RightMark Clock Utility 2.35

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RightMark Clock Utility 2.35

Beitrag von Coffins » 10.06.05, 13:54

Name: RightMark CPU Clock Utility
Version: 1.5
Grösse: 214 KB
Homepage: http://cpu.rightmark.org/products/rmclock.shtml
Downloadlink: http://cpu.rightmark.org/download/rmclock_15_bin.exe
Supportforum: http://forum.rightmark.org/
Lizenz: Freeware
Screenshot: http://cpu.rightmark.org/products/rmclock.shtml

RightMark CPU Clock Utility (RMClock) ist ein kleines Programm, welches in Echtzeit alle relevanten Daten der CPU anzeigt (Takt, CPU Load, Spannung) und darüber hinaus viele Internas der CPU verrät (Core, Revision, PM-Features etc.).
Unterstützt werden alle gängigen Intel- und AMD-CPUs. Darüber hinaus kann RMClock bei einer Vielzahl der CPUs auch auf das PowerManagement vielfältig Einfluss nehmen.

Nur für Win 2000, Win XP, Win 2003 !!
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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 26.08.05, 11:22

RightMark Clock Utility 1.7 (23 August 2005)

DL: http://cpu.rightmark.org/download.shtml

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Beitrag von Coffins » 25.09.05, 15:46

RM Clock Utility 1.8

download: http://cpu.rightmark.org/download.shtml

Rewritten multi-processor (SMP/HT/multicore) monitoring and management code.
Added on-suspend behavior selection; removed "Force Minimal State on Standby" option.
Returned "Run HLT command when OS is idle" option as requested by users (Win32 only).
Added determination of AMD Athlon 64 X2, Turion and Dual Core Opterons.
Bugfixed AltVID settings on AMD K8 revision E cores.
Corrected ODCM settings behavior on a Centrino platform.
Bugfixed log file rotating feature.
Fixed Intel Centrino mobile platform chipset settings.
Corrected "Restore Defaults on Exit" behavior.

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 19.01.06, 20:52

aktuell: 2.0 (18 January 2006)
changelog hat geschrieben:Changes to this version include:

Completely new user interface design, new icons.
CPU frequency and CPU/OS load system tray indicators.
Integration with Windows power management and standard LCD backlight interface.
Flexible per-profile and per-power source PST, ODCM and Windows power management settings.
Improved ODCM management with user-customizable throttle states table feature.
New CPU performance level management logic allowing instant multiple-states PST/ODCM transitions.
Determination and support for new CPUs: Intel Pentium D and Pentium Extreme Edition 900 series, Intel Core Solo and Core Duo processors (preliminary); new Intel logos.
Support for "non-mobile" versions of ICH4 and ICH6 south bridges in Intel Centrino mobile platform advanced settings.
New command-line profile-changing options (-nextprofile and -prevprofile).
Fixed CPU frequency display on older Intel Pentium 4 models (Northwood/Willamette).
EIST/DBS settings (Intel Pentium 4 / Pentium M advanced settings) are now always remembered, regardless of the "Remember these settings" option.
Added user-definable delay (as a registry setting) to the management procedure start (on startup and resume from standby/hibernate).

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 02.03.06, 10:26

aktuell: v2.05 (1 March 2006)
changelog hat geschrieben:Changes to this version include:

Added full support for Intel Core Duo and Core Solo (Yonah core) processors.
Added support for new Centrino/Centrino Duo (Napa) platform with ICH7-M Southbridge.
Implemented independent monitoring of every physical/logical CPU present in the system.
Returned "animated icon" feature much requested by users.
Added display options for the CPU Frequency and CPU Load tray indicators.
Added option to turn off per-profile handling of Windows power management settings.
Fixed AMD Athlon 64 X2 and Dual Core Opteron management.
Fixed minor CPU Frequency indicator "1000 MHz" bug.
Minor UI design changes.

