1

New Features
New tools - delete annotations and delete bookmarks.

Updated translations.
Improved Unicode support in built-in and external PDF Viewer.
Improved metadata processing during PDF merge operations.
Improved processing of PDF documents with more than 1000 pages.
Improved support of high-DPI display resolutions.
Improved text extraction from non-image PDF documents.
Minor improvements to user interface and OCR reading.

Fixed bug with loading unicode file names in PDF Viewer.
Fixed bug with XREF chunks missing after merging files.