DisplayFusion 9.1 - Multimonitorbetrieb leicht gemacht

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Re: DisplayFusion 7.3 - Multimonitorbetrieb leicht gemacht

Beitrag von Gordon » 08.08.16, 19:35

DisplayFusion 8.0 Highlights
New Triggers feature replaces Window Location with a much more flexible and robust solution
New online wallpaper providers, including Unsplash, Panoramio, and tumblr
New wallpaper source, "Website" allows you to use a website as your desktop wallpaper
New wallpaper source, "My Videos" (Win 8.0 and higher only) allows you use videos and gifs as your desktop wallpaper
Many updates and fixes to the existing online wallpaper providers
All new wallpaper source selector window
Google+ wallpaper source is now called "Google Photos"
DisplayFusion now targets .NET 4.0 (will automatically download and install if needed during setup)
StartIsBack and Classic Start Menu compatibility improvements
Added "Reset All" and "Enable All" to the Multi-Monitor Taskbars menu in the system tray
Many compatibility improvements for Windows 10 systems that have monitors with different scaling levels
New options and many fixes for the DisplayFusion Photos Screen Saver
42 languages bundled (if you'd like to help translate DisplayFusion into your language, please contact us)
Many other performance, stability and bug fixes
sicherlich nicht alles für die Freewareversion, aber trotzdem nett ...
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Re: DisplayFusion 8.0 - Multimonitorbetrieb leicht gemacht

Beitrag von jasonliul » 28.12.16, 11:08

v8.1.2 • December 23, 2016
Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented DisplayFusion from connecting to APOD
Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented DisplayFusion from using TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 to connect to any online providers
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Re: DisplayFusion 8.1.2 - Multimonitorbetrieb leicht gemacht

Beitrag von Jean » 16.11.17, 0:48

v. 9.1 - fehlerfreier, in v.9.0 unter anderem (evtl. nicht in Free):
Change: New wallpaper provider: Reddit
Change: Added an Advanced Setting to disable audio preloading
Change: Added a new scripting function to show tray/toast messages
Change: Screen Saver Timeout and Password are now always available to change
Change: New Feature: Monitor Fading!
Change: New Trigger Event: Process Starts
Change: New Trigger Event: Process Ends
Change: Wallpaper and Settings windows open faster now
Change: Major changes to support multi-DPI scaling in Windows 10
Change: Improved Windows 10 compatibility (Anniversary, Creators, and Fall Creators updates)
Change: Added new scripting functions
Change: Added new Advanced Settings
Change: Panaramio removed from DisplayFusion, it's dead now
Change: General improvements and changes