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Beitrag von JensusUT » 23.08.06, 9:43

21 August 2006: RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.15 released

Code: Alles auswählen

- Modified application manifest to automatically acquire administrator privileges on beta versions of Windows Vista. 
- Modified TM1/TM2 selection behavior, added TM1+TM2 mode when supported. 
- Added EIST option change availability indication. 
- Added complete support for Intel Core 2 processors. 
- Extended CPU defaults option. 
- Added AMD K8 dual-core TSC synchronizer functionality. 
- Added CPU core temperature display for AMD K8, Intel Core and Intel Core 2 processors. 
- Changed design of AMD K8 advanced settings page. 
- Changed design of the Battery Info page. 
- Increased battery subsystem polling interval (fixed problems with peripheral devices slowdowns), added option to disable battery polling completely (as a registry tweak). 
- Fixed hiding Windows power status icon on localized Windows versions. 
- Added support for power management of AMD K8 NPT (revision F) processors (proper VID tables). 
- Added detection of new revisions of Presler (Cedar Mill) and Yonah cores. 
- Added CPU signature display. 
- Minor changes to maximal performance profile tray icon color.

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Beitrag von Coffins » 23.11.06, 10:56

RightMark Clock Utility 2.2

Added support for localized application resources.
Added RMClock Updates and RMClock Professional Features modules (valid licenses required).
Added independent CPU info display for each physical/logical CPU present in the system.
Added detection of several AMD K8 NPT (revision F) CPU cores.
Added CPU temperature graph display to the Monitoring page.
Added advanced chipset settings support for ICH8 family southbridges.
Switched to using CPU hardware coordination facilities (ACNT) for CPU load and throttling determination on Intel Core/Core 2 family CPUs.
Added options to enable/disable vendor-supplied CPU core temperature offset and specify user-definable CPU core temperature offset (as registry tweaks).
Fixed saving of advanced platform settings on Intel Core 2 CPU-based platforms.
Fixed log file creation in the application directory when using auto-start feature.
Added support for Quad-Core Intel Core 2 Extreme CPUs.
Fixed recognition of several AMD K8 revision E CPU cores.
Fixed battery life time estimation on some platforms.
Added support for mobile Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom core).
Added CPU-dependent offset to Intel CPU core temperature indications.
Added proper detection of AMD Athlon 64 FX dual-core processors.
Added automatic detection of 4x FID availability on AMD K8 family processors.
Changed design of Battery Info page.
Added validation of individual profiles P-states settings when Master P-States Table is altered.
Added battery charge rate averaging period (as a registry tweak).
Removed &quo;No Management&quo; from -prevprofile and -nextprofile profile switching commands.
Added time stamp to the logging information.
Fixed delayed applying of command-line parameters.
Fixed CPU load icon color setting (registry tweak).

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Beitrag von ^L^ » 27.07.07, 2:20

05 April 2007 | RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.25 released!
CL: http://cpu.rightmark.org

BTW: Kann sowohl Intel wie auch AMD CPUs (32 + 64 bit) heruntertakten - nice!

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 03.09.07, 9:00

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Beitrag von innersoul » 07.03.08, 13:32

Jetzt bei Version 2.35
Changelog: http://cpu.rightmark.org/
Download auch immer noch: http://cpu.rightmark.org/download.shtml
Das m.E. wichtigste: Vielen neuere Prozessoren werden jetzt erkannt.
# Added identification of 45nm Intel Core 2 CPUs.
# Added identification of Intel Celeron Dual Core CPUs.
# Added preliminary support for 45 nm Intel Core 2 family processors (Yorkfield, Wolfdale and Penryn cores).
# Added detection of the mobile Intel Core 2 Solo processors.
# Added support for the new Intel Core 2 family processors (CPUID 10661h).
# Added detection of AMD Family 10h Opteron CPUs (no support for AMD Cool`n'Quiet 2 technology yet).